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Green Capital

Founded in 2008, Green Capital provides small businesses with equipment financing, accounts receivable funding, franchise financing, and working capital financing. Small businesses can apply online at Green Capital's website for unsecured funding, loans on future credit card and debit card sales, and small business loans. Once the online application is submitted, a Green Capital staff member will contact you to explain the funding options available for your business. To qualify for financing with Green Capital, companies must have been in business over six months and have over $10,000 a month in revenue. Green Capital's website states it can provide funding for business owners with bad credit. The company claims to have provided over $661 million in funding to small businesses.

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The Good

  • Variety of funding options
  • Simple application process
  • Fast funding

Funding Options

Green Capital has a successful track record of providing funding to small businesses. The company offers businesses a variety of funding options, including unsecured loans, loans based on outstanding accounts receivables, and future credit/debit card sales that are known as merchant cash advances. Green Capital specializes in short-term or no-term loans. The company's website states many of its repayment plans do not have set terms, but instead have a minimum repayment time of three - four months with the majority of its funding repayment plans lasting six months. Green Capital also offers funding for longer term lengths for equipment loans that have up to 60-month terms.

Not all small businesses can qualify for traditional loans, so in addition to small business loans, Green Capital offers its customers unsecured loans and advances on outstanding accounts receivables, and financing based on future sales on credit and debit cards.

Simplified Application Process

You apply for funding through Green Capital's online application process. Once your application has been completed, a Green Capital staff member will contact you to discuss available funding options for your financing needs.

Fast Funding

Although you are not approved online, which is an option with some other financing companies, Green Capital's website states most customers are approved the same day as their initial phone call. Customers may receive their funding the same day they are approved.

Small Business Education

Small business customers of Union Bank have access to its Small Business Resource Center with calculators to help determine how much capital a business needs to operate or calculate inventory turnover rate. The Small Business Resource Center also includes articles on business financial management and other topics to help your business grow successfully.

Funding for Small and New Businesses

Green Capital can assist small businesses in accessing some types of funding if they have been in business for over six months. You can qualify for funding if you have a minimum monthly revenue of over $10,000 per month.

Bad Credit Loans

Green Capital can assist small businesses in accessing some types of funding if they have been in business for over six months. You can qualify for funding if you have a minimum monthly revenue of over $10,000 per month.

Nationwide Funding

Green Capital is not limited to providing funding in certain states. The company's application is available to businesses in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Armed Forces Americas, Armed Forces Europe, and Armed Forces Pacific.

The Bad

  • Lack of transparency
  • Lack of information

Lack of Transparency

Green Capital's website doesn't give enough data to determine what kind of payment terms you would receive before you apply for funding. Green Capital states one of its "funding experts" will work with you to select a financing option, but it does not explain who its founders are or its employees' experience or how they are trained to support businesses during the loan application process. Sales representatives for Green Capital are paid on commission only and Green Capital partners with companies, some of whom do cold calling to try and sell business loans to customers, so you may experience aggressive sales techniques. Green Capital's website also does not include information about what companies provide the funding for its small business financing. Limitations include:

Additional Loan Information

Business owners need to know what interest rates and fees Green Capital charges. This data should be available before you apply for a loan so you know if Green Capital's prices are competitive with other funders. Data the company should consider adding to its website include:

  • Range of APRs for different types of loans
  • Whether there are prepayment charges
  • Origination fees, closing fees, and other fees


Businesses who apply for funding through Green Capital's website could benefit from information about the benefits and drawbacks of different types of financing. Historically, loans made on outstanding accounts receivables and merchant cash advances have higher interest rates than traditional secured term loans. Green Capital could also include information about how businesses can improve their creditworthiness so they can qualify for the most attractive loans.
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The Bottom Line

Many of the types of loans Green Capital can provide to small businesses tend to have higher interest rates or costs than traditional small business loans that are secured with collateral or backed by the Small Business Administration. Green Capital's funding will probably appeal most to business owners who have poor or no credit ratings, and to businesses that have not been in operation long and lack the credit history to qualify for lower interest rate loans.

Green Capital does not report what its costs are to help small businesses obtain funding so we recommend determining what the company's fees are before you accept any financing agreements. Because it does not provide specifics on the interest rates and other costs of financing it can provide small businesses, you would need to apply for funding with Green Capital in order to determine if the financing it can offer would be advantageous to your business.
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