Yahoo! Autos leads the industry as the top automotive website on the Internet. The company reaches over 13 million visitors each month. Yahoo! Autos has an audience that is mostly male with a median annual income over $70,000. Yahoo! Autos allows consumers to search for new and used vehicles in over 100 different categories. The intuitive interface of their website allows visitors to access the information they need at a quick glance.


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The Good

  • 360 degree vehicle tour
  • Rating system
  • Purchase calendar

Yahoo! Autos features 360 degree luxury vehicle tours that allow consumers to see vehicles inside and out. Thousands of reviews and educational articles are available on almost every make and model vehicle available. You can find out the best economy vehicles listed weekly and how much the factory invoices and manufacturer’s suggested retail prices are for the vehicles you are interested in.

For those who are interested in environmentally friendly cars, the company’s website details fuel economy and 5 year cost-to-own data. Yahoo! Autos partnered with the nonprofit organization Environmental Defense to develop a Green Rating System for energy efficient vehicles. This rating system factors in four main environmental costs of operating an automobile. These four costs include pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, fuel efficiency, and smog emissions that contribute to breathing disorders and disease. also provides a calendar that displays the best times monthly to purchase a new vehicle. Compare quotes from four dealers in your local area and get an estimate on the trade-in value of your current vehicle. Get warranty information and updates on certified preowned programs from manufacturers as well. You can read’s safety reviews on new and used vehicles for your family and make sure they are safe while you are traveling in your new purchase.

Yahoo! Autos rates new and used automobiles by certain qualities. The automotive website rates the mechanical and design features of a particular car by the vehicle’s powertrain, interior and exterior body, and the number of accessories and feature. It also considers the over appeal of a new or used vehicle by its performance level, comfort, and style. The company then compiles that data into top 10 lists for their visitors on a weekly basis.

The Bad

  • Scam listings
  • Protect personal information

While Yahoo! Autos tries to filter its ads to prove high quality advertisements, scam listings have been posted on the website in the past. Always be careful when looking for new and used vehicle when searching for vehicles online. Proceed with caution and be extra vigilant about protecting your personal privacy information. Investigate all vehicle offers you receive in your email thoroughly before making any financial transactions. Victims of scam artists have been locked out of their own personal email accounts as well after been compromised.

The Bottom Line can be an excellent resource for finding a new or used vehicle in your local area. Unique features on an interactive interface guides you every step of the way. Comprehensive research tools, articles, and current market pricing provided by will aid you on your quest for the best vehicle to meet your needs and pocketbook.

Company Name: Yahoo! Inc.


Time in Business:  Business started: 03/01/1995 Yahoo! Inc. has been in business for 21 years.


Online Features (10pt):

  1. Shop new and used cars
  2. All makes and models
  3. Price
  4. Mileage
  5. Year
  6. Distance
  7. Keywords
  8. Drivetrain
  9. Transmission
  10. Fuel Economy
  11. Body type: Sedans, SUVs, Coupes, Convertibles, Wagons, Trucks, minivans, hybrids, hatchbacks, crossovers, luxury


  1. Car Loan and financing articles.
  2. Auto news, videos and reviews
  3. Tips and advice
  4. Insurance information
  5. Car buying guides


Used Car Liquidation:

Mobile Ability: is a mobile-friendly site as tested on Google Developers’ Mobile Friendly Test:

Nationwide: yes

Car Loan Education: Car Loan articles


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Additional Information:

Yahoo! Autos leads the industry as the top automotive website on the Internet. The company reaches over 13 million visitors each month. Yahoo Autos attracts highly desirable audiences predominantly males 25-54 yrs, with a median income of $72,500, and stay active on the site throughout the purchase cycle and featuring the latest, most relevant automotive news, tools and information across screens. For an overview of advertising options, please visit our ad solutions page. For a complete list of creative specifications for Yahoo properties, consult our ad specs.

Car research, , auto news, videos and reviews, most popular cars, latest car models, car buying guides, auto shows, tips and advice, insurance information,

Sedans, SUVs, Coupes, Convertibles, Wagons, Trucks, minivans, hybrids, hatchbacks, crossovers, luxury

The most useful feature of Yahoo Autos is their Car Finder tool, an impressive search engine that lets car buyers narrow down their selection of the new automobiles by selecting your personal preferences on over 100 different categories, ranging from cargo room volume and towing capacity to safety and security.

Consumers who are interested in researching luxury vehicles can easily access 360 degree tours of the hottest vehicles on the market and read reviews of the high end luxury options that are available to them.

Yahoo Autos now includes an entire section devoted to environmentally friendly automotive technology. Yahoo Autos lets car buyers check out all of the top energy efficient vehicles based on their Green Rating system. This rating system was conceived by a partnership between Yahoo Autos and the nonprofit organization Environmental Defense, and it takes into account four major environmental costs of operating a motor vehicle. These factors include fuel efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, pollution created during the vehicle’s manufacturer and smog-related emissions that contribute to asthma and lung disease. By consulting the Green Center at Yahoo Autos, consumers can make informed choices on environmentally friendly vehicles that take into consideration a vehicle’s total environmental impact from its initial manufacturing down to the pollution that is created when the vehicle is scrapped at the end of its life.

Contact Info:

Phone Number: 866-562-7219

Address: 701 First Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1019

Toll Free #: (800) 318-0612

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