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Founded January 1, 2020, The Year 2020 started with great expectations. However, the company quickly took a turn for the worse in the spring as it reeled from global public health and economic crises. 

Preparing to quarantine, customers across the world panic shopped until there was no toilet paper, disinfectant, or canned soup to be found. Then, The Year 2020 created all sorts of civil and political unrest.

Confronted with a terrible customer experience and limited company support, customers showed strength, resilience, and compassion. Some customers found silver linings or experienced personal growth.

Even though some things divided customers, they can agree on one thing: no one would have ever guessed The Year 2020's ill-fated future. 

With such a rough first year in business, Best Company cannot recommend The Year 2020 to potential customers.

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30 Reviews

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Meghan Gilbert, AZ

It started off great. And then COVID. For a while, I had the same attitude that most other people had: I just wanted 2020 to be over. As if the year ending would solve all my problems. But that is surely not the case. After realizing that the year I was living in didn’t matter, I came to accept that even though the hardships weren’t going to end anytime soon, I had the power to decide what my year would look like. I decided that even though sucky things were happening around me, and sometimes to me, I didn’t have to let it ruin my year, my month or my day. I decided to be happy, to progress, and to love 2020 for the good things instead of the bad. My family relationship grew stronger. I found out who my real friends were. And most importantly, I found myself in places I never would have looked before all the hardships of 2020. So, all in all, 2020 was a great year for me. Was it 5 stars? Nope. But 4 stars is a very reliable rating. 2020 was exactly what I needed, when I needed it. I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. And I can’t wait to see what progress I get to make in 2021. I hope 2021 is kinder to you.

7 months ago

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Emily H ,

2020: Delivers what it promises There is no doubt that this product holds impeccable consistency. I’ve never had a year so predictably reliable. No surprises—Thanksgiving plans? cancelled. Graduation plans? cancelled. Amazing summer vacation abroad? double cancelled. However, the return policy is concerning. Can’t return within 365 days of purchase, and customer service puts you on hold. The warning label was definitely shocking—product can cause fever, headaches, trouble breathing, fires, political & civil unrest, isolation, family contention, and world shut down. However, product states side effects can be mitigated by wearing a mask and avoiding human contact. Product claims its benefits are an increase in free time, complimentary grocery delivery services, computer tech skills, and a decrease in awkward handshakes, expensive wedding costs, and occupational commutes. The trending claim really drew me in—a good excuse for spending the day in pajamas while engaged in ice cream and Netflix binges. Unfortunately, this product is a limited edition, but rumor has that manufacturers have improved many of the 2020 breakdowns in the next model (coming January 1st). Definitely looking forward to what’s in store.

7 months ago

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