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    Personal Credit vs. Business Credit: What’s the Difference?
    Guest Post by You probably know that you have a personal credit score. In fact, you have more than one. But if you’re a business owner, you have another credit score — beyond those from the three major...
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    Credit 911: How to Rescue Your Poor Credit Score
    Guest Post by Matt Shealy If your credit is in crisis, it can have disastrous effects on your efforts to reestablish new lines of credit or make major purchases for your business. From high-interest rates to being declined al...
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    How Better Credit Helps You Succeed in Small Business
    Guest Post by Elizabeth Aldrich You probably think daily about your business funds, costs, and revenue ⁠— but how often do you think about your business credit? Businesses have credit files just like individuals, and as...
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    Do You Know Your Business Credit Score?
    Guest Post by Elizabeth Aldrich If you don’t know your business credit score, you’re not alone. A survey conducted by Nav shows that almost half of small business owners don’t even know that business credit...
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    How to Leverage Your Personal Credit to Score a Business Loan
    Guest Post by LendioAccording to, personal credit scores are “algorithms that attempt to predict whether or not you will repay your obligations in the future.” These algorithms consider numerous factors...
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    Financing Options for Borrowers with Bad Credit
    Guest Post by Christine Soeun Choi If you need loan funding for your business, your credit score can play an important role. If you don’t have good credit, your options for a business loan can quickly diminish. Borrower...
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    4 Ways Your Credit Score Affects Building Your Business
    Guest Post by Choncé MaddoxYour credit score is an important three digit number that can tell a lender a lot about your financial situation. While your personal credit score holds considerable weight, so does your busi...
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    How to Leverage Personal Credit to Get a Business Loan
    Guest Post from Lendio When it comes to business lending, banks seem to be loosening the reins a little. The second quarter of 2018 saw business loan originations at small, mid-sized, and large banks increase, according to a ...
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    How to Get a Loan with Bad Credit
    Few of us may truly understand the ins and outs of loans and finances completely. And for this reason, some have taken on debt, missed a payment, or done something else to lower their credit score. This is problematic for se...
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    What Is the Lowest Credit Score I Can Have to Get a Small Business Loan?
    When you apply for a small business loan, lenders will often look at both your personal and business credit scores. Creditors usually accept a business credit score of 75 and above (based on 1 to 100) and a personal score of...

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