Merchant Advisors is an online lending company founded in 2003 in Essex, Connecticut. The company offers a wide variety of loans to small business owners with no closing costs and flexible repayment options. Borrowers are generally able to get approved within one hour and receive funds within three to five days. Exact loan details regarding requirements and fees are not disclosed to the general public on its corporate website.

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The Good

  • Great benefits
  • Numerous lending options

Pros of Merchant Advisors Small Business Loans

  • 24-Hour approval
  • No closing costs
  • Flexible loan repayment options
  • No required paperwork
  • All credit histories welcome

Numerous Lending Options

Merchant Advisors offers a wide range of loan choices and other financial services for small business owners. Small business loans can be refinanced for lower rates once 50 percent of the loan is paid and many offered lending programs are tax deductible. Loan fees are minimal and borrowers only pay the interest on the unpaid principal for each day the money is being borrowed. Merchant Advisors offers flexible repayment options and does not require collateral in order to be approved.

The Bad

  • Limited loan information
  • Undisclosed fees
  • No company information

Limited Loan Information

Merchant Advisors does not disclose any limitations on the funding amount a small business owner may borrow. There is no FAQ section on the company website that provides specific details on how the lending process works. While the company states on its website that it offers flexible loan repayment options, it does not provide specific details on what these are.

Undisclosed Fees

Merchant Advisors does not disclose certain potential loan fees to the general public on its corporate website. The company does not list origination fees, or interest rates. Interest fees vary by lender and loan choice, which makes it difficult to determine if the borrower is getting the best possible deal.

No Company Information

There are no specific details provided on the corporate website regarding the company’s history in the finance services industry or its executive leadership. Merchant Advisors does not list on its website the total amount of funding it has provided to small business owners since it started.

The Bottom Line

Merchant Advisors provides numerous loan choices as well as other finance services to all types of small business owners. The finance services company provides fast approval and quick access to funding; however, little information is publicly disclosed by the company on its website regarding its loan process and any potential fees. We cannot recommend working with Merchant Advisors at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive funds from Merchant Advisors?

The company is able to transfer funds within approximately 3–5 days.

Does Merchant Advisors require collateral with its loans?

The company requires a personal guarantee in order to receive a loan.

Does Merchant Advisors have prepayment penalties?

The company does not charge prepayment penalties.

Does Merchant Advisors charge origination fees?

The company does not disclose origination fees on its website.

Does Merchant Advisors charge closing fees?

The company does not charge a closing fee.

How can I contact Merchant Advisors?

Interested consumers may contact the company by phone at 1-800-427-1450.

More Information

Types of Loans Offered

  • Small Business Loans
  • Working Capital Financing
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Bad Credit Business Loans
  • Restaurant Equipment Leasing
  • SBA Loans
  • Check Processing
  • Restaurant Loans

Rates Offered

Varies by Lender

Term Lengths

Varies by Loan Type

The Borrowing Process

Small business owners are asked to fill out a short pre-qualification form located on the company’s website that will ask for some basic business information and takes a few minutes to complete. Borrowers can also call the company directly to complete the pre-qualification process. The finance services company will notify the applicant by email for loan approval and will schedule a phone call to discuss available lending options. Borrowers then choose which loan option is right for their needs. Once approved, funds are transferred to a business bank account within three to five days.

How to Apply

Merchant Advisors features a three-step online application process for small business owners to secure funding for various business purposes. Applicants are asked to provide some basic information about their personal and business history through a short form located on the financial services company’s website. The pre-qualification process for a small business loan takes approximately one hour and approval typically takes 30 minutes.

Once approved, borrowers will receive an email letting them know they have been approved and a customer service representative will contact them by phone to discuss lending choices. Borrowers are able to select from several available loan options to choose the one that is right for them. Borrowers are then able to receive funding directly in their business bank accounts within three to five business days. Borrowers will not need to submit personal collateral and no other paperwork is required in order to be approved for a small business loan through Merchant Advisors.

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