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    Paycheck Protection Program 101: How to Get a Business Loan under the CARES Act
    As is the case with nearly all aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, new updates and decisions are being made every day.  But amid many unknowns, small business owners can count on some relief starting Friday, April 3 thank...
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    Which Industries Secure Business Loans? Biz2Credit’s Industry Sector Study
    A majority of small businesses fail in ten years; only half make it to the five-year mark.  Is that hard to digest? Those are findings by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and they mostly remain steady through strong and ...
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    Will Rising Interest Rates Affect Your SBA Loan?
    Guest Post by Sarah ChambersInterest rates these days seem to be on a sort of seesaw, going up one year and down the next. While we are absolutely extra positive the Fed always knows what they are doing (haha), it is interest...
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    Lendio Named 2019 Consumer’s Choice Award Recipient in Business Loans by
    Pleasant Grove, UT - January 7, 2019 - Lendio has been named the 2019 Consumer’s Choice Award recipient in the business loans industry by, an independent consumer review site. Lendio was selected to rec...
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    Small Business Lending: 3 Reasons Alternative Lenders Have Overtaken Banks
    The small business lending landscape is changing. According to a 2014 report from Ernst & Young, "nearly one in five [small businesses] reports having changed its primary bank in the past year." The reason: access to cap...
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    5 Ways Applying for a Business Loan Is Like Dating
    It's another one of those nights: you start the day completely enthusiastic. You shower, put on your Sunday-best clothes, and think to yourself, "this is the day!" As you knock on the door, you hope against hope that this fi...
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