I Need A Loan is based in Santa Clara, California. The company helps consumers secure a loan by working with thousands of direct lenders. According to the website, the company’s main goal is helping customers get financed, with the secondary goal of high-quality customer service. I Need A loan offers a number of loan products: installment loans, auto title loans, short term loans, and personal loans. Other services range from payday advances, emergency loans, unsecured loans, bridge loans, merchant advance, business loans, signature loans, same day loans, debt consolidation, fast cash loans, motorcycle loans, and used car loans.

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The Good

The I Need A Loan platform was created to help businesses find the ideal loan type and provider. Their system is designed to identify what a business is looking for in a lender and match them up appropriately. Benefits of the I Need A Loan service include:


I Need A Loan’s blog is a catch-all place to look and read up on categories such as credit, finance, life hacks, loans, saving money, and tips. Articles are also archived by each month dating back to 2013.

Application Process

The entire loan application process is completed and submitted online. You can get started any time of the day or night, no faxing required.

Access to Funds

Funds can be deposited directly into your bank account usually by the next business day. No need to wait for a long period of time to see if you are approved. It usually is same day processing and can even take a matter of minutes to be in the know. Loans can anywhere from $100 up to $5,000 from most lenders.

The Bad

Despite offering a quality service, there are some unknown factors surrounding the I Need A Loan business model. Prior to obtaining a loan, prospective borrowers should consider the following items:

Unknown History

There is an “about us” page on the company website, but it proffers little useful information about the company itself. An “about us” section on a company’s website should have information that is truly about the company.

Personal Info

The company reserves the right, as stated in the privacy policy, to sell or transfer your personal identifiable information to third-party marketers. Third-party marketers will then send information about products and services by telemarketing calls. Even if you have registered your number on a state or federal do not call registry.

The Bottom Line

This may be an option for some that are in desperate measures to get a small loan, but there are many other companies that would love your business that will be upfront with costs and interest rates. Their privacy policy has a lot of information, but too many sections are about how a customer will be targeted by telemarketers, third-party advertisements, and so on. Customers are encouraged to look for a more reputable company with better transparency.

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