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Curb, formerly known as Taxi Magic, is a ride-hailing app that connects you with licensed and insured cab drivers in your city looking for a fare. Service is offered in 65 US cities and is available for booking up to 24 hours in advance. 

The company, unlike many of its competitors, works with the taxi industry by strictly adhering to the rules, complying with cities' standards and regulations. This fact puts Curb at an advantage, setting an example to other companies, and ultimately serving them well. This is convenient for both taxi drivers and clients, providing relief in terms of legal procedures.

Payment methods are up to individual clients. Given two options, you can either pay directly through the app—by the credit card information entered initially—or even pay with cash.

If a driver cancels on a client, their business account is suspended for approximately five hours. It is irrelevant whether it's because the driver found someone nearby or someone with a lengthier destination: the punishment is put in place regardless.

The features are convenient and easy to use, making the app all the more worthwhile and appealing. The instructions are self-explanatory and the writing clear and easy to understand in most cases. The codes of conduct make sense and are normally common knowledge, such as being punctual, following through and expecting the same conduct to be applied by both parties. 

Keep reading for Curb pros and cons, plus Curb Taxi reviews from real users.

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The Good

  • Pre-Booking
  • Car Options
  • Safety


Pre-booked trips are allowed on Curb car service. This is incredibly important in such a black-and-white industry, where apps are normally immensely successful or not at all. This app has managed to fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. 

Like the similar app Hailo, which isn't offered in America, this app offers a pre-booking experience, which is an extremely important feature for people looking to ensure that their transportation is guaranteed. For example, if you have a flight to catch, rush hour traffic or congestion might delay the process of hailing a cab. 

With Curb, this is no longer an issue—consider it yours. With the pre-booking feature, one is additionally able to receive receipts before the ride is over, especially if a final price has been set prior to the ride.

Car Options

There are three car make/model options for Curb users to choose from. These include:

  • Sedans
  • Cabs
  • "Black" cars


Even if you're in a rush, safety is a priority. On the smartphone app, you are generally shown a picture of the driver and the driver's name. That way, you can make sure that the face matches that of the driver, guaranteeing that Curb has performed a solid background check prior to your ride. The system, for your relief, also knows each car's location at any given moment. 


The Bad

  • Fees
  • Automatic Tips


If your phone dies and you can't find the driver’s vehicle on the street, you will inevitably be charged a $5 fee. Yes, punishment goes both ways and is imposed on you, too. Just as there is a punishment for drivers' cancellations, there is a punishment for passengers’ cancellations as well—or no-shows. 

A $5 fee is generally charged on one's account if there has been a no-show or a cancellation outside of the grace period. So, be wary of this and conscious of drivers' time as well.

Automatic Tips

In cities that offer automatic payment, the default tip amount is set automatically at 20%. You can change this number by tapping on the amount and then adjusting it up or down. Be aware of this issue. 

Users do have the option of setting their own default tip percentage for future rides by selecting Payments from the menu. Additionally, if you would like to adjust a tip that you already paid for previous trips, you are asked to contact customer support via email at [email protected] 


The Bottom Line

There are many apps that essentially offer the same ride-matching functions, but Curb stands out for its extras: the ability to book a trip in advance, and the option to pay with cash in the cab.

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Kenia Corniel The Bronx, NY

0 start. one because of no choice. Curb is the worst taxi company. My husband is blind, Access-A-Ride pays the rest of fare to CURB and he pays his share to the driver. The driver picked him up at his job. There are two people with the same name at his job. when my husband realized that the driver picked up the wrong person. The driver fail to identified his passinger. The driver told him to pay for the ride $ 27 My husband told him let him call, to cancel the ride he had requested and request another pick up so you can accept the trip. He said no, you are going to pay me for the full trip. My husband say no. So he told him to get out of his car. He left him near a highway with no way to call for another taxi, at his cannot see where he is there is no one to help me. He called the cops to help him by tracing his call as he couldn't give them an adress. The cops have him waiting there for over 30 minutes. He is still waiting now. SHAME ON YOU. SHAME ON YOU NYC PD.

