LAST UPDATED: March 15th, 2020

Hytch Rewards is an app that helps people save trees and earn cash rewards — by literally SHARING a ride. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, this smartphone application is an effort to incentivize ridesharing and counts automaker Nissan as one of its partners. The company was honored with the 2018 Nashville Technology Council Emerging Company of the Year Award and the Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Innovation Award.

When two or more people ‘Hytch’ via the app, a real-time Hytch Haylo is created for the duration of the trip, tracked by GPS. A ride has to end at a certain location to earn sponsored cash rewards.

Sponsors can draw people to their location to bring in business. Additionally, employers can sponsor and give employees benefits. They can even get a special Hytch Carpool Parking signs for their parking lot.

Hytch isn’t just driving a carpool. It incentivizes positive transit behaviors for drivers and riders traveling together with any kind of transportation. As long as they are traveling together, they will earn rewards. It can be a car, motorcycle, or even public transportation, like the bus.

Keep reading for pros and cons of using this rewards app.

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The Good

  • Saving Trees
  • Earning Cash

Saving Trees

Not only do customers benefit from helping the environment and ease traffic congestion — they also get to save trees. Hytch has a partnership with Carbon Credit Capital to offset emissions from miles you travel. It tracks carbon neutral rides (two people carpooling) and carbon negative rides (3 or more). The record so far is 21 people.

Earning Cash

Users in sponsored areas have opportunities to get cash rewards. Different reward rules are active in each area, depending on who is sponsoring the experience in each area. Cash  rewards are available in the following states:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Oregon
  • Tennessee
  • Washington

The Bad

  • Not a Matching Service
  • Limited Service Area

Not a Matching Service

While Hytch rewards the public for shared rides, it doesn’t connect drivers with empty vehicles to riders the way that carpool matching solutions like Zimride or Waze Carpool do. Friends and family can connect with people they already know, but it won’t match them up with strangers.

Limited Service Area

Current, the cash rewards coverage area is only five states:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Oregon
  • Tennessee
  • Washington

Hopefully, this will expand to more cities to give more people the opportunity to earn perks while helping to ease traffic congestion in their community.


The Bottom Line

With Hytch, users are rewarded for being more environmentally conscious about the way that they travel. It lets them earn rewards, both carbon offset credits and actual cash rewards for traveling together. However, cash rewards aren’t available everywhere and users can only ‘Hytch’ with people they already know. They won't be matched with strangers in need of a ride or be able to split ride costs within the app.

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Natalia Correa MDTribe Tallahassee, FL

Loved using Hytch for car sharing. Whenever I experienced issues they were very helpful too!

1 year ago