Ford Motor Credit Company LLC (Ford Credit) has been in business with its parent company, Ford Motors, since 1959. Ford Credit is concentrated on offering different loan and lease options to consumers who purchase from dealerships that sell Ford Motor Company products. Ford Credit also is responsible for the lines of credit offered to Lincoln Automotive Financial Services for Lincoln vehicles. Ford Credit’s website is focused on educating consumers on the available financing options, suggesting available credit options, and referring consumers to their local Ford dealership.

The Good

  • Great financial tools
  • Mobile account management
  • Additional options

Financial Tools

Ford Credit supplies basic online information to help you calculate the best loan option for your new Ford vehicle. They offer financial tools such as budget calculators, payment estimations, and credit tests. Ford Credit also offers articles that give you an overview of your financial needs so you can be informed when you visit a dealership.


  • Online financing education available
  • Credit “test run” available to estimate ability to qualify before applying
  • Face-to-face advice from a dealership representative
  • Mobile account management
  • Online instant messaging customer service
  • Excellent customer service ratings
  • Extended service plans available

Additional Options

Not only does Ford offer these great options, but you can add different options into your loan at the dealership. This means you can include aftermarket accessories, extended service plans, rustproofing, or sealant packages into the total amount financed. Additionally, Ford Credit offers an online pre-approval email so your trip to the dealership can be as quick as possible.

The Bad

  • Can only use the loan at a Ford dealership
  • Must visit dealership to get full information
  • No money management software

Loan Restrictions

First thing to keep in mind, if you are looking to qualify for a loan from Ford Credit you must purchase a vehicle from a certified Ford dealership. Additionally, Ford Credits website has a lot of information to prepare you for taking out a loan. However, no concrete loan information will be disclosed until you visit a Ford dealership.


  • No online loan application
  • Acquisition Fee (dealership fee) is included in the vehicle purchase cost
  • No advertised promotional deals to help save a little extra money
  • Minimal payment information disclosed until you meet with a salesperson
  • No money management software

Lacks Money Management Software

Although Ford Credit offers a reliable credit option through Ford Motors, it lacks the money management software and other associated financial perks that a bank or credit union would supply. Your APR will depend on your experience at your local Ford dealership. Often times the sales environment of a dealership causes people to agree to loan options that might not be the best for them.

Lack of Transparency

Ford Credit is missing a great deal of information on their website. It is difficult for potential customers to make a decision based on the lack of information given on the website. It is also difficult for our team to rank their services in the industry. We would like to see more information regarding possible APRs, loan terms, loan amounts, application fees, and etc.

The Bottom Line

Ford Credit has some great advantages such as their financial tools, and great customer service. However, their total lack of transparency, and loan restrictions causes us some concern. We would like to see Ford Credit be more up-front about their APR, loan terms, loan amounts, and application fees. For these reasons, we do not recommend using Ford Credit at this time.

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    June 1st, 2016 Woodbridge, VA

    Ford Motor Credit is attempting to charge me a $100 fee for a “speeding ticket” on my vehicle. Ford notified me of the ticket and I proceeded to immediately contest the ticket. About 30 days afterwards, I find the fee of $100 on my account. I called Ford and notified them that it was my intention to contest the ticket and that by them having paid it, they are precluding me from being able to continue with the contestment. After waiting for over 8 days for a supervisor to contact me, I just spoke to Miguel Samianiego who was very disrespectful, called me a liar, and told me that he will not remove the fee. I told Mr. Samianiego that I will use this to end my lease and proceed to file in small claims court and that I would be mentioning him by name and he stated “Go ahead and do it, I’m writing it down.” I have never been so disrespected when dealing with another company and I want the fee removed. I followed the instructions on the letter to call the jurisdiction to contest the ticket and Ford proceeded to pay the ticket and attempt to charge me for it. The letter contained a typo which confused me and even after having admitted to the mistake, Mr. Samieaniego refuses to eliminate the fee. I will not pay the ticket and I want it removed. I also want Samianiego held accountable for his disrespect and actions.

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    March 8th, 2016 Wausau, WI

    Ok here is my story with Ford.

    So back in 2003 I had purchased a 2003 Kia Rio from Rosemurgy motors (now out of business, also promised services at a discounted rate that were never honored). I had lost my job in 2004 but found another job that paid very little but enough to put money in for the car, I eventually found another job that made more money and was catching up. I had one final check in the mail to catch up what I was behind when Ford motor repossessed my car, or tried to (they could not find the car because I moved). They also took my Co-signer to court. I had a 5 year loan with Ford Motor Credit and the final payment on the loan was made in 2006, I was 1 1/2 years early (I always pay more then the minimum payment).

    Now today, I have sold the Kia and bought a smart car. However there was an undiscovered filing fee of $5 with marathon city clerk that was not paid. They need a letter of satisfied judgment from Ford motor Credit because a letter stating there is no interest or lein on the vehicle is not enough (from a previous time spending hours on the phone with them). So I called Ford Motor Credit trying to get to someone that could help me get this form to bring in and pay $5. After hours on the phone talking to several people They told me I need to go talk to my cosigners lawyer and get another form to send to them in order to get the letter of satisfaction from Ford motor credit to bring to marathon county to pay the $5. Also they have no record of me ever buying a car from them and cannot find the account by my name, social security number, or the VIN of the car.

    Because of the attempted repossession of the Kia, and taking my cosigner to court knowing the final check to catch up was in the mail I always kept them informed (not to mention calling me six or more times a day every day starting at 8am) Ford motor credit has lost my business for life, and I will not buy a ford car either.

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    February 6th, 2016 Sterling, VA

    They are thief! they kept charging me twice and sometimnes three times a month and when I call them they deny that! and they always say that they did not receive their payments! They use a third party merchant, I suspect that they steal money from people.

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