Why Finding a Car Online is the Best Way

By: Isaac Ericksen | May 12, 2015 (Edited July 7, 2017)

Let's face it! Many people are starting to shop online. But Why? What's wrong with the good ol' local store? bestcompany.com gives a quick evaluation of car shopping online versus going to a local dealership.

1. Let's Question the Facts

There are a lot of car experts out there and a lot people that know what they are looking for. The nice thing about looking online is you can find those specifics you are looking for. But is that enough?

Say you don't know what to get then the same principle applies. But then how do you know that you find the right one in the end? The fact is getting a car online or going to the dealership completely depends on personal preference because some people like to work face-to-face with other people and some don't.

With that in mind, let's break down the good and bad about online car finding.

2. Finding a Car Online - Pros/Cons

The Good

Finding a car is easy, but finding the right car can be a little harder. When you shop online for a car it is easier to narrow down what type of car you are looking for. A customer online can search by price, color, type, interior, etc. The options range on a high scale and you can see a lot more vehicles quicker than you can at a dealership. Plus, no sales team around and you don't have to worry about a website closing down for the night. There is a lot of advantages to shopping for a car online, but like anything there are disadvantages.

The Bad

Purchasing a car is often an important decision for a customer. Even if you feel that is the exact car you want there is no way to test drive it online and no way to fully complete the deal without visiting a dealership in person. When you finally get the car you may realize only later that the seat doesn't recline or there is less legroom than you first thought. It is hard to get a car without feeling good about it when you haven't really been in it yet.

The Bottom Line

Finding a car is best done online and with a dealership. If you look first online you should make the little extra effort to test drive and get that good feeling.  You want to feel good about it and you want to get the best price. So if you find a car you want at the dealership don't be pressured to buy until you checked for a better price online. And if you do find a better price make sure you find out why it's lower.

3. What to Do Next?

bestcompany.com experts have recently researched and evaluated car finder companies and have looked into the facts. With their in-depth ranking criteria and unbiased reviews, they have found out who are the best car finding companies. But they need your help. A review site isn't really a review site without consumers having a percentage of the score.

bestcompany.com is always changing and evaluating companies, working hard to present honest, unbiased reviews in every industry.


The right car should be an important decision. Do your research and see if we can help you find the right place to go to find the right car for you. Look over our reviews at bestcompany.com/car-finders.



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