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LAST UPDATED: January 25th, 2021

HyreCar is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform positioned to match car owners with transportation network drivers who need a car for their work. The marketplace provides short-term vehicle leases to rideshare and delivery drivers, while the vehicle owners make money by renting out their car. The proper inspection and insurance documents are provided to the driver at the beginning of the rental, so they can submit them to Uber or Lyft.

It works like this, you shop around for a car to rent, then fill out a background check. Owners have the option to accept or reject any car rental application. Cars are available for daily, weekly, and monthly rates and prices are set by owners.

The insurance is only valid in conjunction with a policy from a transportation network, so this service is truly meant to be used for people who drive for Lyft or other similar transportation company. Rentals are per day.

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The Good

  • Fast Approval
  • No Contracts or Sign-up Fees
  • Background Check
  • Insurance provided

Fast Approval

Drivers can usually get approved and rent a vehicle, all within the same day.

No Contracts or Sign-up Fees

This rental car service doesn’t have any ongoing subscription or membership fees. You only pay when you rent a car.

Background Check

In order to start renting a car with HyreCar, you need to pay for and pass a background check, meeting the following requirements:

  • At least 21 years old
  • Have a SSN
  • Have a valid U.S. driver's license and at least one year of driving experience
  • Have a good DMV record with no recent accidents, major violations in the last three years, fewer than three moving violations, and no history of non-payment
  • Have a clean criminal record with no felonies, violent crimes, major theft, or major controlled substance history

You will also be required to submit a certification that you have passed a background check with a transportation network company.

Insurance Provided

HyreCar is a rideshare rental service with a business model catering to people who drive for companies like Uber and Lyft, which have their own rideshare insurance policies covering an in-progress ride.

Outside of that time, HyreCar provides insurance for the driver after they pick up the car, but they aren’t accepting rides, and when they are getting ready to accept rides, their Uber or Lyft app is on, but they haven’t accepted a ride yet.
The coverage includes the following:

  • $100,000 liability cap
  • $25,000 physical damage cap
  • $2,500 deductible to be paid by the driver for physical damage claims

HyreCar’s insurance policy is only valid in connection with a driver’s occupational coverage from their transportation network. If the driver doesn’t have an Uber, Lyft, or HopSkipDrive, or other driving network account in good standing, they may be held fully liable for any damage.


The Bad

  • Availability
  • Deposits and Fees
  • Mileage Limit
  • Privacy
  • Rental Minimum


While HyreCar currently operates in all 50 states, availability depends on the number of people posting their cars on the site. For smaller communities further from cities, it can be harder to find a nearby car to reserve.

Deposits and Fees

Background check fee: The HyreCar background check is required and applicants must pay for the service before they can start renting cars.

Service and insurance fees: The price that you see a car listed for is not the total. HyreCar charges a 10 percent transaction fee and an insurance fee of $13 dollars per day. Users should just be aware that the price seen listed is the price set by the owner. Service fees and insurance are on top of that. While we applaud the transparency on the listing page itself, it does feel like a bit of a bait and switch.

Debit card deposit: If a renter is using a debit card to rent a car, a $200 refundable deposit is required; however, users can avoid this deposit by just using a credit card for payment.

Mileage Limit

Each vehicle rental has a daily mileage limit specified by the owner. The standard is a 250 mile per day mileage limit. If you go over the limit, as a driver, you have to pay $0.25 per mile. Check each listing for a mileage limit. It is prominently placed on the listing page, and owners will often offer unlimited mileage as an incentive for renters.


As a part of the rental process, owners are told to check a renter’s drivers license and take a photo of it before handing over the keys. Some people may not want a stranger to have a picture of their drivers license.

Rental Minimum

HyreCar has a two-day rental minimum. You can’t just rent for one day.

This is nice for the vehicle owner who might be expected to engage with a new renter on a regular basis with other peer-to-peer sites. With HyreCar, as the renter-base is looking for a vehicle to drive for their job, they may be expected to rent for a week or month. It is a more reliable way to earn money with weekly payments.


The Bottom Line

HyreCar is a great solution for people who need a car to work as freelance rideshare or food delivery drivers, but don’t immediately have the money or the credit score to get an auto loan with monthly payments. It is a low-cost, safe, and insured way to begin working for rideshare companies and start earning money.

Similar to peer-to-peer rental programs like Turo and Getaround, if you have idle cars in the driveway, this is a great opportunity to use the sharing economy to earn passive income.

At the same time, vehicle owners can feel rest assured that their car is in the hands of a safe, responsible driver who is purely using it for work and has passed not one, but two background checks: one from your rideshare platform and one from HyreCar.

