Turo, formerly Relay Rides is a car rental company that started in San Francisco, CA in 2009. The company nationally launched in March of 2012, and has built a community similar to a car version of Air BNB. Car owners can rent out their vehicles to people looking to rent.


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The Good

  • Availability
  • Simple process
  • Vehicle options

Turo rents vehicles priced approximately 40% lower than other car rental options. They are supported by top-tier investors, including: August Capital, Google Ventures, Shasta Ventures, Canaan Partners, and Trinity Ventures. Turo is currently available in over 2,500 cities, and over 300 airports throughout the United States. To cater to one’s individual preferences, the company offers over 800 different car models to choose from.

In order to sign up for a car, it is as simple as signing into one’s Facebook or email account. The first time one signs up for a car, all they have to do is plug in some general information, choose a car, rental date, and time. One can either decline additional insurance, or purchase the Basic or Premium option, each with varying physical damage and liability protection.

The price ranges depending on what car one gets. In addition to these fees, buyers may be charged fees for additional miles, parking tickets and cleaning fees. To get the car’s trip price, one must multiply the relevant trip rate advertised on the vehicle by the duration. There are also the following fees:

  • Trip Fee – 10% of trip price
  • Protection Fee – varies by if one chooses a premium (40% of car’s rate), basic (15% of car’s rate), or the decline option
  • Young Driver Fee-20% fee of the trip price for people under age 25
  • Delivery Fee-varies based on owner’s settings
  • Airport Fee-10% fee of trip price if the rented vehicle is involved in the Turo Airport Lot program

In order to get the car and the keys, all the renter needs to do is meet the owner and show them their license. Some owners will even deliver the car right to the renter. Returning the car is simple, as the renter just needs to return the car with a tank full of gas to where it was initially picked up. Other benefits of using Turo include:

  • Turo has an easy, user-friendly, and customizable rental sign up.
  • Cars available to rent in more than 2,500 cities.
  • There is no membership fee, and cars run for a flat rate of $40 a day.
  • All cars covered by Turo’s fleet-wide insurance policy.

Renters can choose from cars, SUVs, minivans, trucks, convertibles, hybrids and vans. One can also filter by long term rentals, vehicle make, all-wheel drives, and more. There are more than 800 models and makes to choose from.

The Bad

  • Car retrieval
  • Inconsistencies
  • Limitations

Since Turo does not operate with clients out of a specific agency, they utilize car owners that do not use their cars on an everyday basis. One has to meet the car owner, personally, in order to pick up the car. Renters may have to go out of their way to retrieve the car if there is not a Turo at the airport one flew into.

Having the cars all owned by people rather than an agency creates the possibility of inconsistency. Some owners may allow renters to drive 200 miles a day, while other may allow 100. Each owner has their own set of restrictions, so Turo does not have an overall list of rules for the available cars. Each renter must show the owner their driver’s license, which does have personal information that people may not feel comfortable giving out to a random person. The downside to using Turo includes the following drawbacks:

  • Since Turo does not own the cars, rules and regulations are inconsistent.
  • Turo does not offer cars in New York.
  • People under 21 years of age cannot rent a car, and people under age 25 have to pay additional fees. In fact, people under 25 may need to demonstrate at least two years of current US licensed driving history, and potentially can only rent out certain cars because they are considered “high-risk.”

Insurance is also available to renters. There are several different packages each with varying physical damage and liability protection. There is $1 million in liability insurance on every rental. Their Premium package has a $500 deductible, and their basic package has a $3,000 deductible.

The Bottom Line

Turo is an affordable way to rent a car, and is a great option for people over age 25 to look into if one needs a vehicle. The whole process is customizable from start to finish. People can choose the car model, location, and owner that they do business with. Because Turo has cars in almost every city, it is likely one can find a rental vehicle when they need it. While it may be a safer bet to go with a more established company, Turo’s a good option for people looking for an adventure, and want a cheaper rental car.

