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    How to Co-Sign a Car Loan Without Ruining a Relationship
    For people with unscorable or subprime credit, it can be hard to get a car loan. One of the most common ways that Americans solve this problem is by getting a friend or family member to act as a co-signer on a car loan. Befor...
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    12 Tips for Rocking Your Car Loan Down Payment: Experts Tell All
    You have a lot to think about when looking for a new car, whether it's new or just new to you. On top of that, there are many strategies and opinions about how to take advantage of a down payment when shopping for a car. Whil...
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    What Everybody Ought to Know About GAP Coverage
    "GAP stands for Guaranteed Asset Protection," says Sonia Steinway, CEO of Outside Financial. "It covers the difference between the value of your car and what you owe on your loan if your car is totaled or stolen. That 'gap' c...
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    Car Loans: What Is the Difference Between Pre-Qualification and Pre-Approval?
    From time to time, you may see offers to get pre-qualified or pre-approved to buy a car, especially when you are actively researching cars to buy or loan providers. What do these words actually mean? Are they a guarantee that...
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    GAP Insurance vs. GAP Waiver: What’s the Difference?
    When it comes to GAP insurance, and a GAP waiver, many Americans are confused about the difference between these two products. Which one do they need, if they need one at all, and what is best for their purchase? Let’s ...
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    A Millennial’s Guide to Buying a Car without Messing Up Your Credit
    Many millennials find themselves without much credit to their name, even after graduating from college. Recently, the number of consumers younger than 25 with established credit has decreased. The 2017 report CFPB Data Point...
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