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Claim this Profile was founded in 1995 by self-professed “motorhead” and computer geek Philippe Daix, who wanted to bring the latest and greatest of the automotive world to auto fanatics like himself.

Today, 20 years later, the website gets 8 million page views per month with one company adage: every car launched out there must have a great story behind it that needs to be found and brought to you. With 500,000 pages and millions of high-resolution images, the magazine, and its website helps readers make informed automotive decisions with charismatic and trustworthy content.

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The Good

  • Research Site
  • In-Depth Reviews & News
  • Free Games
  • Variety of Vehicles Covded

Research Site

It doesn't take long to realize this website is not a car shopping site-it is solely dedicated to the car enthusiast. With a whopping 666 topic categories, Top Speed runs the gamut of topics, spanning everything from auctions and car gift ideas all the way to "strange cars".

In-Depth Reviews & News

For every car, Top Speed offers data in two segments: car news and car reviews. Let's start with the car reviews. These have a video of the car in action plus a listing of vehicle specifications that actually would benefit car buyers. (It just doesn't have a gateway to actually purchasing the vehicle or finding a local dealer like other sites do). Regardless, good information is all in one page-including specifications, updated history, spy shots, exterior dimensions, interior, drivetrain, prices, and competition. More specifically, specifications refer to:

  • Year
  • Model
  • Price
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Horsepower @ RPM
  • Torque @ RPM
  • Displacement
  • 0-60 time (How long it takes to go from zero to 60 mph on the speedometer)
  • Top Speed

Spy shot refer to images taken on the featured vehicle as it is being driven by its owner.

The Exterior refers to the external dimensions of a vehicle, such as:

  • Wheelbase
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Front Overhang
  • Rear overhang
  • Ground Clearance
  • Dry Curb Weight

The updated history section reports on any recent developments involving the car. For example, if there is a new production site the vehicle will be made in or a new upgrade of the current car model in the works.

The interior refers to the internal features of the vehicle, such as if it has a sun roof, spacing, comfort, rear visibility, A/C vents, headroom (how low the roof is), steering wheel and the like.

Drivetrain refers to what's under the car hood, i.e. the engine and transmission. Drivetrain specifications involve horsepower, engine cylinder count (i.e. 4 or 6 cylinder) Torque measurements (or turning power) and transmission speed.

Vehicle pricing deals with the selling price of the vehicle. If a price is still not solidified by the manufacturer, Top Speed does its homework on price predictions and market expectations-plus they reveal and compare prices in different currencies when necessary.

Top Speed does a comparison of vehicles in their competition section. The featured vehicle is compared with other cars with similar features to see how they stack up against each other based on specifications like engines, torque, horsepower, market price, and design, etc.

The significance of each of these features in their totality may not be appreciated by a regular car shopper just looking for a new vehicle to get to work, but it provides high-quality, detailed vehicle data for the car fanatic-or someone who really knows a lot about vehicles.

In the etcetera category, Top Speed keeps its readers abreast of international auto shows happening around the world.

Free Games

It also has quite a few interactive car games in the website's Gaming section. Playing is free on your computer or mobile device.

Variety of Vehicles Covered

One last honorable mention is that Top Speed doesn't just do all this for cars. It offers the same reviews, news, games and photos for trucks, motorcycles and boats.

The Bad

  • Ultra-Dense Content
  • No Android App
  • No Comparison Tool

Ultra-Dense Content

As mentioned above, it is apparent Top Speed really knows how to get down to the nuts and bolts (both literally and figuratively) when it comes to profiling a vehicle. This, however, may prove too dense for everyday car shoppers who are not tech savvy and don't have a clue what a torque is.

No Android App

The app has a good rating for the iPhone and iPad, but there exists a big question mark regarding the Android app -because there is no Android version. Not sure why this is, but it seems to make more sense if you're going to make an app, make one for everybody. Not everyone owns (or cares to own) an Apple device.

No Comparison Tool

One more note: if car shoppers want to compare cars, they will have to rely on Top Speed's editorial picks and comparisons. The site does not provide a comparison tool where visitors can plug in and compare any cars they want.

The Bottom Line

Top Speed is great for people who love cars, trucks and the like. The site's name alludes to its focus, which is mainly on car performance. Car buyers would do well using it for window-shopping, as it is kind of like a "baseball card for cars."

They can utilize it as a solid resource in conjunction with other sites like or Kelly Blue Book to buy or sell a vehicle.

As for car hobbyists or enthusiasts: enjoy.

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