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LAST UPDATED: November 29th, 2021

Bring A Trailer Auctions, or, is an online shopping site where users can buy and sell classic, unique, and vintage cars and motorcycles. The original website started in 2007 with fixed-prices and moved to a bidding-style system in 2014.

Enthusiasts can sign up to get daily email updates about current auctions.

So, how does Bring A Trailer work?

First, owners can submit their car on and the most interesting and unique vehicles are selected for auction within two business days.

Next, the company works with sellers to put together an informative listing. Sellers pay $99-$349 to list their ride. The submission and preparation process can take a couple weeks to get ready. The fee stands whether or not your car sells, and there is no additional fee when it does sell.

Finally, once it is live, the auction listing lasts seven days. When it is over, the purchase transaction is between buyer and seller. Bring A Trailer doesn’t facilitate. Additionally, there is a 5 percent buyers fee, charged to the winning bidder via credit card ($250 minimum and $5,000 max).

Buyers and sellers from all over the world are welcomed to sell vintage cars online through this site, or browse and bid on cars for sale. 

Keep reading our Bring A Trailer review for pros and cons of working with this car auction site.

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The Good

  • Classy Listings
  • Reserve Prices
  • Photography Help
  • White Glove Service

Classy Listings

BAT Auctions specializes in classic, unique, and vintage cars. Anyone can submit a car for auction; however, not everyone will be able to list a car. The site serves to weed out lesser-quality cars to make sure that only the best, most interesting cars are put up for sale.

This helps potential buyers know that they are only seeing the cream of the crop, rather than searching through thousands of classified ads or sites like ebaymotors looking for rare, quality vintage cars.

Listings, written by Bring A Trailer staff, include tons of details about each car, including the current bid and the number of days and hours left in the auction. 

Most include standard info about the car’s transmission, interior, exterior, engine, CarFax report info, mileage, and whether the owners manual is included, but some share extra information like: 

  • History of the car
  • Restoration and maintenance details
  • Original owner info
  • Previous owner info
  • Current owner info
  • Details about the model and the history of it
  • Tons of pictures, some videos of the car in action

In addition to car listings, BAT also offers the option to list parts for sale, like seats, engines, memorabilia, wheels, and more. 

Premium Listings features high-value vehicles with listings that last up to 21 days. These 6-figure and 7-figure car auctions will still be held to the $5,000 max for anyone that ends up buying a car of this caliber. 

Reserve Prices

Although this is an online auction site, owners can still set a reserve price, or the lowest possible sale price that they are willing to sell the car for.

Why does this matter?

It helps sellers rest assured that they are getting the car sold, at the very least, a certain amount of money, while still putting the car out there for the highest bidder.

Photography Help

If you are selling your car and need help taking pictures for your listing, the site offers a professional photography referral. Photographers can even request to be added to the network.

Additionally, with the Plus package, for $349, you can include professional photography in addition to the professionally written listing, which is already available in the Classic plan for $99.

White Glove Service

The is also a White Glove service feature available for “significant cars and collections.” This is a concierge-type service where BAT will tailor the service to sellers’ needs. 


The Bad

  • Just the Auction
  • Selective Selling Process
  • Auction Only Pricing

Just the Auction only facilitates the listing and auction. When you sell your car on Bring A Trailer, the site doesn’t facilitate the payment. The sale and any exchange of money are directly between the owner and the buyer. This is one place where we see Bring A Trailer has room for improvement in offering premium services.

It would be nice if they would also act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers for the financial transactions like TRED or help with shipping, the way that Carvana does.

It would be great if the company sponsored a pre-purchase inspection as a part of their service. This is left to the owner and prospective buyer to figure out.

We would also appreciate if the Bring A Trailer auction site could help facilitate shipping, if the current owner and new buyer live a long distance apart. 

Selective Selling Process

Not all cars that are submitted for auction are selected for auction. While this can be disappointing for some would-be sellers wishing to sell their collector car, it is probably a good way to keep the site’s inventory to a higher quality standard, rather than it becoming like ebaymotors.

Auction Only Pricing

While eBay uses a Buy it Now option, all listings on Bring A Trailer are auctions. There are no Buy it Now pricing options.

If you want to sell classic cars while avoiding auction-type selling and the rigid selection for Bring a Trailer Auctions, consider listing your car on Classic Cars or Hemmings Motor News. Both of these sites are specifically for buying and selling classic, vintage, and niche cars, while Hemmings also lists classic car parts. 


The Bottom Line

Bring A Trailer is a car auction site where users can sell or buy a vehicle — but not just any vehicle. The site screens prospective sellers and only accepts the best vintage and classic cars for live auction. 