  1. Turo has over 800 models of cars for people to choose from, and has options available in over 2,500 cities.
  2. The rules are inconsistent, and a lot of the regulations like mileage and allotted time are up to the owner.
  3. Service is not available in New York, or for people under age 21. People under age 25 pay extra fees.
  4. In order to get the keys and the car, one must meet the car owner, and show them their driver license.
  5. There is no membership fee. Cars run for a flat rate of $40 a day.
  6. Turo’s website is helpful and thorough.

Number and Place of the Locations

Turo has rental cars available for people all across the country, in a variety of cities. The company, however, does not cater to New York. Turo has rental cars in more than 2,500 cities, and caters to more than 300 airports. Cities with cars available: https://turo.com/all-cities


Turo does not offer different rates per city. Instead, cars run for a flat rate of $40 per day, and renters fill the cars up with gas during use.

A.) Cost Per Mile: This varies. Prices run by the day. For additional miles, one must pay $0.75 per day, regardless of city and state.

B.) Cost Per Minute: Turo does not run by the minute. Renters are responsible for gas and pay for the car by the day.

C.) Service Fees: Depends on circumstance.

Price ranges depending on what car one gets. To get the car’s trip price, one must multiply the relevant trip rate advertised on the vehicle by the duration. There are also the following fees:

  • Trip Fee – 10% of trip price
  • Protection Fee – varies by if one chooses a premium (40% of car’s rate), basic (15% of car’s rate), or the decline option
  • Young Driver Fee-20% fee of the trip price for people under age 25
  • Delivery Fee-varies based on owner’s settings
  • Airport Fee-10% fee of trip price if the rented vehicle is involved in the Turo Airport Lot program

In addition to these fees, buyers may be charged fees for additional miles, parking tickets and cleaning fees.


GPS: Sometimes

Covers Cost of Gas: No

Covers Cost of Tolls: No

Includes Roadside Assistance: Yes

Incar Customer Care: No

Any Others: Depends on the owner and the car

Type of Insurance Offered & Deductible:

Several different packages each with varying physical damage and liability protection. There is $1 million in liability insurance on every rental.

Their Premium package has a $500 deductible, and their basic package has a $3,000 deductible.

Late Fee

$50/hour up to $200, not including the admin. fee of $25. Owner share is 75%.

Car Options

Renters can choose from cars, SUVs, minivans, trucks, convertibles, hybrids and vans. One can also filter by long term rentals, vehicle make, all-wheel drives, and more. There are more than 800 models and makes to choose from.

Max Time

A.) Maximum Miles Per Day: Varies (may be as low as 150, may be as high as 300+)

B.) Cost Per Each Exceeded Mile: $0.75

C.) Maximum # Of Rental Days: This varies. Before submitting a request to the owner for one’s trip, they must specify the length of the trip, etc.

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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  1. User Score


    February 14th, 2017 Sterling Heights, MI

    The service is super convenient and great as a customer looking for a vehicle, but if you are a provider of your vehicle to the service, it can quickly become a different story.

    I have done seven trips, so I’ve been part of their service for several months, and I will say overall, the mantra of the company seems to be “take care of the renter at all costs, as the rentee, you can’t get bent.”

    In my seven trips, I have had the following:

    1) Almost EVERYONE has either showed up late, returned late, or both; to which you can really do nothing about. There is no way to increase your amount earned if they decide to show up two hours late, you just get to be late for your own time for free!

    2) Everything is “reimbursement only”, so for instance, when one of my renters received seven infractions in Chicago, I received a nice letter in the mail from Chicago’s traffic department saying I hate to pay almost $200 for Turo’s customer driving in my car. Turo expects you to pay for this up front, and then submit for reimbursement. What they don’t tell you is that you get 30 days to do so, and I got the letter from Chicago 26 days after, so I had LITERALLY a couple days to come up with money to pay for their customer’s mistakes.

    3) They WILL call you and try to negotiate pricing on a renters behalf. This isn’t inherently a bad thing, however, in my experience, they called because a customer wanted a discount, and the verbiage was basically “this customer wants to pay less, so we told him you probably will, is that okay?”

