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LAST UPDATED: February 24th, 2020

Founded by Jon and Rob Sadow in 2015, Scoop is a carpool matching service that helps users carpool with neighbors and co-workers. The Scoop carpooling app is available for iOS or Android.

Enjoy all the benefits of carpooling: save commute time with carpool lanes, save money by splitting the commuting costs, reduce traffic congestion, help the environment by reducing your individual carbon footprint, and catch up on work as a passenger.

What does the Scoop mobile app do?
Identifies the most efficient, natural route, with carpoolers included
Matches drivers with passengers
Facilitates payment

Where is Scoop available?
Scoop is offered around the country, but, along with the Waze app, it is popular in the Seattle and San Francisco Bay areas. You can login to the app to see your availability and be notified if Scoop covers your city yet.

With its ability to integrate with companies, business groups, and municipalities, “Scoop has matched more commuters than the rest of the industry combined.”

Keep reading for pros and cons, plus scoop reviews from customers.

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The Good

  • Carpool to Work
  • Safety
  • Guaranteed Ride Home Program
  • Scoop Partner Opportunity
  • Free Ride Offer
  • Carpool Credits

Carpool to Work

For people who have to travel a long distance to work or pay for parking at their destination, Scoop is a great way to save on costs and get to know coworkers better.


Scoop requires vehicle history checks for drivers, helping to make sure that their vehicles are safe to take on additional people.

Guaranteed Ride Home Program

What happens if your ride has a family emergency and you can no longer drive you home after work?

This is where Scoop’s Guaranteed Ride Home policy comes into play.

If you get a ride to work through Scoop for your morning commute, but you aren’t matched for a ride home, Scoop offers a program to help cover the costs of getting you home. There are a few eligibility requirements:

  • You were a Scoop Rider that morning
  • You put in an evening carpool request with a time window of 30 minutes minimum
  • You don’t get an evening match, your match was interrupted, or you have an urgent matter to take care of during the day

The benefit is a maximum of $50 per month, so you probably can’t take a limo home, but some sort of public transportation or ride sharing option should get you home within budget, if you don’t live too far away.

Scoop Partner Opportunity

The carpool service even offers to partner with employers to help set up an in-house carpool system for employees to share the ride to work. This type of employee benefit has been proven to improve retention rates. A study with Scoop at Stanford Research Park resulted in 70 percent of employees reporting an increased intent to stay.

Some partner businesses even pay to subsidize rides. Employers using a managed program can have everyone verify a work email address.

Scoop has also worked with several cities to set up subsidized ride rates to free up parking spots at park and ride stations, public parking, and work-type parking.

Free Ride Offer

New Scoop riders can get five free rides through the Bay Area Carpool Program.

Carpool Credits

Users earn carpool credits to be used for future rides through a variety of things, including the Commute Hero Program.

You might wonder: What happens if a customer requests to curate a brand new ride, but no one joins the ride? What kind of incentive does that person have to keep offering to drive others through the platform if the first offer doesn’t go anywhere?

The Commute Hero program is a good marketing solution to keep people content and coming back for more.

Based on monthly eligibility, customers can earn rewards for carpool credits based on specific criteria, one of which is requesting at least six rides per week. That way, people keep trying it, even if they don’t get any matches on the first try.


The Bad

  • Insurance
  • Focus on Daily Commute
  • Scoop vs. Waze Carpool


Unlike apps like Uber and Lyft, Scoop isn’t a Transportation Network Company (TNC). So, it doesn’t provide any additional insurance policy. This shouldn’t be a problem for drivers who have regular types of personal car insurance.

However, the carpool app does suggest that drivers check with their personal insurance company to see if their policy meets the Scoop Terms of Service.

Focus on Daily Commute

Scoop’s focus is on matching commuters for shared rides to and from work in the morning and evening, rather than on-demand services with carpool rides at various times of the day.

If your work schedule varies frequently or you work at odd times, this may not be the best fit. Shift scheduling (outside of normal morning and evening carpool) is available for people with a managed carpool program through their employer.

Scoop vs. Waze Carpool

The Waze app uses navigation app technologies, while Scoop doesn’t have this tool to tell when and why slowdowns will happen.


The Bottom Line

Scoop’s carpooling service is an easy way to connect people with a regular morning and evening commute for work. It helps overcome mobility issues in a highly congested time of day.

Taking an Uber or Lyft each day is not a viable option for many people. This app combines some of the perks of rideshare services for commuters and makes it easy to create a trip and split costs.

This is a multifaceted program offering communities and companies the ability to help subsidize commuter rideshare programs and free up much-needed parking spaces. For many employees or affiliates of a partner group, this means cheaper rides.

Do you take Scoop to work? Would you recommend it to friends or family? Let us know about your experience with a quick review below.

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