Valley Auto Loans is an auto loan broker that works with individuals with all types of credit. The company has a large network of affiliated lenders around the country and offers flexible financing options for both new and used vehicles.

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The Good

  • No money down options
  • 100 percent application acceptance
  • Wide variety of loan options
  • Vehicle search tool

No Money Down Options

Valley Auto Loans offers no money down loans with affordable interest rates. These kinds of loans are attractive to consumers who would like to purchase a car but don’t want to come up with a huge down payment right off the bat.

100 Percent Application Acceptance

Valley Auto Loans advertises a 100 percent acceptance rate, even if you’ve had a past bankruptcy or repossession, and never charges an application fee. The company states that it doesn’t only take credit scores into account when determining rates; it also considers your ability to repay the loan.

Wide Variety of Loan Options

Valley Auto Loans provides options that allow you to apply for new or used car financing, as well as auto leases and rent-to-own loans. Further, the company offers financing for college students, first-time buyers, self-employed individuals, consumers with low incomes, and high-risk borrowers.

Vehicle Search Tool

Valley Auto Loans provides a helpful vehicle search tool on its website, which is free to use and will help you search for the best price while providing you with information about which dealers offer discounts and incentives. This service makes it easier to find and compare deals, as well as negotiate an offer.

The Bad

  • Rates and terms not disclosed
  • Mileage limit restrictions unclear

Rates and Terms Not Disclosed

Valley Auto Loans has not disclosed any rates or available loan terms on its corporate website. Although these factors typically vary from case-to-case, it would be helpful of the company provided a general range to give potential customers an idea of what to expect.

Mileage Limit Restrictions Unclear

Many auto loan companies have mileage limit restrictions in place and will not approve any loans that do not fit within the set criteria. Valley Auto Loans is not clear about its mileage limit requirements on its website, making it difficult for potential customers to know whether or not their chosen vehicle will qualify.

The Bottom Line

Valley Auto Loans offers a wide variety of loan options, including no money down loans, and boasts a 100 percent acceptance rate. In addition, the company provides a helpful vehicle search tool on its website. However, Valley Auto Loans is not entirely transparent and has not disclosed interest rates, loan terms, or mileage limits on its corporate website.

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