Since 1999, has been providing the service of connecting online car shoppers with dealers in a more straightforward manner. The company leaves little footprint of its history online, but it is clear about its mission and the service it provides to consumers.


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The Good

  • Expansive network
  • Local search options
  • Direct contact with dealers

AutoFinder’s main focus is catering the car buying and selling process to today’s consumer. Their position is that today’s consumer (i.e. millennials) is different than those of decades past. The difference is that now the consumer is most concerned with the bottom line best price—uninterested in showing up at the dealer to negotiate pricing.

The first honorable mention is AutoFinder’s expansive network of thousands of car dealers across the United States to connect car shoppers with. allows you to search locally for all makes and models in your local area offered by dealerships. You can get a free new car price quote instantly from a number of different auto insurance companies. Auto financing is also available for those with bad or no credit. The website offers a free car buying guide to assist you through the process. There are also plenty of articles on car ownership and maintenance.

When searching for a used vehicle, you can narrow your search through a number of different options. These options include things such as body type, mileage, color, and fuel type. You can instantly see the CARFAX vehicle history report on each vehicle. You can also browse by images as well. The local search radius extends up to 250 miles of where you live.

You will instantly receive the contact information of the dealers who are offering the vehicle. You can call them for more information, request they call you, or stop by the dealer’s location and test-drive the vehicle. Car descriptions listed on this automotive shopping website list the performance and mechanical specs and the fuel economy ratings for city and highway driving for each vehicle. You can filter the number of results you want to see and sort the available listings by best match, price, distance, mileage, and year of the vehicle.


AutoFinder also offers a sort of on-demand car shopping resource: the Find Your Car feature.

This Search tool allows consumers to get clearance dealer pricing. This refers to being able to have a price confirmed and solidified prior to stepping on the dealership floor. The up-side for customers is that they avoid price manipulation and haggling, and the up-side for dealers (the downside will be addressed shortly) is that customers that walk into their dealership are pre-qualified and ready to buy, saving them the effort of “selling” them on a car and losing or wasting time with window-shoppers.

Lastly, the site does offer car loans. There is an online application under the Financing tab claiming to accept all credit, including bad credit, no credit and bankruptcies. Car shoppers just have to fill out the form to allow AutoFinder to locate the best dealer suited for their financial needs from their network in a promised short turnaround time.

AutoFinder guarantees the following to loan applicants:

  • The service is 100% free.
  • No obligation to buy.
  • Your information is safe and secure.

Other sites in the auto consumer niche have loans catering to people with poor credit, making this a competitive feature. Sure, it sounds too good to be true and of course there is no guarantee of approval or of a decent interest rate, but for those needing to finance a car without other options, there at least is an available option to explore.

The Bad

  • Lacking company information
  • Dealers disadvantages

One of the main concerns with is its lack of company information found online. After doing a domain name ownership search, we discovered that belongs to HLK Enterprises, Inc. in Cummings, Georgia.

The business is operating as a web development firm that owns other online shopping sites. The owner of this company is Harvey Kaplan. This lack of company information is disturbing to the overall credibility of the company. Consumers want to know the full disclosure of the companies they are buying from.

If you are a Car Dealer, chances are you may not like that AutoFinder surpasses you totally in the sales process—what AutoFinder refers to as “typical games”. Dealers definitely lose out. As for the website itself, it claims to offer new car listings but fails to create a tab for “Find New Cars” alongside the already featured “Find Used Cars” feature. For a site focused on helping consumers do car searches, it is unfortunate that it lacks the basic resources like payment calculators, a trade-in-value tool, recommendation tool and vehicle history report. Also interesting is that the site’s premise is to cater to the new car consumer seeking on-demand services but it fails to have apps for mobile devices—a staple for today’s consumer everywhere. Because of this, they’re leaving both money and customers on the table.

The Bottom Line

Car Dealers may have mixed feelings about, but car buyers won’t—unless they are trying to search for new cars on the website, needing tools to calculate payments or trade-in value or are using their mobile phones or tablets. The site is pretty basic and needs some user-interface upgrades; however, the service seems to work for people buying cars but not wanting to deal with car salesmen.

We do not recommend for researching and purchasing your next vehicle. They site shows to be promising, operates for what the average consumer may need, but a company you cannot call and show lack of transparency on who they are makes it difficult to recommend in comparison to other car finding companies.

We advise potential customers to look at our other top recommended companies.

Company Name: (see note below)



Registrant Phone: +1.7708897025

Registrant Email: [email protected]

Time in Business: Business started in 1999. Been in Business 16 years.

Link: No Report Available.


Online Features (10pt):

  1. New and Used car listings:
  2. Apply for an Auto Loan: bad credit, no credit okay.
  3. Get A New Car Price Quote.
  4. Large Network of Dealers
  5. Search all makes/models
  6. Nationwide and Local Searches
  7. Find Dealers in your area
  8. Select preferred Vehicle options
  9. Shop by Best Price
  10. estore: car accessories and items



  1. Car Financing Information
  2. Car Education
  3. Extended Auto Warranty Information
  4. Car news
  5. Car buying guide

Used Car Liquidation: none available

Mobile Ability: is a mobile-friendly site as tested on Google Developers’ Mobile Friendly Test:

Nationwide: yes

Fees: none

Car Loan Education:

Your Auto Financing is normally the second largest loan you will have other than a mortgage payment and for this reason it pays to educate yourself on the different types, terms and interest rates.

Many times auto manufacturers will offer low interest financing to help move inventory. While this can be an excellent deal, it requires a higher credit score to obtain this special financing.

There is no harm trying if you find the car you want is being offered at a special rate.

Most times these loans have a longer term sometimes as long as 60 months.

For most people, using a credit union or local bank can get you a good rate.

Online services can also do a good job and offer competitive rates.

Our finance company offers Auto Loans for all types of credit including people with bad credit. Why not give us a try to see how we can get you into that car you want.

Additional Information: has been connecting consumers with dealers since 1999 and is one of the leading destinations for online car shoppers. Just ask one of your friends if they have used our services to find a new or used car,and the answer is most likely yes.

We have a network of dealers who understand that the consumer of today is different and is not willing to play the typical games of the past. These dealers understand that the consumer is most concerned with the bottom line best price and are not interested in showing up at the dealer to negotiate pricing. We encourage you to ask for this price while communicating with the dealer before entering the dealership.

We are constantly adding dealers to the network and working on new tools to make you a better informed consumer.Remember, YOU are in the driver seat and have the power to choose the best deal when Dealers compete for your business.

Contact Info:

Phone Number: Unknown

Address: Unknown

Toll Free #: Unknown

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