takes a relaxed approach to your business legal needs. After filling out a five minute questionnaire, the experts at will take the lead, ensuring all the required documents are provided and set up for your new business.


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The Good

  • Package options
  • Resources

It appears that there are a handful of packages of which to choose, each listed as $395. Aside from these, there is an “other” package that doesn’t list the price. There doesn’t appear to be any hidden fees or costs.

ReadySetLegal appears to be sincere in their desire to help others with their business. On the ReadySetLegal site there is a FAQ section that has simplified lots of information to address concerns customers may have. The ReadySetLegal site also has a blog that touches on a variety of topics about starting and running a business.

The Bad

  • Time in business
  • Limited reputation is a fairly new website, launching in 2012. From the “about us” page, it sounds as though this site is managed by two people, one of whom has been a lawyer for the past 20 years.

The downside to this company is that it doesn’t have the numbers backing it. A self-employed lawyer is available to help setup your business, but there isn’t the assurance of a company to be held reliable in case of error.

The Bottom Line

While the lawyer running this site is likely very knowledgeable, there is not much to find about his company, neither positive nor negative, on the net. Better Business Bureau doesn’t have a file on the company, which is also very rare. Bottom line, there are other, larger establishments on the Internet that can provide legal advice and forms, with the comfort of a money-back guarantee.

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