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    How Technology Is Affecting Startups
    Guest Post by Maja Talevska Most of you probably know how startups are reforming industries left and right. They’re fast-growing, relatively cheap, and they strive to provide innovative solutions to widespread pain poi...
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    Using the Concept of "Profit First" as a Catalyst for Your Business
    Guest Post by Lee Reams II In science, a catalyst is described as “a substance that speeds up a chemical reaction, but that itself is not consumed by that reaction.” In the world of business, the term operates in...
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    Bookkeeping Basics: Your Questions Answered
    Guest Post by Madison Crader Few words can make a small business owner groan like “bookkeeping.” Unfortunately, few things are as impactful to long-term business success, so there’s really no avoiding it. W...
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    3 Dominant Personality Traits of Financially Savvy Entrepreneurs
    Guest Post by Jared Weitz Financially savvy people are an interesting breed to say the least. Most would assume that what sets them apart from the average person is their snappy rhetoric, aptitude for math, and general air o...
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    How to Prep Your Business for a Recession
    Guest Post by Barbara Davidson After the Great Recession of 2008, entrepreneurs and economists alike fear the warning signs of the next national or global decline. Experts suggest preparing for “when” it happens,...
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    Are Financial Risks the Key to Succeeding in Small Business?
    Guest Post by Grant Olsen Experts have often studied the role of financial risk in business success. Research published in the Harvard Business Review revealed that the long-standing assumption is that extroverts, with thei...
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    What Young Entrepreneurs Must Know About Accounting
    Guest Post by Natasha Lane Starting a business is exciting. You finally have the chance to do what you’ve always wanted to do, without anyone standing over you, giving you instructions and orders. However, at some poin...
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    8 Rules for Setting Your Salary as a Small Business Owner
    Guest Post by National Funding It’s one of the trickiest questions facing every small business owner — how much do you pay yourself? On the one hand, you don’t want to put the business in jeopardy by setting...
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    How to Turn a Financial Crisis into a Business Opportunity
    Guest post by Leila DorariBeing an entrepreneur means waking up every morning and not really knowing what the day will bring you. In other words, running a private business carries certain risks, some of which could be pretty...
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    7 Presentation Tips to Woo Your Investors
    Guest Post by Roberto Garvin Investors hear a lot of pitches and will only invest in a small percentage of them. Pitching your business opportunity properly during your presentation to investors can make the difference betwee...

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