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***As of July 14, 2016, FlightCar shut down their operations. Their technology was purchased by Mercedes-Benz Research and Development. They are no longer accepting reservations.***

FlightCar was founded in 2012 with a mission to, “reduce the number of cars sitting idle at airports by connecting travelers that need cars with those that need to park them. We're building a vibrant sharing community enabling car owners and renters to save money, earn additional income and enjoy a friendlier, hassle-free travel experience." 

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The Good

  • Benefits
  • Simple process

FlightCar lets people parking at the airport rent their vehicles out to other approved traveling members. Every rental is insured up to $1 million, and every renter is pre-screened. Members get free parking, a car wash, and get paid if their car is rented out. Approved members renting a FlightCar get the lowest rental rates guaranteed, reports FlightCar, with free insurance, free extras and no fees.

It is so simple to rent. You simply reserve your car by entering your trip information, choose the vehicle type you like and book it. On your arrival day, they will send you instructions on what to do for your airport pick up. A FlightCar representative will greet you at their location with you rental car ready to go. When you are ready to head back home you return your rental to their location by the end of your rental period. FlightCar will take you to the airport and drop you off so that you can make your flight.

The Bad

  • Vehicle types
  • Rental rates
  • No one-way rentals

Reserving a vehicle from FlightCar does not mean you are going to be able to get that specific car type to you. They attempt to get the same number of seats and a car that is priced the same, but they cannot always come through. You may be expecting one specific vehicle type and you do not at all.

Vehicle rental rates vary considerably from location to location and from time to time, and they change very frequently. You could reserve a car at one price one week and the next the same vehicle will have a price that is dramatically different. Inconsistent.

There are no one-way rentals (picking up at one location and returning at another). This makes renting a car from FlightCar inconvenient if you are not coming right back to the original location. Maybe you need to fly out of a completely different airport, but you have to travel back to the location to drop off the car.

The Bottom Line

FlightCar states that they have the lowest rates to rent a car. It is also, simple to rent and return a car from the company. Their app does make it even easier to get a car for the time you need it for, but there is no guarantee that you are going to get the type of car you reserved. There are major inconsistencies, but maybe you can hit the prices at the low end.

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