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Spike is a calendar software company that began with the idea that too many productivity apps make you less productive. It set out to find a way to integrate email, calendar, messaging, video calls, to-do lists, notes, and files into one, centralized location.

Spike does it best when it comes to combining your productivity apps into one place. It works with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Web and allows you to bring in calendars and email from Google, Apple, or Outlook, among others.

The company has a number of investors including Wix and Insight Partners, and has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Fast Company, and more.

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The Good

  • Features Offered
  • Combined Calendars
  • Free Basic Plan

Features Offered

In terms of sheer number of features offered, Spike has its competitors beat. Spike is much more than just a calendar software. It allows you to combine your various email accounts into one location, and it has features that take teamwork to the next level.

Some unique features are explained below:

  • An inbox that feels like Messenger or iMessage. Spike is designed such that your emails look and feel more like messages. The extra fluff is cut out of the equation, and you can quickly communicate back and forth with members of your team. Plus, you can see read-receipts, even if the other people aren’t using Spike.
  • Send emails or complete tasks when you want to. Spike allows you to snooze to-do tasks or calendar events, and also allows you to schedule emails to send at a later time. You have complete control over the timing of everything you send or schedule, and don’t have to worry about forgetting to send or complete something.
  • Preview and manage files. When you have received large attachments or saved a file to a calendar event, these files are easy to preview and sort, so you can cut down on time searching for files or attachments when you’d rather just get to the point of your meeting. Spike has a great file management system set up to make the process easy and pain free.

Combined Calendars

Spike allows for the integration of your calendars and email accounts. It supports email accounts from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, Office/Outlook 365, IONOS mail, GoDaddy email, Exchange, AOL, and IMAP mail accounts. You can also import calendar events from other platforms to keep track of everything in one place.

Not only are all of your calendar events merged into one place with Spike, but they are also right in your inbox. This makes them easy to view and keep track of. Plus, as with other calendar softwares, you can color code each calendar according to your preferences.

Another benefit of Spike is that even if you use different calendars at work and home (Outlook and Apple, for example), they all still show up on Spike, which makes for more seamless transitions throughout your day.

Free Basic Plan

Spike offers its basic plan for free to individuals. You simply need to download the app and sign up with a valid email address. This is a great option for freelancers, people who are self-employed, or anyone who just wants to organize their life, email, and calendars a little better.

The free plan is limited in terms of storage space and number of groups/participants, but is otherwise a good option to determine if you like the software and might like to use it in your business.

As a bonus, the Pro plan, which is normally $4 per month per account, is free to students. Spike also offers Business or Enterprise plans for companies, and you pay a monthly rate per account on your plan.


The Bad

  • Exclusive
  • Another Calendar Platform


Spike works better as a platform if all members of your team or company are using it. While individuals can still benefit from Spike’s features, it is really meant to be adopted by the company as a whole. Thus, if you want to take advantage of its features, you will likely have to commit to paying the monthly fee for each member of your team to use it.

Another Calendar Platform

While Spike boasts a number of features that differentiate it from other online calendar services, it is still a new platform that you would have to adjust to, should you choose to adopt it.


The Bottom Line

Spike seems like an excellent choice if you are sick of having multiple apps for email, calendar, reminders, file management, and more. While it does work better if all of your team members have the app, Spike is still a great choice for personal calendaring and planning.
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