Go2Capital is an online lending company founded in 2011 and based in Lehi, Utah. The financial services company features a network of more than 315 loan providers offering multiple loan options for small business owners. The company offers SBA Loans, equipment financing, startup funding, commercial real estate financing and more, up to $2 million.

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Typical Borrowers

Typical borrowers at Go2Capital are small business owners who are unable to secure traditional financing, either due to bad credit, bankruptcy, or other similar financial situations. Borrowers need to show proof of consistent business revenue in order to qualify. In order to receive lower interest rates, borrowers should also have good-to-excellent credit; however, the company does not appear to have credit history restrictions.

Best Uses

Small business loans from Go2Capital are typically used to purchase inventory and equipment, expand business locations, hire employees, or used for marketing purposes.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Proof of Consistent Income
  • Good to Excellent Credit
  • No Collateral For Lines of Credit

The Good

The Go2Capital website serves as an effective research tool for business owners. their service can assist business owners in their quest to find the best financing options available. Business owners can obtain their next business loan entirely online. Other benefits of the Go2Capital service include:

Pros of Go2Capital Small Business Loans

  • Low-Interest Rates
  • Multiple Loan Options
  • Over 315 Lenders
  • Additional Small Business Services
  • Various Term Lengths

Numerous Small Business Loan Options

Go2Capital offers a wide range of small business loans from its network of lenders. Borrowers are able to secure up to $2 million in financing, depending on loan type.

Additional Business Services

Go2Capital also assists its customers with additional business services besides the acquisition of a small business loan. The company can help small business owners with incorporation documentation and registration, creating a website, and building a business plan. Details regarding this services can be found on the finance services company’s website or by calling the company directly.

The Bad

It is important to note that Go2Capital is not the actual lender. Instead, they help business owners complete their application and then find the best loan options available. The loan is then passed on to one of their 315 lenders nationwide who will actually handle the repayment and lending portion of the service. Other limitations of the Go2Capital service include:

Undisclosed Fees

Go2Capital does not disclose fees from affiliated lenders on its corporate website that may be charged to lenders. There are no specific details provided regarding potential prepayment penalties, origination fees, or closing costs. Borrowers are unable to accurately compare the finance company’s offers with online competitors in order to determine if they are getting the best possible deal for small business loans.

No Company Information

Go2Capital does not provide information regarding its corporate background or executive leadership on its website. No information from third-party sources could be found about the finance services company elsewhere online.

Compare to Other Business Loans

The Bottom Line

Go2 Capital offers small business owners with a wide range of small business loan options from over 315 lenders as well as other additional business services; however, the company’s small business loan services are not recommended due to the high volume of negative consumer feedback regarding excessive fee and high monthly payments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive funds from Go2Capital?

The company does not provide details to the general public on its website regarding when borrowers are able to receive funds after approval.

Does Go2Capital require collateral with its loans?

The company does not require collateral for business lines of credit.

Does Go2Capital have prepayment penalties?

The company does not disclose prepayment penalties on its website.

Does Go2Capital charge origination fees?

Kabbage does not disclose origination fees on its website.

Does Go2Capital charge closing fees?

Kabbage does not disclose closing fees on its website.

How can I contact Go2Capital?

Small business owners can contact the company by phone at 1-888-285-8707.

More Information

Types of Loans Offered

Lines of Credit, SBA, Startup, Equipment Financing, Commercial Real Estate

Rates Offered


Term Lengths

2–25-year terms

The Borrowing Process

Small business owners can start the loan process by calling the finance services company directly or by visiting the website and filling out a pre-qualification form with some basic information about their business revenue, personal credit history, and desired loan amount. The finance services company will match up the borrower with potential loan options based on the provided information and contact the borrower to discuss available choices. During this time, a company representative will also answer any questions. Borrowers select one of the predetermined options. Once approved, funds are then transferred directly into the borrower’s business bank account.

How to Apply

Small business owners begin to apply for a loan by fill out a short application form on the company’s website. Borrowers may also call the company directly. Go2Capital will then review the submitted information and determine what available loan options would be best suited for the borrower’s financial situation. The company will then speak with the borrower to discuss these options and make recommendations on how the applicant can strengthen his or her overall financial picture. Borrowers then select the option they like best.

In order to qualify, small business owners will need to show proof of consistent income to show the ability to pay back the loan. Borrowers should also have good to excellent credit histories in order to receive the lowest possible interest rates. Borrowers do not need to submit a business plan or proposal in order to qualify. While no collateral is necessary for lines of credit, other loans may require personal or business collateral.

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