This site is a great option for car enthusiasts and collectors, who benefit from ongoing access to quality cars rather than having to sort through sites like eBayMotors or other non-niche used car finder sites.

At this time, we don’t have enough customer data to recommend this company for buying or selling a car. Have you sold or purchased a car with Let us know in the review section below.

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Gregory Clarke St Louis, MO

Just recently retired from selling high-end luxury cars and special interest cars after 25 years. After reading all the reviews on this site I came to one conclusion. One which I understood very early in my career. BaT is a business, but it’s NOT for everyone. They help sell wants, not needs. They do a great job to service these needs. Automobiles are only worth what someone is free willing to pay. Sometimes it’s a want that they have had and carried around for 50 years. This site Rocks and serves a good purpose. I have a modest collection of special cars that took years to gather. But I’m still looking for one that got away. Hopefully I’ll find it on B-a-T. Greg C. E.Shore VA

1 week ago

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Rand Wintermute Newport, OR

As a first time Selling client of BAT, I was very amazed at how effective their protocol is in selling a vehicle ; strict, precise, descriptive in their requirements methodology, but “wow” BAT attracts the buyers like NO other platform today ! The various ensuing comments brought by buyers and former Owners of the cars for sale, enlightens the buying experience and affords a particular buyer an amount of knowledge to weigh his/her decision to buy or not to buy. A marvelous fun experience for the Seller , Too, in watching the last few minutes of the bidding as the bidding prices go up . I sold my car quickly and at a good price . Thank you , BAT !! Rand ( Normandie, France)

3 months ago

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Anthony Trumbull, CT

Bring a trailer will NOT publish any comment about any auction that is not a "Positive" comment. Say one thing that is very true about any car or about comments from people not qualified to bid and it will not get printed. If you have educated knowledge that a certain car/year has problems and try to publish in comments, it does NOT get published. They pick and chose what comments they want to publish. Not fair to buyers at all. Buyers do not see the actual car and they will not be able to hear from knowledgeable sources, possible inherent problems about that car.

1 month ago

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Don Yandell Houston, TX

They compile the pictures you send in and draft a sale ad listing the good and bad of the car up for sale (auction). They also include a brief history of that particular make and model. The "bad" is its up to seller and buyer to finalize the transaction. BaT give some pointers but that is about it.

4 months ago

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Andrew Schneider Fayetteville, NC

BAT 100% is a way for greedy rich car dealers to milk 20% higher prices then they would ever get from a normal market. I being just a normal guy tried to list a car they said it was too new. Since I got declined they have listed about 15 of the exact same car now that dealers want to flip them. It's all a game of the greater fool, I can't believe people actually pay these prices.

2 months ago

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Mike Buxbaum Brooklyn, NY

The company runs public forum for customers who can ask seller a specific question regarding the vehicle details. These Q/A then posted to the listing. It is my strong believe this forum is trolled by the companies's staff posing as a customers interesting to bid. The congratulatory tone of these post (you are making the right choice bro!) encouraging bidders to bid on sometimes grossly overpriced vehicles. My suspicion is supported by the fact that any posts expressing doubts are quickly removed and mark as having being irrelevant.

3 months ago

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Captian Wilmington, NC

I have now bought and tried to sell on Bring a Trailer multiple times, and I would recommend that if you are think of buying or selling to steer clear of this site. As others have mentioned BaT seems to give major preferential treatment to the dealer “power sellers” on the site. BaT also deletes posts that they do not like, and ignore questions from users. STAY AWAY!

3 months ago

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Rol Bris North Attleboro, MA

I tried to list my vehicle with them and the process took over a month so I did not ultimately list and put on Autotrader and sold in one day. I was told that they have 4 bidders working in the background to jack up bidding prices but not sure if this is really true but based on some of the ridiculous prices I have seen people pay it makes me wonder. Anyway the process takes ridiculously long and they take 4-5 days to reply to e-mails and there is no one you can call and speak to and they won't provide a timeline on the process which for me is not very professional. I was told they receive a lot of e-mails and pride themselves on the quality of their listings which to me is an excuse where if you have that many e-mails then hire more staff. The only good thing I can say is that I ultimately requested a refund which was promptly processed and I got my money back for the listing.

4 months ago

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Phil Mein Kitchener, ON

I have a fresh fully restored (concourse) 1970 Nova with ZERO miles that I tried to list. My reserve was basically at a break even point. Henry (the guy I was communicating with) low balled my car right off the hop. Stated that it was worth $52,500. I was professional in my response and explained why it was worth more. No response from Henry after that. Radio silence. I actually had a high opinion of the site prior to this…not now. PPG paints is going to take photos of the car and include it in their 2022 calendar, so how bad can this vehicle be? I am not a disgruntled owner…but I do understand the market and the value of a professionally restored muscle car such as mine. My advice, stay away if you want value for your car.

