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LAST UPDATED: March 8th, 2022

Founded in 2016, CarSaver is an online marketplace that wants to revolutionize the way that the world buys cars. Users can shop for new or used cars and compare prices online. They can also get financing offers and insurance quotes. Users can shop and sort through local cars and use filters by price or monthly payment

Customers can shop for new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles in three easy steps: Pick It, Price It, and Drive It. You can do several things through the CarSaver website to help with the car buying process:

  • Apply for financing
  • Schedule a test drive
  • Browse local vehicles at regular and certified dealers
  • Build a dream car from specifications
  • Shop by body style, make and model, price range, or monthly payment
  • Apply for insurance through Liberty Mutual
  • Receive added benefits like a discount for switching to Liberty, multi-vehicle discounts, a full-year rate guarantee, and
  • 24-hour claim support
  • Check out rebates and incentives easily listed for each vehicle, including differences and expiration dates considering different financing and lease terms as well as cash options
  • See a 360-degree view of each car
  • Save models to your favorites
  • View lots of pictures
  • See vehicle research and stats
  • Compare the MSRP, and market average prices
  • View your member dashboard in My Garage to see your upcoming test drive/dealership appointments and saved offers

Retail giant Walmart is teaming up with CarSaver to sell cars. The partnership includes providing shopping locations inside Walmart Supercenters. The program, called CarSaver at Walmart, started as a test in 2017 and expanded to 250 stores in 2018.

What is a CarSaver Certified Dealer?

A CarSaver Certified Dealership must adhere to the following qualifications:

  • Follow Walmart’s low price standards
  • Earn high customer satisfaction scores
  • Have certified express managers for fast CarSaver service
  • Provide a pressure-free experience
  • Do the service mentioned in the lifetime warranty
  • Fulfill free trade-in appraisals

Today’s Top Deals on the website breaks deals down local savings by biggest savings, lowest price, and lowest payment.

An exclusive offer from Hyundai gives a free gift card for doing a test drive and another for purchasing.

Keep reading for pros and cons, plus CarSaver reviews from users.

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The Good

  • Upfront Pricing
  • Worry-Free Warranty
  • AutoAdvisor
  • Express Manager

Upfront Pricing

If you hate the loose price structure that normally comes with buying a car, you will like the no-haggle, transparent pricing available with CarSaver. You can even shop sales prices by monthly payment, lease, or cash prices.

Worry-Free Warranty

When you get a qualified car from a CarSaver Certified Dealer, it comes with a lifetime warranty, with unlimited time and miles, at no cost to you. This covers the engine, transmission, and drive train, for as long as you own the vehicle. There is no deductible. Labor is covered at 100 percent.

To be eligible for the CarSaver Lifetime Warranty, there are a few qualifications:

  • Be a CarSaver Member
  • Schedule an appointment through a CarSaver Program Manager
  • Buy your car through a CarSaver certified dealer
  • Activate the warranty

Please note that it doesn’t include roadside assistance or a replacement rental vehicle, unless you upgrade to a CarSaver Protection Plus+ agreement and the liability limit is the NADA average retail value when you do the claim.

You can even use your purchased car as a ridesharing driver without voiding the warranty.

Car buyers can download a mobile app that goes along with the powertrain warranty.


Shoppers can call or request a callback from an auto advisor through the CarSaver website if they have any questions while shopping for a car. This is a great customer service resource for people with questions about the car buying process, trade-in values, insurance quotes, leasing, and financing. You can get some help with car buying questions before even visiting local dealers.

Express Manager

Once car shoppers select a vehicle they are interested in buying, they are connected with the dealership’s express sales manager at the local dealership. This is a specialized salesperson who can even help with financing pre-approval and trade-in appraisal in advance. Shoppers can get in and out of the dealership quickly.


The Bad

  • Not Available in Illinois
  • Professional Maintenance
  • Two Types of Listings

Not Available in Illinois

The CarSaver lifetime warranty is not available to consumers in the state of Illinois. Additionally, some vehicle models may be excluded per dealer.

