Shield Funding is an alternative lending company with an edge. Sam Baitz, Founder & CEO, decided that he wanted to resolve the issue of tedious bank loan processes and decrease the rate of rejection. The great part is that they not only offer money to those with bad credit reports—but they additionally specialize in that.

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The Good

The company was founded about a decade ago. Funding is even given by industry, including restaurant, physician, dental practice, salon, hotel, retail store, gas station and grocery store business loans. An interesting option that they offer is a business loan plan for women who are business owners. Other benefits include:

Variety of Loan Options

Because Shield Funding is essentially an alternative lender, they offer a wide variety of business loan options:

  • Unsecured Business Loans
  • Business Loans for Women
  • Business Cash Advance
  • ACH Loans
  • Private Business Loans
  • Fast Business Loans
  • Bad Credit Business Loans
  • Working Capital Loans
  • Small Business Loans For Women
  • Business Loans After Bankruptcy
  • High Risk Business Loans
  • Direct Business Loans
  • Short Term Business Loans
  • Hard Money Business Loans

There are two ways in which you can qualify:

  • Business must be running for at least four months
  • Credit cards must be accepted as payment method

For those companies accepting credit cards as a payment method, gross monthly revenues of $5,000 are required. If companies do not accept credit cards when it comes to forms of payment, $20,000 is required instead. A company must be relatively charge in order to qualify as a non-credit card user. And, as mentioned, a non-credit card user must have been in business for a minimum of four months.

Easy to Qualify

Up to $500,000, in capital, is offered, allowing many types of businesses to use Shield Funding’s services and programs. They offer business cash advances as well as unsecured business loans, allowing a customer to pay for company growth and expansion, invest in a marketing campaign, finance debt, improve social media presence, increase inventory, and purchase new products, among other things. There are endless investments that you can make with the capital and, if you qualify, you can get secure it within 24 hours of applying.

Poor credit score? That is not a problem for them. You can apply for short term and longer-term programs.

No Business Collateral

If you have nothing to use as collateral, or do not wish to risk any asset, they do not require you to do so. This is due to the unsecured business loans that they offer. For the most exciting news… because they specialize in helping those with bad credit reports, it is easy for all types of companies and entities to qualify. This often means higher interest rates, which Swift Capital may or may not have. All we know about their interest rates is that they start at 10%

The Bad

Despite offering a number of quality services, there are some gapping holes in the Shield Funding service. Those considering Shield Funding when obtaining a loan should be aware of the following items:

Credit Check

While no collateral is needed, they will check your credit score, which might be damaging to you. If you apply for the loan that was designed for those with bad credit scores, your business must be running for at least three months prior and you must be making a minimum of $2,500 each month if your company accepts credit card payments. Otherwise, the minimum requirement is $20,000 each month—an incredibly large contrast. With most products, however, a personal credit score of at least 650 is needed, which means that the loan for bad credit scores is not the company’s most effective.


Even though they claim that simply a business with a cash flow will suffice, there is always competition. Like with most companies, the more qualified companies receive the higher funding through Shield Funding. They, unlike certain competitors, do not solely dedicate themselves to providing capital for those with bad credit scores—which means that it will make it difficult for certain people to receive funding. Other factors might involve the amount of time that the company has been running, the success that they have had within reasonable amounts of time, and business credit. Essentially, it is important for applicants to strive to improve and to make their applications stand out in some way.


Because Shield Funding offers so many options, it might seem slightly overwhelming figuring out which loan is best for you. The website does not clearly explain the difference between them, even though some of the titles are self-explanatory. The website should do a better job at categorizing.

Ultimately, the website supplies false information; they check applicants’ credit scores; they prioritize with the higher ranking companies; and they offer competition to applicants with unsatisfying credit scores.

The Bottom Line

If you are a woman, and owner of a company, looking for special deals on capital lending and a competitive edge, then this may be the alternative lender for you. The business loan for businesswomen should motivate women to continue working hard; Shield Funding certainly promotes gender equality within the workforce.

If you have bad credit and do not have time to get repeatedly rejected from bank loans, deteriorating your credit report even further, then this may be the alternative lender for you as well. Although they do check your credit score, they most likely will have a plan for you and allow you to use them for funding purposes.

With up to $500,000 in capital, and no hidden fees, this might be the lending opportunity you’ve been searching for. Their application process is simple and the wait time is short, so check out alternatives, but regardless of your industry, Shield Funding might be worth the investment.

More Information

Cents on the Dollar

Shield Funding has a great page that gives you cents on the dollar estimations for loan amounts. For a $100k loan over 10-months, they estimate you will pay $0.14 – $0.35 for every dollar borrowed.


Minimum personal credit score: 500

Time in business to apply: At least 3 months, but strong preference for businesses that have operated for at least six months to a year.

Minimum annual revenue to apply: $5k/month


No collateral, but there may be a personal guarantee

Time to Funding

Determined on a case-by-case basis

Locations Available

Available nationally, but headquartered in California and New York.

Prepayment penalties


Maximum loan Amount



Origination fees:

Closing Fees:

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