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    5 Steps to Start a COVID-19 Nonprofit
    Guest Post by Travis Crabtree People across the nation are starting new nonprofit organizations at an unprecedented rate. In March 2020, nonprofit organizations increased by 39 percent when compared to other types of business...
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    6 Entrepreneurs Who Used Business Loans to Finance Their Goals
    For many businesses, securing more financing is the key to accelerating growth. There are several effective pathways to getting a loan for your business, and there are plenty of good reasons to seek one out. We asked entrepr...
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    How Technology Is Affecting Startups
    Guest Post by Maja Talevska Most of you probably know how startups are reforming industries left and right. They’re fast-growing, relatively cheap, and they strive to provide innovative solutions to widespread pain poi...
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    10 Tips for Telling Your Boss You’re Moving On
    Guest Post by Anastasia Masters Ending any relationship is difficult — it doesn’t matter if it’s personal or professional. No matter the reason for leaving your current company, the conversation can be unco...
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    8 Rules for Setting Your Salary as a Small Business Owner
    Guest Post by National Funding It’s one of the trickiest questions facing every small business owner — how much do you pay yourself? On the one hand, you don’t want to put the business in jeopardy by setting...
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    7 Financial Tips for Today's Entrepreneur
    Guest Post by Matt Shealy Being an entrepreneur means, among other things, keeping close tabs on your new company's financial health. Finances can make or break your business. With the right plan and attention, your sta...
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    7 Presentation Tips to Woo Your Investors
    Guest Post by Roberto Garvin Investors hear a lot of pitches and will only invest in a small percentage of them. Pitching your business opportunity properly during your presentation to investors can make the difference betwee...
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    8 Tips for Picking the Best Website Builder for Your Business
    Guest Post by Jane HurstChoosing a website builder for your business can be a daunting task. There are many available to choose from, but you want to be sure you invest wisely. Here are eight tips for picking the best website...
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    Starting a Business with a Bang
    Guest Post by Dan Matthews Launching a new venture can be a thrill, but it’s easy for those emotional highs to quickly come crashing down to earth after the rubber hits the road. Here are a few tips and strategies to he...
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    5 Tips for Creating a Healthy Business
    Guest Post by Jasmine Williams Is your business healthy? As a business owner, you will face many challenges like managing financial transactions, keeping an eye on profitability and cash flow, and making sure you’re sta...

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