FitBiz Loans is an online loan marketplace founded in 2015 by Marc Waring Ventures, LLC. FitBiz matches small business owners with nationwide lenders and assists in finding the most cost-efficient loans available for most credit types with the lowest possible interest rates. The types of offered financing include SBA loans, bank loans, alternative loans, equipment loans, merchant cash advances, and more.

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Typical Borrowers

Typical borrowers of FitBiz Loans have been in business for a year and have a 600 credit score or higher. These small business owners generate at least $75,000 per year. The loan financing company is startup business friendly and works with any size and type of business. Businesses can be approved for loans amounts up to $14 million and loans are customized to the borrower’s needs. Interest rates are determined by the borrower’s credit history.

Best Uses

FitBiz small business loans can be used to purchase inventory and equipment, marketing, payroll accounting, and more.

Minimum Qualifications

  • I Year in Business
  • 600 Credit Score or Higher
  • $75,000 Annual Income

The Good

  • High max loan cap
  • Transparent pricing and terms


FitBiz Loans was designed to help small business obtain business loans at low rates. They offer a wide variety of lending options while maximizing the amount that can be borrowed. Other benefits of the FitBiz Loans system include the following:

  • One-Day Approval
  • Multiple Loan Options
  • Up to $14 Million Loan Amount
  • One-Day Access to Funds Upon Approval
  • Upfront Pricing and Terms
  • Startup Friendly

Transparent Pricing and Terms

FitBiz discloses its loan pricing and terms for small business owners on its corporate website. The company charges interest rates as low as 6% and there is no penalty for paying off a loan early. The origination fee is 2.5 percent. The company approves and transfers funds within 24 hours for loan amounts up to $5 million.

Transparent Application Requirements

To apply for a small business loan, applicants must be in business for at least a year and have a minimum 600 credit score. Small business owners must be generating at least $75,000 per year, which is a lower amount than required by other similar marketplace competitors. Both personal and business collateral is required.

The Bad

  • Lack of transparency
  • No customer feedback

No Lender Transparency

The company does not disclose any information about the lenders it works with on its corporate website. Small business owners must rely on what information they are given by the company regarding loan offers and have no way to determine if the offers they receive are really the best deals overall.

No Customer Feedback

There are no positive or negative consumer reviews about the company that could be found online. It is unclear how well the company handles any potential complaints or other support issues. The company has only been in business for a year and does not disclose the total amount of funds it has secured for small business owners so far.

The Bottom Line

FitBiz Loans is best suited for startups and small businesses that need large amounts or working capital. The company offers a comprehensive range of small business loans and is completely transparent with its fees and terms. However, the company has only been in business a short time and there is no feedback regarding its customer service.

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