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LAST UPDATED: December 21st, 2020

Founded January 1, 2020, The Year 2020 started with great expectations. However, the company quickly took a turn for the worse in the spring as it reeled from global public health and economic crises. 

Preparing to quarantine, customers across the world panic shopped until there was no toilet paper, disinfectant, or canned soup to be found. Then, The Year 2020 created all sorts of civil and political unrest.

Confronted with a terrible customer experience and limited company support, customers showed strength, resilience, and compassion. Some customers found silver linings or experienced personal growth.

Even though some things divided customers, they can agree on one thing: no one would have ever guessed The Year 2020's ill-fated future. 

With such a rough first year in business, Best Company cannot recommend The Year 2020 to potential customers.

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30 Reviews

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Featured Review

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Kenneth Okerlund Orem, UT

READ BEFORE PURCHASE! So I know that a lot of the reviews for this are pretty negative, but you have to understand that this product is 100% targeted toward a specific group of people.. introverts! 2020 is seriously the best thing introverts could get for themselves. With 2020, I was able to avoid every single awkward family event I didn't want to attend without having them pressure me to come anyway. I was also able to have a reason to not talk to people at the store without seeming like a jerk. I even managed to get my work to think that they should "let" me work from home as if that wasn't what I wanted all along haha. Seriously though, if you want a get-out-of-jail free card for all those in-person events that no introvert wants to be stuck doing, 2020 is the thing for you! Just one thing.. make sure you stock up on toilet paper in advance if you want the 0 stress experience. It's finally time that we can live life how we want to.. comfortable! No more "oh you just need to meet more people and socialize".. now it's "oh yeah you should probably stay home alone", it's great!

9 months ago

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Jenna Vasquez ,

Honestly, knock on wood, 2020 is a winning year. Now, I’m not trying to downplay its many tragedies, because I know all too well about the suffering so many have felt this year. But let’s face it—we should celebrate small victories, even if they are that—small. And this year I’ve seen a number of those. The Dodgers (my favorite team) won the World Series, my brother got an adorable golden doodle, and heck, I started dating someone this year (and had 2020 not canceled all my existing plans, I never would have met him). Anyway, those are small wins, as I warned you they would be, and there are big losses this year, to be sure. But I choose to dwell on the happy, so hey, five stars to 2020.

10 months ago

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Adam Simpson Salt Lake City, UT

I began this year as a simple college student with no girlfriend and no job. I will end it with a wife and an awesome job in my desired career path with opportunities for growth. Neither of these blessings would have come to me without a pandemic: It’s because of moving back home from college and starting online school that I was introduced to my wife and my job even became a possibility. Despite the hardships, I would invest in a year like 2020 because happily enduring difficulty leads to bounteous blessings like those I’ve received this year.

10 months ago

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Wanda Crump Atlanta, GA

This year was an experimental and hectic year a lot is going on thing we're crazy this pandemic is scary people fighting for their lives people buried family members the world is in shambles would is in depression but we have to stay strong and prayed up God bless us all 🙏

10 months ago

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IreneLoya ,

It was a very hectic one, we lost loved ones along the way, but we Praise the Lord for just keeping healthy and watching over us. Praying 2021 for a blessed year for everyone.

10 months ago

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Jami Hansen ,

It has been a life changing year! Learning a new way to live and have community.

10 months ago

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ann rone Springfield, MO

I have been working the whole time and have not had much change in my life.

10 months ago

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