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Jamel Spencer Houston, TX

Never had any problems other than the prices owners charge for the rentals. You save better going through Enterprise, Hertz, or Avis and getting your own liability insurance on renting thier cars. Joint a travel club and you pay less than 30 dollars a day for a intermediate or full size sedan on top of earning points for additional discounts for weekly rentals. Over half of those cars from HyreCar are not in safe conditions. Some have been wrecked with pre existing structural damage as well as mechanical issues that the private owner don't care to fix. Its really not worth the daily rate of $30.00 on an old car when you can rent a new one from Hertz Avis or Enterprise for $20.00 or less a day with a weekly rate if you have your own insurance policy you can add the rental cars vin # to

1 year ago

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Gustavo hernandez verduzco Memphis, TN

HyreCar My biggest mistake ever -- as owner HyreCar only care when they gonna make money. 90% of the drivers doesn't look the actually run a background check. 2 of my 3 rental drivers didn't want to return my car, both of the drivers were insane- Both left my car without gas and extremely duty, I was charge for premium insurance 25% of you gains in case you driver left with out gas , tolls or cleaning they will pay 100%. no true!! is been over a moth and haven't receive a penny !! customer service is the worst- they transfer you over and over and never respond back to your calls . When the drivers don't return your cars you have to wait 3 days then report to police and keep waiting . their slogan say - " relax seat back while you cars is getting extra money " NO! YOU HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING. overall i just lose money and stress for the horrible customers they have.

1 year ago

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Owner El Segundo, CA

As an owner, I’ve had nothing but an awful experience with HyreCar. The app caters to the driver. The owner can only read and respond to messages. The mobile website has a lot of problems and sometimes doesn’t load for the owner. So there’s no way to accept new rental requests, upload pictures of our vehicle, or confirm that the vehicle has been dropped off or picked up. I had to call HyreCar each time I dropped off my vehicle because I couldn’t get into the owner dashboard. Each time I called I received completely different responses. Someone told me that the app allows me to confirm that I’ve dropped off my vehicle. Someone else told me the owner app is not available yet. When calling in to ask them to update my account because I couldn’t access the platform I was instructed to submit a ticket. I’m not sure why they suggested this because you need to access the platform in order to submit a ticket. The people working at HyreCar are not on the same page. I’ve had a representative that answer the phone and immediately address me by name. Someone else answered the phone and asked for my first and last name. Someone else answered and asked for my phone number or email. Communicating with HyreCar has been stressful and chaotic. I would NOT recommend for any owner to list their vehicles with this platform.

2 years ago

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An optimist turned pessimistic Denver, CO

How this company is publicly traded makes no sense at all. I have never experienced a more indifferent and poorly managed business concept in my life. They have an ‘F’ rating with the BBB and that barely scratches the surface of how bad this company is. Why you may ask?—-Simply read the complaints. I have rented 2 very very poorly maintenanced vehicles because I was desperate. Each time I had to have spend 1-2 hours cleaning the vehicle to make it presentable then I had to have the inspections done. I Don’t even think that actual clean and maintained cars exist on their platform as they don’t seem to require any inspections, and If they do then I have never seen even one or they remain rented. They are simply a platform for automotive slum lords. Their service is beyond poor as they seek a cheap option there as well , pretty sure that it’s outsourced to the rock bottom lowest bidder. If a refund is deserved then you’re waiting several days -even weeks. Processing your transaction happens instantly (at break neck speed to be exact). They have gone so far as to have me reach out numerous times to the owner vs them doing it. Besides collecting a fee for insurance I’m confused as to why their service department is there. Why someone would create a brand THIS BAD and be ok with it, as long as they’re collecting a fee, is really disappointing. Businesses used to at least TRY to be better than that. When customers tell you who a business is...BELIEVE THEM.

2 years ago

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Golden Silence Beverly Hills, CA

Hyrecar lures in Rideshare Drivers with rebate promises. They pay a few, if U nag them, ceaselessly, or don't pay at all, claimimg they've paid. The Customer Service is aweful, consisting of the most ill-informed people EVER. Phone wait times are impossible, most days, and email communications render mixed responses that hardly ever resolve core issues. Plus, the rentals are pricey! DO NOT rent from Hyrecar unless in an EXTREME emergency, but keep the association brief; Hyrecar DOES NOT value loyal, consistent customers, and they have an 'F' rating with the Better Business Bureau, due to consistent customer complaints. Plainly put: Hyrecar DOES NOT CARE about you, the customer.

2 years ago

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Queendom Ally Miami, FL

Actually 0 stars. This company is horrible RUNNNNNN...! Customer Service needs to be wiped clean & start over with respectful competent agents to even stand a chance of survival. They harass you the minute you sign up to look at the site and get mad because you ask them not to call you. They are not honest and upfront about fees there will be a 200 difference from what you thought you'd be paying charged unknowingly so BEWARE. They need to be shut down immediately. File your complaints with the BBB guys they've got to go!

8 months ago

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Shawn Saifullah Lake Elsinore, CA

I made the biggest mistake by renting out my cars. So many problems with the drivers. I doubt that hyrecar checks their background check. I have submitted several claims since September of 2019. none of them got solved and Hyrecar didn't pay me for the over mileage driven by the drivers and some damages to my cars even though I had premium plan. I would highly recommend to the people that save your cars and don't trust Hyrecar. I lost more money by renting my cars than earning.

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Ehtesham shaikh Inglewood, CA

Please do not rent out your vehicle with hyrecar because I took a hit of 1700 dollars, 1071 in damages, 500 bucks which renter didn’t pay, tab away and closed his credit card plus 25.80 express lane violation. Even after constant contact with different agents claims, nothing have been done so far and denying to pay the amount

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Ty Lawrenceville, GA

Poor customer service don’t rent from hyre

2 years ago

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