Key Bank started in 1825 but they are definitely not old fashion. Their company offers new technology like Apple Pay for their mobile banking. They also have options for all your banking needs like savings, CDs, loans, investing, insurance, and rewards systems. They have many account options and have excellent loan calculators for your vehicle loan. Key Bank has over 1,000 branches in 31 states.

Rank Chart
Loan Amount
Term Length
Our Score
36-75 months
$5k-No Max
12-84 months
36-72 months
24-72 months

The Good

  • Flexible terms
  • Financial tools
  • High loan cap

Great Services

Key Bank auto loans provide flexible terms, quick approval, and convenient online access. Their website is programmed with a payment calculator so when you view their interest rates you can personalize the payments to your individual plan. Its very simple, you enter your loan amount, term, credit rating, and purchase type – your monthly payments and APR rate are laid out conveniently for you.


  • No mileage limit
  • Loans from $5,000 up to $100,000
  • Fixed rate loan
  • Free application
  • Long term length 24 months up to 72 months
  • Reward points offered for opening a new auto loan
  • Go Green bonus

Go Green Bonus

Our favorite part is the Go Green bonus. You can receive .25 percent off the standard APR rate when you purchase a qualifying fuel-efficient vehicle. This program will also enroll you in paperless billing. So if you’re getting a fuel-efficient car, this might be the place for you. Key Bank also has a convenient online application with quick response. Not only can you apply for your auto loan online, but also Key Bank is willing to loan for boats, and recreational vehicles.

The Bad

  • Various fees
  • No free credit score
  • No bad credit loan options


Key Bank has a free application; however, if you accept a loan offer from them you’re looking at a $125 origination fee. They also do not offer a free credit score check or bad credit loans. The other fee that we don’t like is a $150 early pay-off fee. It simply states that if you pay the loan off in 18 months or less you will be fined $150 for doing so. Another thing to keep in mind, Key Bank offers an online payment calculator that calculates your monthly payments based off your agreed term. However, this program makes it so you can’t see your monthly payments displayed for each term option. It just makes it harder to compare your potential payments. Also, Key Bank doesn’t have the best customer service ratings and they don’t offer online customer service features. That being said, customer service won’t affect your APR rate so that might not be as important to you.

The Bottom Line

We would recommend Key Bank as a reliable source for an auto loan. With flexible term options you can find a loan at Key Bank that fits your financial schedule. We don’t like the origination fee or the early pay off fee at Key Bank but they make up for it with the Go Green auto loan that helps you save money on your APR.

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Key Bank

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