Lending Tree is the nation’s leading online lender-exchange company, and has assisted in processing over 30 million loan requests and nearly $2.5 billion in loan transactions.  Lending Tree offers customers the ability to quickly compare new and used car loans or refinancing options from several lenders so they can find the best deal. LendingTree can help customers find low APR on new and refinanced cars.

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36-72 Months



The Good

  • Educational Resources
  • Financial Tools
  • Compare loans easily

Educational Resources

LendingTree’s website offers lots of information and tools to help borrowers learn about the car loan process and find the best financing or refinancing option. There are calculators for estimating APR and monthly payments, rate comparison tools, car-buying advice articles, and more.

Comparison Tool

Borrowers who apply online with Lending Tree will receive an instant response of lenders who are willing to work with them, as well as the offered APR and term information. This enables borrowers to easily compare and select a loan without having to deal with the time and hassle of going through the process with multiple lenders. The application and comparison of loan options are free.

The Bad

  • Not a lender
  • Lack specific loan information

Not a Lender

LendingTree is not a lender or direct servicer, so the company can’t approve, adjust, or accept payments for loans. Once borrowers select one of the lenders that partner with LendingTree, they’ll need to work directly with that partner lender. This may create some confusion for borrowers who aren’t familiar with the process. This also means that LendingTree is not able to provide certain loan information, such as payment guidelines. Borrowers will need to obtain all the details of their rights and responsibilities from the lender they choose to work with.

The Bottom Line

Lending Tree has an informative, user-friendly website and takes the hassle of comparing loan options from multiple lenders. They are not a direct lender, and therefore we cannot recommend them directly for auto loans. If you would like to compare several loans all at once, LendingTree may be a great tool to use in your search for a great auto loan.

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