The National Automotive Dealers Association issues consumer pricing reports similar to Kelley Blue Book on new, used, and certified preowned vehicles. The company provides educational automotive research, and extensive business training and advocacy to dealerships nationwide. The company began in 1917 in McLean, Virginia. Around 90 percent of new car dealerships located in the United States are members of this automotive association. The organization lobbies for dealers politically and desires to educate consumers on fair pricing.


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The Good

  • Great resources and tools
  • Compare many cars at once
  • Full disclosure

The company’s website provides ample resources and tools to prepare consumers for their next vehicle purchase. Plus, the website features resources from partners to help consumers get free dealer and insurance quotes, check a vehicle’s history, sell their current car and find current loan rate information. Shoppers can also calculate monthly payments and find out how much they can afford for an automobile. These resources have been made available thanks to partnerships The National Automotive Dealers Association has with other automotive companies.

One interesting and unique feature on the automotive website is the pervasive ability to compare up to 4 new and used cars at one time. This side-by-side comparison feature breaks down the difference of the various cars selected in a number of different extensive categories. You will discover the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, factory invoice cost, used trade-in estimate, and used retail pricing for all 4 selected vehicles. It will also compare the fuel economy in miles per gallon, performance/mechanical specs on the vehicles, safety features for your family, and any warranties that may be offered. The NADA comparison tool also reveals the cost of ownership over 5 years and shows interior and exterior pictures of all the vehicles when available.

The Bad

  • Pricing guides are different
  • Not an accurate gauge

The NADA pricing guides can be trusted and reliable. However, they operate differently than those you may find on Kelley Blue Book,, and other similar websites. The guides issued by The National Automotive Dealers Association use dealer sales prices which are not exactly helpful if you are buying or selling a car through a private party. Dealers sell cars at much higher prices and offer rebates and incentives. This generally does not apply to most used car sales.

Another factor to consider is that the NADA pricing guides analyze vehicles in excellent and clean conditions. Since most cars are not in this great of condition in the used car market, the NADA guides cannot be considered an accurate gauge in pricing vehicles that do not fit NADA’s criteria. Keep these tips in mind when using the NADA guides while comparing different vehicles.

The Bottom Line

The consumer pricing guides provided by The National Automotive Dealers Association can be considered honest and dependable when it comes to dealer pricing on new, used, and certified preowned vehicles. The company has been around for 98 years with no complaints. When you want detailed information on your next vehicle and want to compare it to other cars, we recommend these guides to assist you in your quest.

Company Name: National Automotive Dealers Association


Time in Business: has been in business 98 years. Business started: 01/01/1917 in CA.

Online Features (10pt):

  1. Check New and Used Car Prices: Make, Body Style, Certified Preowned
  2. Get the best incentive and rebate deals in your city.
  3. Compare up to 4 new and used cars side by side.
  4. Car Research Tools: Find the right car for you or select a car type/body style.
  5. Calculate monthly payments.
  6. Cost of ownership over 5 years
  7. Interior and Exterior Pictures
  8. Safety Features
  9. Performance/Mechanical Specs
  10. Fuel Economy

Resources (5pt):

  1. Check vehicle history.
  2. Free insurance quote through Geico.
  3. Free new car quotes from local dealers.
  4. Sell your car with Autotrader.
  5. Check current loan rates.

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Nationwide: yes

Car Loan Education:

Additional Information:

For decades, NADAguides has been relied on for publishing the most market reflective vehicle pricing and information. NADAguides began with the very well known orange and blue printed guidebooks which are to this day relied on by hundreds of thousands of individuals each year. Today, NADAguides has become a leader in vehicle data publishing and the technology that delivers it including digital web applications, mobile applications, raw data formats, web services as well as web-syndicated products. NADAguides is the largest publisher of vehicle pricing and information for new and used cars, classic cars, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, RVs and manufactured homes.

The company has built the largest database of vehicle transactions and gained the most far-reaching marketplace knowledge. This legacy of information and expertise forms the foundation on which we publish vehicle pricing and information. NADAguides offers a broad range of data, products and services, informational articles, tips and advice and video buying guides that help make the vehicle purchasing process easier for consumers.

This Web Site,, is owned and operated by National Appraisal Guides, Inc., an alliance partner of NADA Services Corporation. Our customers know that NADAguides is the authoritative, complete source for all the information they need to make buying, selling and business decisions about vehicle transactions.

NADAguides is the premiere consumer resource for vehicle information and valuation available online via and makes the printed NADA Official Guides available to the general public.

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) represents more than 19,700 new car and truck dealers, both domestic and international, with more than 37,500 separate franchises. It provides counsel on legal and regulatory matters, represents dealers on Capitol Hill, develops research data about the automobile industry, and operates training and service programs to improve dealership business operations, sales and service practices. NADA is located in McLean, Va. and its website is

Contact Info:

Phone Number: (800) 966-6232

Address: PO Box 7800, Costa Mesa, CA 92628

Toll Free #: Phone: (800) 966-6232

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