Which Business Loans Company Is Right for Me? Result #7

3. Lending ClubScores Hzntl (8)


  • Term Length: 1-5 Years
  • Origination: 0.99%-5.99%
  • Standard Loans and Lines of Credit Offered
  • Interest Rate: $0.32/Dollar
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • $300,000 Loan Max.

Since 2007, Lending Club has provided over $13 billion to small businesses that can’t qualify for funding from traditional banks. Lending Club offers extremely flexible loan terms, which is good for borrowers needing more time to pay loans off. Furthermore, Lending Club offers up to $300,000 in funding for qualifying applicants, and requires zero collateral for loans under $100,000. Potential borrowers should be aware, however, that Lending Club requires at least seven days before funds can be delivered.

6. Funding CircleScores Hzntl (9)


  • Term Length: 1-5 Years
  • Origination: 0.99%-4.99%
  • Only Standard Loans Offered
  • Interest Rate: $0.18/Dollar
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • $500,000 Loan Max.

Funding Circle boasts one of the highest loan maximums in the industry ($500,000), while simultaneously charging one of the lowest cents-on-the-dollar rates ($0.18 per dollar borrowed). The company charges zero prepayment penalties for customers who pay off their loans early, and offers flexible term lengths for customers needing more time to pay their loans off. However, funding circle has higher requirements than some other business lenders, such as a minimum credit score of 620, two years in business, and $150,000 in annual revenue. Customers should also be aware that Funding Circle requires at least seven days before it can transfer funds.