Nolo Network includes over 50 web properties, allowing them to be one of the web’s largest consumer-friendly legal libraries. Information is provided for free, while documents vary in price. Their goal is to deliver free, high quality, legal information. It was in 1971 that Nolo published its’ first do-it-yourself legal guide. Since its’ founding 40 years back, Nolo has evolved its’ technology and software, turning its’ brand into one of the leading legal websites throughout the Internet.


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The Good

  • Transparency

While the information forms are free, the downloaded forms and programs vary in price. When a form is selected, the price is clearly marked, protecting customers from hidden fees or costs.

The Bad

  • No phone number

Search as I might, a phone number wasn’t discovered. The contact page first takes visitors of the site to a long list of potential problems with provided answers. If the question wasn’t answered in the self-help section, a form is provided. After filling out the form, an email is sent to the company. The query should be answered within one business day. It is always interesting when a company hides their phone number.

The Bottom Line

Nolo has a solid background, and has the Google seal of approval. Aside from the lack of easily finding a phone number to contact, this company appears to be a good choice. When needing a lawyer’s advice, a new business form or help with a landlord/tenant situation, Nolo has you covered.

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    December 21st, 2016 Natick, MA

    I used Nolo before for advertising for Bankruptcy, we lost money TWICE.
    The way it works is NOLO shares leads with other attorneys so it is first come first serve, so many times before you even call a lead, another attorney has called and set up an appointment. The sales person we signed up with made all these promises that NOLO has changed, the representative that we worked with does not work there anymore, the salesperson said there are all these leads and they don’t have enough attorneys to fill them, this is the line I was given. Why I fell prey to NOLO again, I am still baffled about it.
    Why NOT to Hire Nolo
    1. Most of the leads are poor quality, either they are spam, picking your brain, have no intentions on hiring an attorney, want to do it themselves, make appointments and never show up, or just have no money to afford an attorney.
    2. You are one of a few attorneys who receives the lead
    3. When you receive spam leads, you have to be quick about getting credits, it is another accounting task and takes more time away from you generating business.
    4. Read your contract NO REFUNDS, they will hold you to the contract no matter how dissatisfied you are.
    5. Waste of valuable time, time calling bad leads, time emailing bad leads, time setting up appointments for bad leads and time wasted for no shows.
    I looked up all the leads we received with other attorneys to see if the leads did retain a Bankruptcy Attorney and filed Bankruptcy and most did not that clearly in my opinion is a good indicator that they are mostly bad leads.
    With NOLO think about it, you spent countless hours chasing down leads, some are completely bogus, most are just calling to pick your brain, very few hire you, just think of how much time you have wasted when you could put your time generating leads that are NOT SHARED.
    There will be no third time for me, shame on me for even considering them a second time.

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