    4) God forbid you have to make a claim. This is really where the worst part comes from. My experience was as follows:
    a. Customer returned the vehicle two hours late, with a cracked bumper, three damaged rims, all seats stained, trunk smelled of weed, interior smelled of swisher sweets, wrapper, food crumbs, and dirt over all surfaces, and low on gas. (I missed a birthday party because of it).
    b. The vehicle was dirty, and initially I didn’t see the wheels were damaged. I did notice after getting the vehicle washed about an hour later.
    c. Aware I am paying for their best insurance (no money out of pocket from me, so they get a bigger cut) Once I checked in the vehicle, I called Turo immediately, and let them know all the stuff I did see. They said they would send me an email to send in the damage claim, and to submit what I needed. The link that was provided did not work in the email, so I emailed Turo back, twice, to say the link didn’t work, and that I was unable to work the claim the way they wanted me to. I received no contact back.
    d. After two days of no response via email, I attempted to call them, three times, to get ahold of someone to say the claim link was not working. I received automated responses twice telling me that I would receive a text message with instructions. I did not receive any texts. The third phone call went through, and then I was told someone would get back with me alter that day. Someone did email me several hours later.
    e. At this point, I was well aware of the wheel issue since that Saturday, and explained that there was also wheel damage that was present. After almost two weeks of waiting, they have denied the wheels, because I didn’t submit in 24 hours. The problem with that which they fail to see is I was not provided with a working link for over 36 hours to submit anything in the first place. Now I am out almost $700 dollars to fix my wheels because they can’t get their shit together to even meet their own deadlines. It’s $140 to clean the interior, but they only reimburse you $50 to clean it… are you getting the idea here?

    OVERALL: If you have a beat up clunker you don’t care about, this may make sense. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE rent your vehicle out if you care about it’s appearance, smell, condition, or are still paying it off. This service will bend you over and not ask permission.

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  2. User Score


    January 29th, 2017 Sunland, CA

    I have rented my car out 4 times and only 1 was a pleasant experience.You can never get a hold of anyone.

    You can try sending countless emails and you might receive a response maybe a week later. Almost every one of the renters passed the limited driving miles by a ridiculous amount. On top of that one passenger decides to smoke in it and burn my carpet. Oh ya that isn’t covered if its reported after 24 hours.

    What unintelligent unrealistic time frame is that. I didn’t receive the car until 6 hours late in middle of the night. The company does not want to pay for anything. The miles were ignored.

    The extra time that was spent not in my possession was ignored. The burnt carpet was ignored. No matter how much I explained my case, it just didn’t matter. They already pocketed 3 straight weeks of 25% profit and didn’t care about my car’s damages.

    Best news ever I received not one but 2 citations with my car in the mail during the time it was rented. Could this situation be any more disastrous. Ive wasted hours on hold with these people and they get back to you weeks later apologizing that they are late but you must report every single detail within the 24 hour period. Are you kidding me?

    I’ve already contacted a lawyer. I rather spent my “profits” and get taken care of the way I was suppose to doing business the right way instead I have been left feeling used and abused in every way. This company is absolutely disgusting and I’m WARNING YOU TO REALLY THINK ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO RENT THESE CARS. This isn’t an insurance company covering you.

    It’s a piece of *** app that found a way to screw people. My care smells horrible. No one has smoked in my car and I am not a smoker and now I have to deal with this because TURO is not giving me any choice. Instead of taking care of the people supplying the car it is backing the renters who trash them.

    Turo was asking for proof how the car was smoked in, maybe I should somehow capture the scent into an empty bag and send it to them.The burn mark wasn’t enough.

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  3. User Score


    January 11th, 2017 Orlando, FL

    I just got my trip canceled by the car owner, TBL Tech Nerds. Now I can only find way more expensive cars available on your website. Tried calling support, they didn’t give a damm about me. Offered a $20 discount on a $600 rental, where the rental previously selected by me FOR THE SAME KIND OF CAR war $320. Now the send a very cute e-mail about how worried they are about me, and how they will do everything to ensure a reservation. Well, Turo, if you want to ensure my reservation, TRY GIVING ME THE SAME PRICE THAT I HAD BEFORE!!!

    I don’t recommend Turo for anyone. It’s unreliable, unfair, uneven, more expensive and more frustrating. I will never fall for that kind of trouble again.

