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    Do Business Loans Affect Personal Credit?
    You may make every effort to keep your personal and business finances separate, including registering your business as an LLC with its own TIN and using another bank account for all company finances. But would these measures...
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    Do You Know Your Business Credit Score?
    Guest Post by Elizabeth Aldrich If you don’t know your business credit score, you’re not alone. A survey conducted by Nav shows that almost half of small business owners don’t even know that business credit...
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    How to Leverage Your Personal Credit to Score a Business Loan
    Guest Post by LendioAccording to, personal credit scores are “algorithms that attempt to predict whether or not you will repay your obligations in the future.” These algorithms consider numerous factors...
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    What Are the 5 C's of Credit?
    The five C's of credit include: Capital, Collateral, Capacity, Character, and Conditions. Capital Capital, in general terms, is one's wealth. This wealth is determined by an accumulation of one's assets, and these assets are...
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