Ally Auto has been helping people secure auto financing for almost 100 years. The company has more than 7,000 employees, 17,000 dealers, and 4 million customers across the United States.

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The Good

  • Buyer’s Choice program
  • Ally Balloon Advantage program
  • Retail finance and SmartLease options
  • Vehicle protection products available

Buyer’s Choice Program

Ally Auto’s Buyer’s Choice program combines the best of buying and leasing. The term length is determined based on the customer’s vehicle selection and transaction. This program includes a special prepayment date; at 48 months into the contract, the customer can either prepay by selling the vehicle to Ally at the predetermined price set at signing (some stipulations apply) or do nothing and keep making the scheduled payments. This program also allows you to trade-in your vehicle at any time. The Buyer’s Choice program is only available for eligible GM, Chrysler, and Mitsubishi brand vehicles. This program is not available in Nevada.

Ally Balloon Advantage Program

The Ally Balloon Advantage program works by taking a larger portion of your payment and attaching it to the end of the contract. This helps keep your monthly payments low. However, this program still has the same aspects of a traditional loan, including fixed APRs and monthly payments throughout the contract term. Additionally, you can sell or trade-in your vehicle at any time, as long as you pay off the remaining amount when you do. With the Balloon Advantage program, you can buy new GM, Chrysler, and Mitsubishi vehicles and all used vehicles except for Saab and Suzuki. This program is not available in Maryland, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, or Pennsylvania.

Retail Finance and SmartLease Options

Ally Auto offers both financing and leasing options. The company’s SmartLease program allows customers to lease new or pre-owned vehicles through eligible dealers. However, it’s only available for select models, but the website doesn’t specify which models, so you’ll have to contact the company for more information if this is something you are interested in.

Vehicle Protection Products Available

Ally Auto provides a variety of vehicle protection products, including maintenance contracts, theft protection, and tire and wheel coverage.

The Bad

  • Acceptable credit ranges not defined
  • Rates and terms not disclosed

Loan Amounts Not Defined

Unfortunately, the Ally Auto website does not mention minimum or maximum loan amounts, so it’s unclear how much you can borrow for an auto loan.

Rates and Terms Not Disclosed

Ally Auto has not disclosed interest rates or terms on its corporate website, leaving potential customers unsure of what to expect. Although these factors typically vary from case to case, it would be nice if the company provided a general range to give individuals an idea of whether or not the company will fit their needs.

The Bottom Line

Ally Auto offers a number of auto loan options, including its Buyer’s Choice program, its Ally Balloon Advantage program, its retail finance programs, and its SmartLease program. Each of these programs provide unique features that benefit different individuals and their needs. However, Ally Auto has not disclosed loan amounts, interest rates, or terms on its corporate website, leaving potential customers to wonder whether or not Ally Auto is the right car loan company for them.

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