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Philly Car Share was founded in 2002. Enterprise Holdings, Inc. later changed the name to Enterprise Car Share, and continues to provide quick and cheap car rentals on an hourly and daily basis. To reserve a car, users simply choose a car on the Enterprise Car Share app. After reserving the car, renters can simply return the vehicle when they have finished with it. All transactions go through the mobile app, for increased convenience. Enterprise Car Share is marketed towards those who do not have a vehicle or who are trying to reduce the amount of vehicles on the road. 

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The Good

  • Availability
  • Vehicle options
  • Mobile app

Enterprise Car Share is part of the new wave of vehicle sharing, which aims to provide a cost-effective alternative to buying or renting a car. University students seem to be a main target, as Enterprise has many university locations throughout the US. Enterprise Car Share is available for individual use in 20 states / 39 cities. For universities, it is available in 34 states and on 128 campuses.

Enterprise promises new, clean vehicles. Enterprise has some cars that are part of the Enterprise rental fleet - some of these have been purchased from other source. However, the type of vehicle available varies by location. To see what is available at a location near you, search for your city on the Enterprise website or on the mobile app. They also have some that are for sale. Enterprise Car Share offers the following vehicle options:

  • Hybrids
  • Electric models
  • Pick-up trucks
  • Fuel-efficient sedans

Enterprise operates through an app, making it a convenient way to rent for those with smartphones or mobile devices. Additionally, Enterprise has a host of environmentally friendly vehicles, so drivers can rent with a clean conscience. It is available in many university locations, making it a convenient choice for students who do not own their own cars. Gas is included in the rental cost, which means one less thing to deal with for renters!

To reserve an Enterprise car, register for membership on the website or mobile app. After registration, users can reserve cars on their mobile device. All payment goes through the app, so when the rental period is over, users may simply return the car.

Enterprise has a one-time application fee of $20 and an annual membership fee of $50. On average, there is an hourly rate of $9.50 and a daily rate of $49.99 with an additional cost of  $.19 for every mile after the first 200 miles. Gas is included in the rental cost. If you need to rent a car for an hour or even the entire day, we recommend Enterprise for the following reasons:

  • High availability
  • Many styles to choose from
  • High number of allotted miles

The Bad

  • Insurance
  • Service limitations

Enterprise has a pretty weak insurance policy, and charges both an application fee (one time) and yearly membership fee. For such fees, we would expect more protection for their drivers. Additionally, Enterprise doesn't have many non-university options in several large cities. That being said, in areas where Enterprise does have a presence, the vehicles available are high quality.

While gas and roadside assistance is included in the overall cost of renting a car through the Enterprise platform, there are services offered by other car-sharing platforms that Enterprise has not yet incorporated. These features/services include:

  • GPS
  • In-car customer care
  • Toll tags

Insurance coverage varies by location. On average, there is liability protection offered up to the state minimum required amount. Enterprises' deductible is $500. Enterprise also charges a $50 late fee, plus an unknown hourly rate. Users can drive 200 miles with an Enterprise CarShare car. More than that will cost you $.35 per mile. Customers can reserve Enterprise CarShare cars for 1 hour to 7 days.

The Bottom Line

If you have an Enterprise location near you, or if you are a university student looking for an alternative to buying a car, Enterprise is a good choice. You may end up paying more than with other services, but with quality vehicles, it seems like a reliable, quality business. And by using Enterprise Car Share, renters can decrease the amount of vehicles on the road as well as their own car-related expenses over time. It's definitely worth looking into. Those that utilize the Enterprise CarShare platform can expect the following from their service:

  1. Easy to use for moving in and out of college setting
  2. Relatively competitive rates
  3. High number of available miles
  4. Low insurance deductible
  5. Strict late fee

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    September 30th, 2016 Denver, CO

    Honestly Enterprise CarShare is the worst organization, I will never use them again. I was a loyal customer and never had any issues and then one day I get a call telling me there was damage to a car I used and that it was my fault. I explained to them it was not, nothing had occurred, but they proceeded to force me to pay $500 because I hadn't walked around the car before my trip and phoned them to report any damage. So, in addition to paying a lot for the rental (really it's more expensive than uber) I am supposed to take time to phone them before every drive and report damage. And when you complain they told me they don't value me as a customer, that my word and loyalty and good performance didn't matter, and that I should have known better. Truly, a horrible horrible company that only cares about the contract and not about customers.

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    November 14th, 2015 Nashville, TN

    First, this company sucks. They have charged me extra for almost every ride I have gone. They also claimed I have not made reservations when I have, so I was left without a car on important occasions. very unorganized and not worth the money. cancelling soon.