4 months ago

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Maranelloguy Fort Lauderdale, FL

I purchased a car through this website. The after purchase support is non-existent. You are given the seller's phone number and email address and have to blindly wire monies, in my case over $130,000, to a complete stranger and hope you will get what was advertised. Fortunately, I believe the car I purchased was from a legitimate seller and came as described (I still sorting out my due diligence and PPI after the fact, there's really very limited options before to do this), however the moderators at BAT seem less than honest based on a recent experience. There was a 2nd car I was watching and when I asked a valid question close to the end of an auction on a vehicle I was highly interested in, a question that was never answered by the seller, I was told in the forum that the question shouldn't be asked so close to the end of an auction? Really? I'm about to bid over $200,000 for a vehicle and can't find out if an option on the car was a factory option or an aftermarket one when the seller didn't answer this question despite being asked 2 days before? And we are talking about the transmission, not rims or another minor cosmetic item. Now after asking the question, another poster asked the same question and pointed out that the seller also never answered it. His post was immediately flagged as inappropriate and deleted by BAT! I saw this happen in real time and was on the phone with him. He's in the business and was helping me consult and evaluate the vehicles. Wow, right? We both now have reason to believe that information was being suppressed by BAT based on data from the service records and also examination of the physical components in the pictures. Here's the best part. My ability to comment has now been shut off completely and I can't place a comment on any vehicle to ask any questions. This is after purchasing a vehicle over $130,000 on their site. I wouldn't even consider buying anything off this website again. It's a crap shoot, roll of the dice and clearly, there are people at BAT who are pumping the vehicles pricing up without allowing a free flow of legitimate questions from being asked. If you purchased a vehicle through BAT that wasn't as described, I would seriously consider getting an attorney and suing them. Clearly they are withholding information or pushing false info and silencing buyers if they don't like the legitimate questions you ask.

4 months ago

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Gupta McLean Toronto, ON

Just a heads-up to those considering listing their ride on BaT. While they (BaT) claim to be selective, my experience would suggest they fall into the category of highly sketchy vs selective. However, if you're listing a Porsche you may have a better experience.

3 months ago

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Robert Grottke Rockford, IL

Purchased many cars from BAT. The last one I bid on and one the seller was shady. Wanting me to send money out of country and other weird things. BAT did not want to provide my huge fee back saying I did not buy the car. I complained and because I had purchased many cars they told me we don't normally refund money but we will this time. Well they lost allot of money from me because I will not buy another car or sell with them.

4 months ago

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Joel Hauenstein Bellflower, CA

Brutal, just be ready for some trollers that don't even bid on the car to make comments. I get the form, but the time and effort is not worth it. And if you say anything not supporting or nice, then you're made out as unaccommodating or difficult. I had one person discount the car of because of where I lived. Get some thick skin if you go this route to sell.

5 months ago

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Henry Lewis Ball Ground, GA

I watched an Audi R8 bring way more than the market value the week before. I had a Shelby GT500 2014 with about 1000 miles on it, in showroom condition. After two weeks of messaging back and forth with Robert, they proclaimed that we were too far away on what I would accept as a reserve. They suggested 53k$$, I had declined 60k the week prior....A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME UPLOADING PHTOS TO SPECIFICALLY FIT THEIR CRITERIA ONLY TO HAVE THEM LOWBALL MY CAR! I am not a disgruntled, crazy private owner, but a used car director for a franchised store in Georgia that has 20 years of experience in the industry.

6 months ago

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BatRat Garland, TX

I concur with all of these critical comments - especially the one about censoring the comments that you put on their website. Lately (as of late 2020), they appear to have a new writer (or multiple writers). The writer(s) use(s) comments like "is said to have" and "reportedly" (and similar) - example - "the car is said to have been painted blue". HELLO - look at the pictures, it IS blue! The way the writer(s) construct their sentences makes it seem like the seller is lying. It's irritating to read most of the car descriptions. I happen to point this out, very mildly, commenting on a car. BaT censored and blocked my post!! Gave me some BS answer reason, and didn't reply when I told them why I criticized their writing staff. Their writers clearly need to go back to school! For that reason, and reading others real life experiences, I would look elsewhere before committing to BaT

7 months ago

star star star star star

Greg Surprise, AZ

I have emailed BAT and have found them very professional. It seems to me that people writing negative reviews of BAT must be playing with exaggerations that sound untruthful. I do hope sellers and buyers that use BAT will provide an honest review.

