Which Business Loans Company Is Right for Me? Result #24

7. BehalfScores Hzntl (13)


  • Term Length: 1-6 Months
  • Zero Closing Fees 
  • Working Capital Loans Offered
  • Interest Rate: $0.03/Dollar
  • A- BBB Rating
  • $20,000 Loan Max.

Unlike banks or other traditional lending firms, Behalf provides working capital loans to small-business owners regardless of their credit score, and provides new lines of credit up to $50,000. Behalf charges zero closing or prepayment fees, helping to reduce the financial burden of new companies with cashflow problems. However, Behalf has one of the lower acceptance rates on the market, averaging only 38%. And as Behalf only offers terms up to six months, businesses that require several months to repay a loan may have better luck elsewhere. Customers will also need to wait at least a month before funds can be delivered.

24. BlueVineScores Hzntl (11)


  • Term Length: 1-12 Weeks
  • Zero Origination Fees 
  • Lines of Credit Offered
  • Interest Rate: $0.14/Dollar
  • A BBB Rating
  • $100,000 Loan Max.

Although BlueVine has only been in business since 2013, the company provides alternative funding to business owners at very competitive rates. Customers with credit scores as low as 530, barely any time in business, and little annual revenue will still likely qualify for a loan from BlueVine – making BlueVine an excellent option for new startups. The company offers as much as $100,000 in funding advances, and customers can receive funds in as little as one to two days. However, customers should also be aware that the APR that comes with BlueVine’s advances can be incredibly high, sometimes as much as 61%. Potential borrowers should also be aware that BlueVine is likewise a startup, and lacks the track record of more established companies.