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LAST UPDATED: October 9th, 2020

CiraSync is a SaaS calendar and contacts management system specifically designed for Office 365 users. It allows seamless and consistent syncing across all users’ devices and can automatically update contacts and calendars across hundreds of smartphones.

The app is an ideal choice for enterprises around the globe that need a secure data management system and want to increase productivity through better communication and scheduling. It also works for smaller groups or companies, but isn’t really designed to be used by individuals, as its main feature is the syncing and connection of calendars and contacts across different users’ smartphones.

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The Good

  • Secure
  • Automated Syncing
  • Supports Nonprofits


CiraSync operates through Microsoft Cloud and thus enjoys the high level of cybersecurity offered by Microsoft. The company never saves any passwords, and it complies with GDPR — the toughest privacy and security policy in the world.

In the EU, CiraSync uses Azure servers to protect user data and comply with local laws concerning data privacy. The company has entire sections of its website dedicated to assuring its customers that their data will not fall into the wrong hands and proves it is committed to protecting user contacts, calendars, and general data.

Automated Syncing

The seamless and automated syncing provided by CiraSync is its top advertised feature. The Cirasync app automatically syncs your company’s Global Address List, public folders, and calendars, so that your employees and clients have access to the latest contact and calendar information. 

The unique part about this feature is that Office 365 on its own does not automatically sync contacts and calendar information to smartphones. CiraSync set out to specifically design a software that will make contact and calendar information readily available on user smartphones, since these are often used even more than desktops and thus, need to have access to the most updated information.

Supports Nonprofits

CiraSync offers a special program for nonprofit organizations that are eligible for free Microsoft services. With this program, nonprofits can receive 20 free user licenses on an annual basis. This can be a big benefit to organizations doing social good that need a secure calendar and contacts management system but can’t afford to pay for something as good as CiraSync.

Not only is this a benefit to nonprofit organizations, but it also speaks well to CiraSync as a company and its commitment to community outreach and support.


The Bad

  • Setup
  • Exclusive to Office 365


The process to set up CiraSync and get everything connected in terms of contacts and calendars may be a little cumbersome at first. Plus, learning a new interface and familiarizing yourself with the dashboard is bound to take some time. However, the company does offer a 180-day free trial for up to 10 users, so you should have plenty of time to see how the software works for your company.

Exclusive to Office 365

Unlike some calendar software platforms that have solved the dilemma of exclusivity, CiraSync works only with Office 365 and is not compatible with other operating systems. If your company already used Office 365, this may not be a drawback at all. However, it is still something to be aware of when determining which calendar software you want to use.


The Bottom Line

CiraSync is a great calendar software for Office 365 users looking to sync their contacts and calendars with their smartphones. While setting up any new software might be a bit of a hassle, the increased productivity and automation is probably worth the trade.

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