SpringboardAuto.com is made up of a highly skilled team of finance and technology veterans who leverage advanced analytics and big data to provide customers with a transparent and personalized auto buying experience. The company’s team has founded and managed some of the largest auto finance and technology companies in the industry. Therefore, it has the experience and knowledge to help empower its customers.

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Loan Amount
New Car Term Length






36-72 Months


$5,000 - 45,000

The Good

  • Bad credit loans available
  • Wide variety of auto loans
  • Direct financing
  • Simple documentation and signing process

Bad Credit Loans Available

The SpringboardAuto.com website states that the company offers loans up to $45,000 to consumers with less than perfect credit. It only takes 60 seconds to fill out SpringboardAuto.com’s online application. The company uses a soft credit check that does not affect your score.

Wide Variety of Auto Loans

SpringboardAuto.com offers a wide variety of auto loans, including new and used auto loans, as well as private party loans. Refinancing options are available as well.

Direct Financing

SpringboardAuto.com provides direct financing, which is beneficial because it can help customers to avoid rate markups and know exactly what they qualify for before shopping for a vehicle. The company prides itself on helping its customers through every step of the auto loan process.

Simple Documentation and Signing Process

At SpringboardAuto.com, you don’t have to stress over paperwork. The company allows you to upload the required documentation via your smartphone or computer. Then, when it comes time to close, the company will send you the loan documents to be signed electronically.

The Bad

  • Approval timeframe unclear
  • Loan terms and rates not disclosed
  • Minimum and maximum loan amount restrictions
  • No mention of mileage limits

Approval Timeframe Unclear

SpringboardAuto.com’s website states that it delivers an instant decision about whether or not your application has been approved or declined. However, “instant” is a relative term and the company has not specified exactly what it means in more concrete terms.

Loan Terms and Rates Not Disclosed

SpringboardAuto.com’s loan terms and rates are not disclosed on its website. Further, the company has not made it clear whether or not it charges application fees or prepayment penalties. This lack of transparency can be frustrating for potential customers trying to figure out whether or not SpringboardAuto is a good fit for their needs.

Minimum and Maximum Loan Amount Restrictions

SpringboardAuto.com has minimum and maximum loan terms of $5,000 and $45,000, respectively. This means that if you are planning on taking out a loan for a vehicle that costs less than $5,000 or more than $45,000, you won’t have much luck with this company.

No Mention of Mileage Limits

Many auto loan companies have set mileage limits for cars that are eligible for their loans and will not finance vehicles that don’t fit the criteria. Unfortunately, SpringboardAuto.com has not mentioned anything about vehicle mileage limit restrictions on its corporate website, so it can be difficult for potential customers to know what to expect in this area.

The Bottom Line

SpringboardAuto.com is able to work with all types of credit and offers a wide variety of auto loans. Additionally, the company offers direct financing and makes the application process simple and convenient for customers. However, SpringboardAuto.com has put minimum and maximum loan terms in place and has not disclosed several important pieces of information on its website, including approval time, terms, interest rates, and mileage limits.

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