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  4. User Score


    December 24th, 2016

    Not only will I never use TURO ever again, or recommend this to ANYONE, I will personally make sure that none of my patients, clients, friends, family, or even distance acquaintances ever use this service.

    This experience has ruined the last 2 days of my vacation and has become an utter nightmare. I would PREFER to use a recognize, legitimate rental agency and pay extra to save the amount of headache your services has caused me.

    TURO actually serves no purpose– They don’t serve as a middle-man at all and they provide no resolution to any problems. Not to mention, it is virtually impossible to get through via telephone, even though it is outsourced to India.

    I honestly had more success solving my own problems with a tow company and the owner of the vehicle than via TURO– thus, what exactly is this company’s purpose? If anything, TURO made the situation more complicated. This company failed at its job to respond in a timely manner, provide conflict resolution, and serve and please its customer.

    Miserable experience.

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  5. User Score


    December 22nd, 2016 Chicago, IL

    While I was renting, someone bumped into the rental vehicle. The front of the license plate frame cracked; there was no body damage. I offered to pay for this myself, which the owner politely declined and said they’d take care of it, as it was about the 12th time I had rented from them with no issues. However, I come home to find that the owner reported the “damage” to Turo. Turo then charged me $150 just to ESTIMATE the cost of the license plate frame – on top of that, the “independent” estimator found a scratch (NOT a dent, a ONE INCH scratch) on the front bumper, so they charged me another $400 for a BRAND new front grille and license plate frame. Do NOT under any circumstances use this service; you may become liable for costs that you are in no way responsible for.

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  6. User Score


    December 20th, 2016 Boston, MA

    I had a great experience with the person I actually rented the vehicle from, but I would strongly recommend that no one use this Turo service. The Jeep I rented got a chip in the windshield from a pebble on the highway. Turo said that their insurance did not cover this and so they charged an additional $450 to my credit card for a new windshield. To make matters even worse they also shut my account off and said that once a person has damaged a car they can no longer rent vehicles. This is the worst service I could ever imagine. Do yourself a favor and stick with a real rental agency, the few dollars you save is definitely not worth it.

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  7. User Score


    December 1st, 2016 Castle Rock, CO

    Turo only reimburses for tickets of damages if you find it out within 30 days of trip. I received a ticket for $30 from county 35 days from the trip. This is not my fault that I did not receive the ticket from county in time and if Turo does not re-emburse then it is a worst company. They paid me $26 for the trip and I ended up paying $30 so I am in loss. One other driver changed a tire and replaced it with wrong tire and I did not expect anyone to change tire and not let us know when we went to service the car we were told about it. So loss is more than gain with Turo. If anyone want to protect their car then don’t rent it on Turo. You will loose your car value with all these issue. Also there is a chip on my windshield. So my car is totally destroyed.

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  8. User Score


    October 27th, 2016 Salt Lake City, UT

    They denied my application before I was even finished with the process, then wouldn’t even tell me why! Don’t waste your time!

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  9. User Score


    October 14th, 2016

    Please take my word that this company does not deserve a nickle of your hard earned money. You are far better off renting from a real rental company. In my one experience with Turo I had a hit and run while renting. After 6 months of insurance companies going back and fourth Turo took it upon themselves to unjustly charge my card TWICE. The first time a snotty claims representative returned the amount knowing they were clearly in the wrong. The second time I was told I had 48 hours before the remainder would be charged. Regardless of my reply email stating that I would like to pursue another option, Turo went ahead and charged my card the full amount anyway. This happened hours after the same snotty representative offered a payment plan, which they quickly revoked. This charge ended up overdrafting my debit card. When I asked why it is that the payment plan cannot be utilized I was given dead end answers. AVOID AVOID AVOID

