is an online car shopping website that aggregates the best used car listings available from multiple automobile shopping websites online for its audience to help them find an automobile that fits their unique needs and lifestyle. This used car search website posts online classifieds it finds on websites like, Craigslist, and more. Visitors can search for used automobiles available nationwide from both private owners and certified dealers. No login or signup information is required to use’s used vehicle search services. desires to make car shopping fun and enjoyable for its visitors. The listings posted on the website are the exact ones you will find elsewhere online. Their mission is to take the guesswork out of vehicle shopping and reduce the effort required to find a great used car. They take feedback seriously from their customers and use it to make the website more functional and useful to its visitors.


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The Good

  • Search from multiple sites at once
  • Purpose is to save shoppers time
  • Great features saves consumers time searching online for a used car by posting listings from multiple sites in one spot. You can save your searches for as long as you want and come back to them at a later time. Select from a number of vehicle options which include mileage and price ranges, body style, transmission type, and specific keywords. Reviews on the cars you are searching for automatically appear alongside the listing so you do not have to hunt this information down.

AutoTempest’s main purpose is to save car shoppers time. This simple premise makes for a website with an interesting twist: All that is required to enter the information on the car they’re looking for, and click “Perform Search”. AutoTempest will automatically search all the biggest sites out there for your car.

One likable feature is the AutoTempest’s Home page, where consumers can us the Search Tool to shop for cars. What’s unique is that, let’s say you’re searching for Toyota Camry’s in your area code. Once you plug the information in, the rest of the page synchronies with your selection. So the list/links to buyer’s guides below the search box intuitively transforms into Toyota Camry buyer’s guides. This cuts down on time with more information consolidated into one location.

And speaking of Buyer’s Guides, AutoTempest offers a full catalog of auto-related topics, such as:

  • 6 Things to Remember When Negotiating a Car Purchase
  • How to Sell Your Old Car and Get the Most for It
  • How to Find Car auctions, Save Big and Avoid Scams

These guides are created and provided free on the website to car shoppers to help them buy their ideal car with the right skills and information. also offers a free eBook to help you find the best new car prices.

Another likable feature is AutoTempest’s New Car Pricing Tool. This tool lets shoppers get multiple competing quotes from dealerships near them. Consumers just select their desired car make, model zip code and click the Get Best Prices button. It’s free, and they can see which dealers are offering the lowest price and any discounts or incentives. The form requires some personal information like first and last name, home address, phone number and email. But, the site reinforces the fact that there is no obligation to buy.

The Bad

  • Keywords do not work on searches
  • Not a direct broker
  • No mobile apps

One thing to keep in mind is that not all options are available on all sites. For example, does not support the use of keywords in searches. Therefore any keywords entered in will not have an effect on the results.

Something else to be aware of is the fact that AutoTempest only aggregates used car listings from other sites—it is not the direct broker as is the case with so many other auto consumer websites. This means that the sellers are not vetted and are not in any kind of partnership/affiliation with these third parties, so buyers have to be careful of online scams and do their due diligence in making sure the seller is legitimate. This also means if something goes wrong there is no course of action through AutoTempest.

Regarding apps, today’s tech-savvy consumer would appreciate being able to utilize AutoTempest’s features from their mobile devices; unfortunately, the site offers no apps for this.

We discovered is owned by Tempest Systems, Inc.

Software developer Nathan Stretch is the president of the company. With no credible resources to find the history and reputation of the company itself, it is hard to determine the reliability and trustworthiness of the company. The company has been around for 8 years.

Numerous popup advertisements clutter the website and distract from the car shopping experience. They often block the information you are trying to read and come up constantly. would be a better shopping experience if these advertisements were static on the side of the page.

The Bottom Line

We would not recommend for a consumers car buying needs. saves you time by posting listings from multiple websites all in one place. But like a few other companies it’s hard to determine the reliability of a company when you don’t know much about them. While has numerous car buying and research guides that can help you make more intelligent decisions regarding buying your next used vehicle. We recommend looking elsewhere for your consumer needs.

Company Name: Tempest Systems, Inc. (Nathan Stretch)


Time in Business: Business created in 2007. Been in Business 8 years.

Online Features:

  1. Any make/model,
  2. For sale by private owner and /or dealer
  3. Search by mileage and price range
  4. Free Quote on Shipping
  5. Search locally or nationwide
  6. Search full range of vehicle years.
  7. Search by transmission type.
  8. Search by specific keywords
  9. Narrow down which website listings you want.
  10. Fuel Economy Information



  1. New car prices tool: provides multiple quotes from dealerships
  2. Information on car shipping, auctions, vehicle history reports, extended warranties, insurance
  3. Numerous buying guides
  4. Car reviews
  5. Help and FAQ

Used Car Liquidation: no

Mobile Ability: is NOT a mobile-friendly site as tested on Google Developers’ Mobile Friendly Test:


Car Loan Education:

Fees: none

Additional Information:

AutoTempest is an aggregator of online classified advertisements specifically for cars, that searches craigslist, eBay Motors,,, Auto Trader (Canada), and others. Created in 2007, AutoTempest started out as Hank’s Helper, an off shoot of SearchTempest (Craig’s Helper at the time) as a way of providing a specialized experience for all the used car shoppers visiting SearchTempest. Eventually the name was changed to AutoTempest and received a major redesign in 2011 that has led to a steady increase in popularity.

AutoTempest has been featured on a number of well known sites, being touted as the best way to find used cars online. Car blogging giant Jalopnik named AutoTempest the best way to find used cars online, and AutoTempest has also been featured on popular sites like WiseBread, The Hooniverse and’s guide to used cars.

You can save your searches and come back to them at a later time. Select from a number of vehicle options which include mileage and price ranges, body style, transmission type, and specific keywords. Reviews on the cars you are searching for automatically appear alongside the listing so you do not have to hunt this information down. features number of helpful car buying guides. Main topics include: buying new and used vehicles, negotiating with dealers and auto financing companies, protecting yourself from purchasing a lemon, and more. also offers a free eBook to help you find the best new car prices.

AutoTempest is a free to use website which lets you search for used cars across many sites. The sites it searches for cars includes,,, and others.

The site’s usage is quite straightforward. AutoTempest does not require any logins or signups; you start by entering the information of the car you want. This information includes the car’s make, model, location (you enter a zip code and enter the radius of search), year, price range, and mileage. Optionally you can enter other search parameters including transmission and body style.

After you execute your search, results from many sites are collected and shown to you. You can then proceed with whatever result suits you best by clicking on the link and being taken to the host site’s page.

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