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RoadLoans is operated by Santander Consumer USA. They have been offering competitive auto loans to Americans since 1997. RoadLoans offers car financing and refinancing options to a range of clients, including those with bad credit.
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The Good

RoadLoans offers 12-72 month car loans. Borrowers can apply online and will be notified within minutes of what loan amount, interest rate and terms they qualify for. All loan approvals are valid for up to 30 days after, so borrowers will have time to shop around and find the best car for their personal and financial needs.

The RoadLoans website features a section called Shopping Tools, where customers can quickly download convenient mobile device apps and scan the RoadLoan dealer network to find a local dealership that will accept RoadLoans financing. Users can also browse car reviews, utilize financial calculators to determine potential monthly payments and read credit and financing advice.

RoadLoans users can chat with a live representative, but they must be current RoadLoan members to do so.

RoadLoans has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. The Bureau reports that the high rating is due to a low volume of complaints for a company of their size, as well as efforts made by RoadLoans to resolve customer complaints that have been filed with the Bureau.

The Bad

RoadLoans doesn’t list any APR information on the website. RoadLoans is one of the only car loan lenders we reviewed that doesn’t offer at least a starting interest rate on the site. The rate will vary based on factors like the loan amount and credit score, however many of the other car loan sites we reviewed listed a range so borrowers could get a sense of how much interest they might be expected to pay over the term of their loan.

The Bottom Line

Although RoadLoans doesn’t offer APR information on the website, there are plenty of tools and articles to help borrowers understand what they can expect from the car loan application, approval and financing process. In addition, RoadLoans is one of the only car loan companies we reviewed that will finance borrowers who have bad credit.

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