As a car production company, Honda has been in business since 1946 when it was established in Japan. Their American headquarters are stationed in Torrance, California where they have been in business since 1959. Honda Financial Services offers many loan and leasing options to their car buyers. However, their services are not offered to individuals who are not purchasing a car at their dealership. This is typical with a dealership loaning service, most dealerships give you a good loan because you are shopping with them. Loans from Honda Financial Services will include new cars, certified used cars, motorcycles, boats, power equipment, and recreational vehicles. Since Honda Financial Services is a tool for dealership loans, they only offer financial information that pertains to loans or leasing.

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Loan Amount
New Car Term Length






$5,000 - 45,000



The Good

  • Discounts and perks
  • Online pre-approval and car shopping
  • Service contracts available

Loan and Leasing Options

Honda Financial Services has many different loans and leasing options for those who are shopping for a car at a Honda dealership. Since you are purchasing a car from their dealership they offer some financing perks to ensure you have the right loan for your car. Honda offers loans in new cars, certified used cars, boats, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and power equipment. These options are very convenient for customers who want to buy a Honda vehicle.


  • Graduating college students save money on new cars (Current deal: $500 off)
  • Military appreciation discounts
  • Leadership purchase program (lease for 24 months then purchase or walk away)
  • Honda Care service contracts available
  • Online credit pre-approval online
  • Online car shopping

These options, as well as online calculators and in person advice from dealership representatives, make Honda Financial Services a great option for financing your new Honda.

The Bad

  • No online application
  • No free credit check
  • Exclusive to Honda

Loans are Exclusive to Honda

Obviously, the worst part about Honda financing is the fact that you must purchase your car from a Honda dealership. Only certified Honda dealerships can offer financing from Honda since Honda Financial Services only wants to loan for certified vehicles. This limits the vehicles and therefore the possible customers who can use the loans and services Honda has to offer. Customers who know they want a Honda vehicle will benefit from the exclusive nature of Honda Financial Services.


  • No online application
  • No free credit check
  • APRs are dictated by current dealership offers
  • Honda vehicles only

Lacks Online Assistance

Honda Financial Services seem to offer reliable loans; however, they are not a banking website so their online assistance and information is limited. You must physically go in and talk to a salesperson at the dealership in order to apply for a loan.

Lack of Transparency

Honda Financial Services is lacking a great deal of information we look for in the industry. This lack of information makes it more difficult for customers to decide if Honda Financial Services is the right fit for them. It is also difficult for our team to accurately rank Honda’s services versus other companies in the industry. We would like to see more transparency regarding application fees, loan amount, APR, term length, mileage limitations, early-pay penalties, and bad credit loan options.

The Bottom Line

While Honda may have some great discounts and loan options, there is a lot of information lacking. We would like to see more information on their website regarding loan amounts, APR, term length, and other pertinent information. If a potential customer has their mind set on a Honda, and doesn’t mind going into the dealership to find out more information, Honda may be a good fit. Overall, we cannot recommend working with Honda Financial Services at this time.

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  1. User Score


    May 24th, 2017 Panorama City, CA

    They were not helpful at all when had my stroke.. this is not the company you want to go with when you need help they are not there to help and keep getting transferred if they call they don’t live any msg they are very unprofessional and un helpful

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  2. User Score


    December 15th, 2016 Monterey Park, CA Edited

    the update : 12/20/2016
    i called the company and they confirmed that they never sent or contacted me in anyway, and after their confirmation they said we aren’t obligated to do so and they won’t remove the mark despite they confirmed i didn’t know anything.


    i am a co signer on a car, never received any thing from them, then while getting anew car i found three delayed payment, i called then and the customer service was rude and refused to help at the end she is like ok i may make a case but not garentee, she took my new adress and next day she said we wont remove anythiing
    despite i never received anythign from them when i called them again they confirm that they didnt contact me and desoite that they refused to help.
    and they claiming they can’t do anything about that which is lie
    i submit case again and waiting their reply

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