GroundLink was founded in 2003 with the goal of providing a car-sharing service that is "on time every time." The GroundLink product is comprised of providing a chauffeured black car service that offers point to point and airport transfer rides to corporate clients and leisure travels. Their services are located in most major cities and over 110 countries. The GroundLink platform offers comfortable, reliable, and affordable car-sharing through their "black car" network.


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The Good

  • Chauffeured black car service
  • Vast network of drivers
  • Award-winning guarantee
  • Scheduling
  • Ride confirmations

GroundLink is rather unique compared to most ride-sharing providers. Instead of soliciting the help of any car owner that meets certain driver requirements, GroundLink provides rides through a chauffeured black car service. While they are designed to assist corporate clients, they do also offer services to the casual traveler looking to ride in style.

The GroundLink product is made of a vast network of professional and licensed drivers. Most ride-sharing companies work with independent drivers who are not necessarily considered to be “professionals.” GroundLink’s network ensures that the drivers value their clients’ time and safety while providing quality customer service.

One of the most impressive characteristics of GroundLink’s service is that they are backed by an award-winning guarantee. This guarantee is incredible considering the fact that GroundLink is leveraging a fleet of over 45,000 vehicles. Benefits of the GroundLink guarantee include:

  • On Time Guarantee: GroundLink prides itself on being a reliable service that values their clients’ time. They offer the industry’s only “Guaranteed on Time or Your Next Ride is Free” policy. If the GroundLink driver is not at the designated pick-up location within five minutes of the scheduled time, the next ride is free of charge.
  • Multiple Booking Options: Customers can book rides in advance online, by phone, or with a mobile app. The GroundLink service is also integrated into all GDS and online booking systems compatible with easy booking systems.
  • Competitive Pricing: All prices and costs are presented to the traveler before booking for full transparency. This eliminates billing surprises. Also, GroundLink gathers payment information prior to the ride so passengers do not need to worry about the hassle of a payment process. Instead, e-receipts are auto-generated at the end of the ride.
  • Electronic Integration: With proprietary technology, GroundLink is able to always track their fleet which means customers can track their own ride through the mobile app. Text messages are even sent when the car is on its way and when it arrives.

Reservations and scheduling is made easy through GroundLink’s tech-enabled car service. Passengers can book multiple rides which can be organized and managed. Rides can also be reserved in advance and customers can edit or cancel rides using any of GroundLink’s booking channels. Additionally, GroundLink also offers a flight tracker that automatically adjusts pickup times for airport delays or early arrivals.

For corporate users, rides can be booked on behalf of a colleague, friend, or even a family member. Ride confirmation is then sent to both the passenger and administrator. Corporate accounts receive dedicated meetings and events ground transportation teams when needed.

The Bad

  • Guarantee limitations
  • Reservations required
  • Cost

While it is impressive that GroundLink offers a guarantee (especially for those constrained by time), there are limits to the guarantee. GroundLink claims that they will provide riders with a free ride if they are five or more minutes late. However, further investigation into their policy reveals that they will only provide a $75 if they are more than five minutes late. If the next ride costs more than $75, the passenger will need to pay the difference.

Reservations are also required for all rides. Unlike other ride-sharing services that allow passengers to summon a ride in the exact moment they need it, all reservations will need to be booked in advance. GroundLink has tried to make it easy for their passengers by allowing them to book through the following channels:

  • Online through their website
  • Over the phone with customer service rep
  • Through downloaded mobile app

GroundLink is not going to be the most economically-friendly option. It is designed to offer a premier ride-sharing service. Instead of getting picked up in any car, passengers will ride in vehicles such as limos. It will cost quite a bit more for customers using GroundLink than other ride-sharing platforms.

The Bottom Line

GroundLink should be classified as one of the more “premier” ride-sharing services. Their platform provides black-car type services to corporate clients and those leisurely traveling. They are a more expensive option, but they are also extremely reliable. Those that use the GroundLink platform can expect the following from the service:

  1. On-time chauffeur experience
  2. Corporate and individual transportation
  3. Backed guarantee
  4. Reservations required


Currently, the Carma Carpool service is only available in Texas, Austin, California, and San Francisco with their main headquarters located in Cork, Ireland. 15 locations.


Generally, riders have to pay $1 for the pick-up, after which they have to pay only $0.20 per mile.


  • Powered by Yozio.
  • Integration with Facebook.
  • List of matches based on people you know and mutual friends.
  • Drivers can offer free rides by adding users to their favorite screen


Insurance policies differ by state and city. But since Carma Carpooling is all about sharing rides, users and commuters and free to use their own insurance policy.

Wait Time

Depends on other people you drive with.

Car Options

The Carma Carpool service generally uses ordinary people with ordinary cars and converts them into neo-taxi drivers. Therefore, the car options are endless and usually depend on the person you choose to travel with (fun isn’t it?).

Max Usability


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