SunTrust banking has all your financial needs in one place. Their online banking program allows you to apply for loans, make payments, budget your money, and even read up on helpful financial advice. SunTrust has a high standard of community commitment and believes in socially responsible loans.
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The Good

The best part about SunTrust banking is their website. They have loaded their website with financial calculators to make sure you are in control of your assets. On their website you can look up credit building tips or browse retirement plans, and if their endless information is too much you can easily chat with a customer service agent. When it comes to car loans, you simply submit your loan information online and within 24 hours you could have your approval. Since they have no application fees, its definitely one of the easiest ways to apply for financing. Here are the best parts:

  • Upon approval, e-sign your loan and have the money in your account that day.
  • Guaranteed positive experience (they will give you $100 if this isn’t the best loan experience you’ve ever had).
  • No application fees.
  • Low fixed interest rates.

The Bad

Since SunTrust banking has such extensive online software available, they lack customer service representatives. You can chat online with them; however, if you have an issue where you need to call in, you might be looking at a long wait on the phones. SunTrust also believes in responsible lending, which sounds positive unless you have bad credit. Most of their advertised APR rates come with a disclaimer that excellent credit is necessary to receive the loan.

The Bottom Line

We would recommend SunTrust banking for your car loan. This company is tried, tested, and true. Not many banks would guarantee that you will have a positive loan experience, and a convenient online format, it is definitely a good place to apply for a loan.


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