1 year ago

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MA traveler Woburn, MA

This is a terrible company. Machine in the cab had a communication error, so tried to give manual credit card information. Company wouldn't take it from driver, and after NINE phone calls they still couldn't process the full amount. They said there was a protocol that the remainder must be paid in cash. This is clearly BS and is a way to keep their drivers from getting paid, since no tip could be included. Unbelievable policies and terrible customer service - I wasted a day dealing with this issue when I should have been in and out of the cab and thought no more about it. Truly the worst experience I have ever had with a transportation company.

2 years ago

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Harriet Moulton New York, NY

Possibly the worst service ever. They keep telling me I need to re-enter my credit card information. Have done so approximately 8 times. When I sent them a complaint, the response is always "we are working on the problem." Tonight, in really cold weather here in NYC, I hailed a cab and tried to pair it up with my phone. I could not even get into the app. I uninstalled it, and then re-installed so that I could try to get in touch with their customer service. Guaranteed, I will get a message saying they are "working on the problem." There are too many other services, like Lyft, to have to put up with this nonsense with them anymore. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

3 years ago

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Cab driver didn't turn the fare meter on, took the long way to get to our hotel and when I mentioned he didn't turn on the fare meter, he began to turn it on with an attitude. My boyfriend said it took us less than $10 last time. And he called his dispatcher to asked how much. when the bill came the fare wasnt bill the whole trip, so we tipped him to make up for all of it. He start having an attitude and demanded the difference and our credited has been approved and he pushed for cash. My bf didn't want to put USB in danger and give home $5. Horrible service, like robbing in daylight!

3 years ago

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Michael Elliot New York, NY

Curb charges for the use of its app in devious and unspecified ways. I was told by their Social Media support team that they only charge a $1.95 fee. But, I was told more accurately by their Online support team that they charge $1.95 per hail as long as you only pay with Curb. If you Hail through Curb they charge $1.95 + $3.00 for the advance booking! This is a total rip off and its NOT detailed clearly in their documentation. I can provide the emails I received from Curb.

3 years ago

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Thomas New York, NY

This app is terrible ! Firstly there's a $2 surcharge every time you use it. Secondly, it forces you to use GPS location, even if you're just using it to pay for a cab you hailed by yourself. Then, even after you close the app, GPS location remains running on your phone in the background and drains your battery unless you go into Settings EVERY time and manually turn it off. So upset they replaced Way2Ride with this crap. RETARDED !

4 years ago

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Bre Blair Chicago, IL

0 stars! Curb absolutely sucks. I requested a ride an hour before I needed to be picked up and a taxi NEVER showed. Call customer service to request my refund for the $20 hold and they could care less! Service was poor and customer service was beyond poor. Don’t even waste your time. Oh...and the gold is on your account for a couple days!

1 year ago

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Susan Stempleski Jamaica Plain, MA

The Curb app is useless. It’s extremely difficult to set your exact pick-up location wth the pin/map combo. Also, I tried 8-10 Times to reserve a cab with the app and it kept telling me no cabs were available. Lots of room for improvement at Curb!

2 years ago

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Gene G

App is too slow...when you try to connect with a cab in order to pay it is so clunky compared to the other apps and they don't seem interested in fixing the bugs ! If they spent the money they do on advertising to make the app response rate faster I'd start using it again. I switched to Arro...much better..

4 years ago

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Kymberlee Yack Orem, UT

curb has made it SO convenient for me to get around when i travel and don't have my car! its so fast and so easy and so so cheap.

2 years ago

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sal Glen Ellyn, IL

I believe my taxi charged us anyway and cancelled and a $20 fee showed up on my credit card the first time. I feel defrauded by both the CURB company and the taxi.

1 year ago

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Jani Crawley New York, NY

I have never been successful at using the Curb app. When I go to pay it doesn't accept my credit card (which works with other transactions). Then when I try to use that same card manually it doesnt work. Not ideal.

2 years ago

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William Richardson Little Rock, AR

30% credit card fee on a $10.00 cab ride is ridiculousl. Last ride in a cab versus Uber and Lyft.

2 years ago

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MSR Bellevue, WA

Driver never showed and could not be reached by phone. $20 hold on my credit card for no service.

1 year ago

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