Elon Musk’s Transport Vision Includes Car Sharing

By: Carlie McKeon  |  July 21, 2016


Yesterday, Elon Musk, billionaire entrepreneur announced the second part of what he has affectionately named his “master plan.” This master plan covered a wide range of services and provided insight into Musk’s business vision. This “master plan part 2” included the introduction of a new car sharing service.

The car sharing service would be a part of Tesla, in which many analysts have speculated the company would pursue for some time. There were not as many details provided on the launch and subsequent roll-out of this new car sharing service.

It is expected that Tesla customers could register their cars to a “shared fleet” simply by the click of a button on a Tesla mobile app. Similar to other car sharing services, Tesla owners would basically provide basic information including where they live and other pertinent data.

Musk hopes that by launching a car sharing service, more people will be able to purchase Tesla cars. This car sharing service could impact the overall cost of owning a Tesla vehicle because it would generate an additional income for the owner.

In addition to launching a car sharing service, Musk also announced a new future for Tesla vehicles, urban planning concepts, and a combined SolarCity and Tesla that would sell solar panels and batteries.

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