Go Curb, previously named Taxi Magic, is yet another app within the world of taxi frenzies. In a world dominated primarily by Ubers and Lyfts, this company has still managed to reach a fair level of success. Offered in Vancouver and in 60 different cities across the United States, they offer 35,000 cars and collaborate with 90 different cab companies. Essentially, there is a major difference between Go Curb and other car service companies; Go Curb is a mediator, offering clients car services by reaching out to other companies, unlike most other companies.


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The Good

  • Pre-booking
  • Car options
  • Safety

With their new name, they are able to be straightforward, catering to different needs and offering a broad spectrum of transportation services. This is incredibly important in such a black-and-white industry, where apps are normally immensely successful or not at all. This app has managed to fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.

Like the similar app Hailo, which isn’t offered in America, this app offers a pre-booking experience, which is an extremely important feature for those looking to ensure that their transportation is guaranteed. For example, if you have a flight to catch, rush hour might delay the process of hailing a cab. With Go Curb, this is no longer an issue—consider it yours.

With the pre-booking feature, one is additionally able to receive receipts before the ride is over, especially if a final price has been set prior. There are three car make/model options for GoCurb users to choose from. These include:

  • Sedans
  • Cabs
  • “Black” cars

And even if you’re in a rush, safety is a priority. On the app, you are generally shown a picture of the driver and the driver’s name. That way, you can make sure that the face matches that of the driver, guaranteeing that Go Curb has performed a solid background check prior to your ride. The system, for your relief, also knows each car’s location at any given moment.

The company, unlike many of its competitors, strictly adheres to the rules, complying with cities’ standards and regulations. This fact puts Go Curb at an advantage, setting an example to other companies, and ultimately serving them well. This is convenient for both drivers and clients, providing relief in terms of legal procedures.

Payment methods are up to individual clients. Given two options, you can either pay directly through the app—by the credit card information entered initially—or even with cash.

If a driver cancels on a client, their account is suspended for approximately five hours. It is irrelevant whether it’s because the driver found someone nearby or someone with a lengthier destination: the punishment is put in place regardless.

The features are convenient and easy to use, making the app all the more worthwhile and appealing. The instructions are self-explanatory and most is done with the simple click of a button, the writing clear and easy to understand in most circumstances. The codes of conduct make sense and are normally common knowledge, such as being punctual, following through and expecting the same conduct to apply both ways.

The Bad

  • Baggage
  • Punishments
  • Automatic tips

In a society where people constantly seek and expect perfection, we must be aware that Go Curb, like any app, comes with certain baggage. On their website, the company claims that it only hires insured, licensed professionals, They also claim that they had to change their name in order to provide emphasis on the concept of safe transportation. Along with having changed its name, they also made Patrick Lashinsky the new CEO. According to Lashinsky, they had to change their name in order to adapt to the competitive nature of such an app, as its previous name did not accurately depict its new services and broad expansion.

According to Apple, the running of the GPS can drastically affect the battery life of an iPhone. This is an important factor to consider with most apps, as iPhones have yet to efficiently improve battery life, but it is a factor that must be taken into consideration nonetheless. We run around with our phones all day; what a shame it would be if our phones were to turn off mid-day—or, worse, at the end of the day, waiting for Go Curb to deliver, when we are out of the office and away from outlets and chargers. What a disaster! It happens, but when using the app, try to keep this in mind—because if the phone turns off and you can’t find the driver, you will inevitably be charged a $5 fee.

Yes, punishment goes both ways and is imposed on you, too. Just as there is a punishment for drivers’ cancellations, there is a punishment for clients’ cancellations as well—or no-shows. A $5 fee is generally charged on one’s account if there has been a no-show or a cancellation outside of the grace period. So be wary of this and conscious of drivers’ time as well.

There is another issue that seems to aggravate customers. Sometimes, the app automatically sets a 20% tip for the driver, so be aware of this issue and actively be aware of this if you feel that 20% is too high. Aside from this occasional annoyance, there is a fee that one must pay if the driver stops anywhere to pick up another passenger. The system detects when a car service has stopped or started the car, so there is no avoiding this fee. The “extra” fees can broken down as follows:

  • $5 cancellation fee
  • Automatic tips charged
  • Additional rider fee

Commonly, customers complain about an issue that, though infrequent, is quite bothersome. Drivers, in rare instances, won’t be able to see a client’s payment confirmation, which is usually due to poor reception. The website claims that it is due to weak cellular signal. Fear not—if this happens, the driver simply calls Go Curb and settles the issue, making sure that the payment was, in fact, processed.

The Bottom Line

There are many apps that essentially offer the same functions and similar services. Because Go Curb combines the best from each competitor, it stands out from the crowd. Every function—from the ability to pre-book a trip, to the ability to pay in cash—makes this experience as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Also, it works with the best companies, providing services from different relationships that it has built overtime. The icing to the cake would have to be that it does all of this legally.

Despite its flaws—because we are confident that no app is perfect—it is an app that is worthwhile of downloading, deserving regular usage. It will punctually take you where you need to go, not to mention at a fair price. All they expect is fair treatment and for you to follow through—which is the right thing to do. The application is versatile with all possible needs in transportation, whether it’s last-minute or later on. Those that use GoCurb can expect the following from the service:

  1. Cheaper option that using a taxi
  2. Multiple car models to choose from
  3. Licensed drivers
  4. Limited service area
  5. Extra fees


Alexandria, Anaheim, Ann Arbor, Arlington, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Bloomington, Boulder, Buffalo, Cambridge, Charlotte, Charlottesvile, Chicago, Cleveland, Colorado Springs, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Des Moines, Durham, Fort Collins, Fort Worth, Honolulu, Houston, Irvine, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Memphis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, Newton, Orlando, Palm Beach, Palm Springs, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Pomona, Portland, Raleigh, Rockville, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Silver Spring, St. Paul, St. Petersburg, Sterling, Tampa Bay, Tucson, Vancouver, and Washington, DC.


Fees vary by city. There is a service fee of $1 to $2 dollars, depending on the city.


Go Curb uses professional taxi drivers exclusively; they have a rating outlet for customers to provide feedback; there is a process involved to hiring these drivers, including proof of insurance.


They make sure that all drivers have proper insurance for their cars and services.

Wait Time

Go Curb passengers typically wait four minutes.


On the Go Curb app, customers are able to provide ratings for their experiences and drivers, find drivers’ current locations, check for proximity, select personalized tip percentage and select a particular transportation method.

Car Options

Sedans, cabs, black cars

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    February 2nd, 2017 New York, NY

    This app is terrible ! Firstly there’s a $2 surcharge every time you use it. Secondly, it forces you to use GPS location, even if you’re just using it to pay for a cab you hailed by yourself. Then, even after you close the app, GPS location remains running on your phone in the background and drains your battery unless you go into Settings EVERY time and manually turn it off. So upset they replaced Way2Ride with this crap. RETARDED !

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