Survey Backs Up TBC's "How We Rank" Criteria

By: jjensen | October 27, 2015 (Edited July 7, 2017)

64% (3)


We surveyed over 3000 and asked them what their top priority would be if they needed to take out a small business loan. Of the people we surveyed....


  • 1507 (or 48%) said getting the lowest APR possible was most important
  • 592 (or 19%) said transparent requirements before applying was most important
  • 581 (or 19%) said not using personal collateral to secure a loan was most important
  • 441 (or 14%) said fast access to cash was the most important


After running this survey, TBC was able to confidently and accurately create a ranking criteria for business loans.


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Written by jjensen

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