Halo Capital is an online lending company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company specializes in providing funding for startups and small businesses. Small business owners can apply and receive up to $10 million in funding within 24 hours with no required collateral, depending on qualifications; however, it does not disclose its interest rates range and fees on its corporate website.

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Typical Borrowers

Typical borrowers through Halo Capital are small business owners that are unable to receive financing through traditional banking institutions. Borrowers are expected to have good credit histories and show proof of consistent business income in order to be approved for a loan through the finance services company. Small business owners come to the company looking for fast access to short term loans for a variety of business needs without having to submit personal collateral in order to do so.

Best Uses

Small business loans from Halo Capital are typically used for expansion, cash flow, technology upgrades, marketing, payroll, inventory, and debt consolidation.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Proof of Consistent Business Cash Flow
  • Business Plan and Other Documentation
  • Minimal Paperwork

The Good

  • Performance based funding model
  • Minimal loan approval requirements

Pros of Halo Capital Small Business Loans

  • Fast Approval
  • Funding in One Day
  • No Required Collateral
  • Minimal Paperwork
  • Up to $10 Million in Available Funding

Performance Based Funding Model

Halo Capital uses a performance-based model to determine if a small business owner qualifies for available loan options. It is designed for borrowers that may not be approved for traditional bank loans. The company reviews overall cash flow volume rather than just credit rating to determine small business loan qualification. Small business owners are able to apply for loans ranging from $20,000 to $10 million or more.

Minimal Loan Approval Requirements

Depending on the financial health of the borrower’s business, applicants do not need to submit personal collateral in order to obtain funding through Halo Capital. There is minimal paperwork involved to obtain a small business loan and funds can be received in a business bank account typically in less than 24 hours.

The Bad

  • Limited company information
  • Lack of transparency

Limited Company Information

Halo Capital does not provide detailed information about its corporate history or executive leadership. The company recently started in the industry and it is unclear how much total funding it has been able to secure for the small business owners it serves.

Lack of Transparency

Halo Capital is lacking a great deal of transparency regarding pertinent information. Without this information, it is difficult for business owners to determine if Halo Capital is the right fit for their needs. We would like to see Halo Capital include information regarding their funding, highest APR, and more information regarding requirements. It also makes it difficult for our team to rank their services to other companies in the industry without this information.

The Bottom Line

Halo Capital is best suited for small business owners with good credit who are unable to acquire traditional bank financing. The company uses cash flow rather than credit history to determine loan approval and there are minimal requirements to access needed funding. however, there is no available feedback regarding the company’s overall customer service and a great lack of transparency. We cannot recommend working with Halo Capital at this time.

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