An alternative lending company, Small Business Loans Depot does not require high credit scores. They dedicate themselves to different types of loans, placing them at an advantage when it comes to funding a variety of different industries. In fact, their list of industries includes dentistry, banking, construction, and the medical field. Their most popular loan is their Asset-Based Loan, providing companies with equipment, too.

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There is not enough information for us to recommend working with Small Business Loans Depot. Browse the lenders below to find the best loan for you:

The Good

There are many reasons that make Small Business Loans Depot the go-to alternative lender. It is important to compare different companies and see if this alternative lending company offers what you are looking for. Benefits of the service include:


To qualify for their Asset Based Loan, the website states that you must:

  • Be the sole owner of your assets
  • Be presently in business
  • Not have declared bankruptcy within the last two years
  • Not have more than $500 in unpaid charge offs within the last year

The website also mentions that the average transaction ranges from $20k to $50k, allowing more businesses to qualify. They do offer anywhere from $5k to $150k. Although certain business programs are available to those with bad credit, the higher your credit, they are more likely to give you the possibility for higher funding.

Certain programs require a business to have been running for a minimum of nine months, but the business bank statement loan program requires a minimum of three.


If you were to receive a loan from a bank—say, from Bank of America—you would be required to pay an upfront initiation fee. With Small Business Loans Depot, there are no upfront or processing fees.

Poor Credit Options

Although most of the programs at this alternative lending firm do require a credit score of at least 650, they have an alternative option for those with a poor credit score, allowing those with a 500 and above to apply.

Extra Funding

If you only receive, for instance, $50K from a certain program, the company allows you to apply and see if you qualify for another program. This will allow you to possibly receive another $50K, averaging out the $100,000 that few companies are able to receive.

Possible factors include:

  • Business credit
  • Personal credit
  • Time in business
  • Property ownership
  • Overall sales

Essentially, what is important is that they offer a few key loan programs—a perfect fit for many different industries. However, the key is that the companies must not be looking to expand too much with these loans, as it is hard to obtain a large amount of capital. But if you are looking into shorter-term loans, Small Business Loans Depot might just offer what you’re looking for.

The Bad

While Small Business Loan Deposits has found a way to help companies get the funding they need, there are also a few concerns that prospective borrowers should be aware of. These limitations include:

Unprofessional Website

Because their website posts are written very unprofessionally, one may assume that they are not as well established as other lending institutions. Capitalization issues are found numerously on the website, which might deter people during this process. While oftentimes it might be a marketing technique, your business is worth more than that. When it comes down to business loans, reliability is everything, and if it cannot be found in terms of grammar and such, you might want to keep looking. It might be an indication of the sort. The website also shows a lack of concern in terms of accessibility. Applications are difficult to manage.

Financing Terms

It would be a commitment, to some extent, when it comes to using Small Business Loans Depot as your alternative lending resource. This is because their term options are 12, 24, 36, 48, or 60 months, ranging between one to five years. However, since $150,000 is the absolute maximum acquisition, it might be a sufficient time period.

While the few loan options offered are versatile, they should have a larger variety of deals, in order to personalize different customers’ needs.

Even though they might accept credit scores below 600, they will still have to check it in the first place in order for you to qualify. This might compromise your credit even further; it is up to you to decide if it is worth it. Check out competitors.


Although most competitors also check for credit reports, there is a slightly more technological advancement within the capital industry. It is not a bank and it is far from an institution, but it should be considered: Square. Your credit score is not checked, but it works differently: you sign up, they deliver a free credit card reader, and they charge you a fee each time you swipe a credit card. The more you acquire, the more capital they can provide you with. There are no fees. If this sounds more plausible, let your startup rely on this method.

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The Bottom Line

If you are amid the process of expanding your business or are starting a business and need the money to patent it, this is the right company to use. However, if you need higher funding and you are looking to drastically expand, you may need to look elsewhere. Because this is not the alternative lender to use for major lending options, this loan is also best for those looking to simply make a few minor changes to their company. Ultimately, loans are to be taken seriously; the trick is in finding a company that fulfills the necessary tasks, while being as cost-effective as possible.

Small Business Loans Depot might be the answer to your problems if you are looking to slightly enhance. If your credit is on the lower side, if you need to jumpstart your company, or if you do not want to go through the whole process of borrowing from a bank, take advantage of this alternative lender.

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More Information

Applications can be found and downloaded online—free of charge—and then either faxed or emailed to Small Business Loans Depot. It can also be done over the phone, if desired. They will discuss eligibility and financing terms with you, providing you with an answer within one to two days.

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