7 Tips to Hire and Keep Excellent Employees


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Written by Guest | Last Updated October 29th, 2019
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Businessman and woman talking over laptopGuest Post by Jane Hurst

You are getting ready to hire some new employees and you want to be sure you get someone who is excellent in their job and wants to stay with your company. While this may seem like a daunting challenge, you can be assured that if you follow certain steps you will have excellent dependable employees. Here are eight tips for hiring and keeping excellent employees.

1. Strategy

You should not just sit down and write out a job description without first doing research on the job you are hiring for. Find out as much as possible about what this job will entail and be sure to create an accurate job description. When you have the job description, you can then create a recruiting team that will be led by a hiring manager. This team will need to meet to discuss hiring strategies before the job description is posted.

2. Salary

You want to offer a comparable salary for the position you are hiring for. Research what other companies are offering so you can meet or exceed their salary. If you can offer a bit more, you will end up with an excellent employee who will be willing to work for you.

3. Interview

You want to screen your potential employees before inviting them in for an official interview. Once you have sorted through their resumes and confirmed their references, you can send them a brief email or video chat with them to get a feel of how they would fit in your company. When you have narrowed the field with these initial contacts, you will want to have some good interview questions for the potential employee. Make sure you ask about their skills (both hard and soft), their experience, and why they want to work for your company. You can see if they have done their research before the interview. An excellent employee will have done research into the company they want to work for.

4. Good management

You want to be sure your managers are on top of your new hires. Managers need to make new employees feel welcome and help guide them to becoming great employees in your company. Your managers need to know that there are no stupid questions from new hires. In fact, the more times your new employee asks questions, the more they are trying to be the best employees for your company. Managers should be open to whomever you hire. They should support the decision of the hiring manager and make sure the new employees are welcome into your company and are given support in their new position. Your managers should be able to competently train your new employees so they will do their jobs correctly and be able to advance within the company.

5. Packages

Your company should offer good packages aimed to take care of your employees. You should have an excellent attainable retirement package. They should have access to excellent health insurance and given time off when they are sick. If the time comes when you might have to lay some employees off, you want to have outplacement services available for your employees to help them with their transition to another job. This is important for good employee morale in your company.

6. Happiness

A happy employee is an excellent employee. Make sure there are systems in place to monitor your employees to make sure they are happy and motivated. You can offer them learning opportunities that will lead to your company’s and your employees’ growth. Another way to build employee morale is to engage in team building exercises and maybe a company picnic or other get together to make sure your employees know each other in a comfortable environment. Even a quick thank you can brighten someone’s day and motivate them to perform excellently.

7. No threats

Never threaten a new hire or an older employee with their salary or job. If you threaten an employee they are more likely to leave your company and find another place to work that will appreciate them. If an employee leaves it should be under the best circumstances possible. Remember that even though an employee has left your company they will still talk about your company in public. Your former employees influence your brand. You want your former employees to speak highly of your company no matter the circumstances. Keep your employees happy at every level of employment.

If you hire your employees carefully and take care of them once they are in your company, you will avoid hiring mistakes and will have a company full of excellent employees who are engaged and working their hardest to make your company as excellent as they are. Keep these employees happy and you will have a successful company.

Jane Hurst is a writer, editor and avid traveler from San Francisco. Contact her at About.me.

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