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  10. User Score


    September 28th, 2016 Homer Glen, IL


    I decided to save some money with TURO because prices looked pretty attractive. But it appeared there is a DARK side with that portion. I can’t talk about all rental cars on TURO’s website, but this Dodge was in pretty bad shape. I was pretty much risking not only my own life, but my kids and my parents lives as well since we decided to take a Western US tour with this rental. Brakes were bad. Very bad. In a video if you make your speakers louder you can see not only my hand shaking when I’m trying to slower this car but there is big noise and vibrations inside the car. You simply can not stop this car quicly if you want to. Period. Oil change was past due, wipers were worn. Out of 4 tires on this car 3 were completely different brand and tread. Is this legal in CA? At least I know it is not SAFE for sure. Front tires sides were completely worn, close to bold. Headlight’s were working, but pretty much worthless since you can not even see if they are ON or OFF unless there is white or yellow line marks on the road.
    There is not a lot of rain in Western US part, but unfortunately we had to drive this car in the rain and in the dark since that was our long time planned trip with my parents who flew all over from Europe to explore LA, Vegas and Arizona’s parks. Would you drive this car with your family and kids?
    The conversations with this owner were not pleasant at all as well. This guy needs to take some classes to learn how to speak with your customers. When I complained about the problems, he acted like he did not care at all. He even threatened me few times with me being arrested, so that was really unprofessional.

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  11. User Score


    August 14th, 2016 Dallas, TX

    I became a renter on Turo. My disappointed was that Turo suspended my account without telling me any reasons while I was scheduled to use the car in Dallas. I have a perfect rating from the 3 car rental that I have used the service before I allowed my 50 employees to use the Turo service for future business booking trip in the area where Turo provide service. When I wrote to them for answered on why my account being suspended -nobody at the department could comment back to me for suspending my account. I am disappointed in how they treat their member on their site plus how they interacted with complaints on their suspension policy.

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  12. User Score


    August 2nd, 2016 Baltimore, MD

    Ive been trying to get my damaged car fixed by Turo’s damage claims department for over 2 weeks now. Basically have not got any response from them other than forms to fill. Thier claims department leaved you hanging.. They dont let you call them directly leaving emails as the only means of communication..emails which basically get ignored. I managed to get the phone # of my claims person and call everyday for the last 2 weeks only to get a voicemail or even worse yet a full voice mail box message.

    My claims person is Lauren Williams and she just cant do her job… So far no resolution of the damage. The company just leaves their customers hanging.. Would not recommend using the service if you are trying to rent your car out. So help you if your car gets damaged.

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  13. User Score


    July 26th, 2016 New Rochelle, NY

    Renting from Turo has been one of the most negative experiences I’ve ever had with a travel company.

    I rented from them for five days and on my way to return the car, got a chip in the windshield. I reported the damage and fully expected to pay about $350 for a new windshield. A few days after I reported it, I got an email from them saying there were going to charge me $500 towards the damage initially and follow up once they received an estimate. Than I got an email saying the estimate was $1000 (for a new windshield) and they were going to automatically charge my credit card.

    I called their customer service and they gave me a number direct to the claim agent. Not surprisingly, her mailbox was full, she never answered and every time I called, she was “in a meeting”. Included in the damage estimate was $150 worth of processing costs- seriously?! 

    I will never use Turo again under any circumstances and would advise anyone against using them. So disappointing. 

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  14. User Score


    May 29th, 2016 Houston, TX

    They are crook! They charged me for damage without showing any evidence. Do not trust them, use famous websites for renting a car.

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  15. User Score


    May 17th, 2016 West Palm Beach, FL

    Have you asked yourself, What would happen if the car reserved has mechanical problems?
    Those fortunate enough to reserve a car mechanically safe and working should be considered lucky. That wasn’t our case!!
    We reserved a car using Turo and immediately noticed the car unsafely shaking extremely hard, called the owner within 30 minutes of picking up the car and we were told “You got what you paid for, sorry I am busy right now, I can’t help you”. We had to wait on our 1st day vacation in an unknown city, 5000 miles away from home almost 4 hours for Turo to send a towing truck to pick up the car. Later, they refused to refund us the initial reservation alleging that the unsafe shake of a the car is normal and Turo told us that we were suppose to take the car to a mechanical shop when we realized the mechanical failure, yes you read right !! take the car in our vacation and using our money to a mechanical shop to get a third party opinion.
    Please make your own conclusion after reading our review, but my most sincere opinion is that the $20 to $50 savings compared to a regular car rental company are just not worth a nightmare to follow if you car fails mechanically.

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