Professional Maintenance

To stay within the terms of the lifetime powertrain warranty, you can’t do your own repairs or oil changes to save money. It voids the warranty.

Two Types of Listings

On the CarSaver site, users should know that there are both Standard Listings and Recommended Listings.
Standard Listings — not offering the special warranties because they aren’t from certified dealers.
Recommended Listings — from certified dealers, meaning they come with a lifetime warranty

It is pretty clear when browsing through the company’s website which cars will come with the warranty and which are just dealer listings. Be sure that you understand which you are looking at.


The Bottom Line

Walmart, the largest retailer in the nation is taking on car sales with a partnership with this car buying program and its innovative services. The retailer is lending its brand’s credibility to this car buying service. CarSaver addresses customer experience pain points including unclear pricing and time spent in a dealership, as well as uncertainty about the condition of a used car.

It's basically a car finder website, but when you choose a listing from CarSaver certified dealers, you get some sweet benefits both during the buying process and after.

Have you noticed a CarSaver pop-up in your local Walmart shopping centers next to the hair and nail salons? Have you used this purchase program to buy a car at a local dealer? Let us know about your experience with a quick review.

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Lukasz Wiszniewski New York, NY

this car insurance for life is a joke. bought bmw after 5k miles engine to be replaced. Engine repair price $ 13.5k.diler carsaver where I bought a car washes hands from help. carsaver representatives, after telephone conversations, push you in the direction that you can take the car wherever you want. only with no carsaver the dealer does not want to accept the car for repair. on the carsaver website it says that the owner of the car does not have any costs. this is not true. the caraver sends its inspectors to check the fault and to calculate the hourly time to defect removal. that is, if the mechanic wants 20h, the carsaver can give, for example, only 10h in the rest of the hours you have to cover yourself In short, my out of pocket cost is $ 13.5k $$$

3 months ago

star star star star star

Canutillo High El Paso, TX

I've spoken to at least 5 different CarSaver personnel... with all sorts of doubts and questions that I have. They have helped me along the process. I should be getting car next week. A CarSaver Lady, named Sara, REALLY helped... she even called the dealer because they were giving me conflicting information. I'm looking forward to the lifetime warranty for my Passat. Too good to be true??? That's what I think... but it's looking really good right now.

9 months ago

star star star star star

hugh d washburn Pineville, LA

1) Very poor. Non existent customer service. Purchased new car through Carsaver/Walmart. Traveled 4 hrs to dealership and this company denies warranty. I'm ignored by Walmart,too. 2) Since my last review, Carsaver management has responded and accepted my vehicle into their warranty program. My gratitude to the CEOs' prompt action concerning this matter. It displayed a strong commitment to Carsaver. However, from my perspective, it demonstrated a higher level of integrity and ethos. Good qualities for future success.

2 years ago

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Slava Miliuk Brooklyn, NY

It's a scam. I had this warranty for over a year now. Spent around $21K to bring back my vehicle to "like new" condition. 2012 GL550 90K Mi While driving it on Saturday, around 5pm, noticed a strong gas smell. Stoped at a closest mechanic shop for diagnosis. Gas leaking all over. It was unsafe to drive the vehicle. They figured it was a fuel pump and pressure relive switch. Had to leave it over the weekend for repair. $1400 total. Contacted Administrator next business day to get reimbursed and they refuse to even look at my claim saying I needed to obtain authorization prior any repairs can be made. But they were closed. What Am I supposed to do??? Lesson learned. Never pay for any "third party" warranty unless it's from manufacture directly.

9 months ago

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Ryan Cooper Joplin, MO

Not worth it. I an supposed to use it at the dealership I bought the vehicle at but I can’t get my vehicle into dealership so I took to a different shop to repair but denied because I did not get preapproval for repair, how can I get pre-approval when the “certified” car saver dealer is not available to even diagnose vehicle.

10 months ago

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Winslow Macdonald Marathon, FL

registered on there website 3 weeks ago haven't heard from anyone. B>ought my car at 1 of there approved dealers haven't hear a word

11 months ago