2 years ago

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Kooroush Lake Oswego, OR

I wanted to list my 1973 Mercedes 450SL, one of few collectible cars I have with BAT for sale. After full day of work to take lot of pictures of the car, and by end of the night over an hour on their website to upload all the pictures and fill an application and answer all the questions honestly accurately and finally submit them all. After three days I got an email without any said reason they just refused to list my car. Called the contact number on their website and sending few emails asked the reason for refusal I was totally ignored by BAT. At least BAT should have the courtesy of replaying to the customer whom ho has worked free all day for them to be able to keep their website, BAT and business running. This is not the way they should do business.

1 year ago

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Maurice Clermont, FL

I wholly recommend against using Bring a Trailer. My experience is that they discriminate against individuals like myself who are not classic car dealers. The evidence is clear, they rejected my submission yet I have seen two similar submissions of cars in evident worse condition but that did get listed on their site. Unbelievable, they selected Porsches with aftermarket body kits and some with ripped car seats, stone chipped damaged windshields, cracked fog lenses, engine leaks over mine which does not have of those serious issues. How can they claim they offer the best classic cars on their site? They are simply low life used car sales men! There are also dealers there that use their network to have others place bids for them on the final day of auction to artificially raise the price of their cars to just at the reserve price to then have the unsuspecting buyer pay the premium on the vehicle being sold that the dealer was seeking. FBI should look into it!

2 years ago

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norman paul Eugene, OR

first i had never before heard of BaT until they took it upon themselves to steal my ad from another site and claim that it was a grey market vehicle that would be difficult to register or caught being driven and have the authorities crush it. ALL which was untrue! Again it was BaT that took my listing without my permission and completely downgraded my vehicle. consequently losing the sell because one of the potential informed me of my ad that was on BaT. I complained to BaT without a response from the "company" I don't feel that those folks are car people, just opportunists talk the talk but not the walk.

2 years ago

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When I first tried to list my cherry Street Rod on I had the reserve price set at $35,000. I had previously listed the Street Rod on eBay for $37,500. When the auctioneer contacted me about two or three days later about my listing he wanted me to list my reserve price at $25,000. He claimed the vehicle would not bring the $35,000. We sent several emails back and forth and then he said they do not want to list my vehicle and to try back in the fall, which is not prime season to sell a Street Rod. I was shocked that they did not want to list my Street Rod. In my final email to him I agreed to come down to a reserve price of $32,000 and asked if we could not come to an agreement how can I appeal their decision. His response was they do not want to list my vehicle - period. He did not tell me how I can appeal their decision. I looked all over their website and there is no Customer Service number to contact. There is only one phone number and that was for their while glove service. I can’t understand why they would not want to list my vehicle since they get their money up front to post your ad. The only reason that I could come up with is the so called auctioneer must get paid by the number of vehicles he sells out of the number cars he lists. A low-ball reserve price would benefit him in his sales record. Furthermore, if a vehicle does sell it would bring their overall statistics down for advertising purposes. This company only wants to advertise vehicles they are sure to sell. The company is certainly not customer service friendly. In my opinion appears operates out of shoebox. I went to and the website was super friendly to load all the information to list my Street Rod. My listing was even approved for submission on a weekend. They also have a customer service number – have not had to use it.

2 years ago

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woody77black Atkinson, NH

they censor your comments unless you only talk up the auction as to raise the price of their auctions so they make a higher commission. website is run like a communist government I would only buy a car here if you want to spend the most possible for a car and have no say in what you can comment on about a particular auction

9 months ago

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Lloyd Advance, NC

Not sure what their process is for selecting the vehicles they accept but I wanted to list my 2016 Acura RLX and they refused; yet today I saw a 1988 Dodge Aries Station wagon! Now who in the world would want that piece of junk? Understanding the RLX is not the most popular vehicle, but that could have been a strong selling factor. There are some dedicated Acura fans that would have jumped at such an opportunity. And they gave no real explanation; just that they cannot list every vehicle. BS!!!

1 year ago

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I requested to post a vehicle that was auctioned many times on Bring a Trailer. I looked at previous posts and the other vehicles were nice but I felt that fine was comparable in many ways and even better in some ways. I took many pictures, submitted a video and a car fax. I also submitted a list of additions I made to the vehicle with receipts. My listing was turned down and I feel it was for uneducated reasons.

2 years ago

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Ken Peterson La Crosse, WI

BAT just had an auction that was listed as "No Reserve". In the end the seller bid and repurchased the car. That is completely unethical, buybacks are a way of jacking the price up on potential buyers. I was hoping to find a vehicle through BAT, not anymore.

1 year ago

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BTCPWR Reisterstown, MD

BAT has a crowd of talkies that ask you a million questions but the real buyers are silent ... real weird I sold one car there but never again I wonder what all those talkies gain by spending their time and commenting in something they won't buy my god this is really sad.

2 years ago